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Frequently asked questions about alkaline water

  •     Who can and who should actually drink basic water?
  •     What to watch out for when drinking alkaline water?
  •     Where can acidic Prestige Water be used for?
  •     Why is mineral water recommended by Professor Vincent and Dr. Walker?
  •     Do I lose weight through alkaline water?
  •     What is the difference between basic water and alkaline powder / drops and basic food?
  •     How can I determine the functioning of alkaline water?
  •     Which measures support the functioning of basic water?
  •     What should you pay attention to when buying a water ionizer
  •     What is the difference between basic water and other methods?
  •     Which criteria are important when selecting a basic water device to "make" drinking water?

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Who can and who should actually drink basic water?

Is water healthy? In principle, everyone can drink alkaline water. Only if an alkalosis has been medically diagnosed (a very rare disease) should no alkaline water be drunk. Perhaps the drinking of acidic Oxidwater can then be useful. In case of disorders of the organs (for example cardiac disorders, kidney function problems and the like) it is advisable to consult your doctor or naturopathic physician before drinking alkaline water. For babies and toddlers it is excellent to drink weak alkaline water. It is ideally suited for making baby food. Basically water is also very good for older children. Optionally, slightly less alkaline water can be chosen than for adults. Our experience is that children like to drink this water and after a while have no appetite for acidic soft drinks such as orange and carbonated drinks. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Basic water is particularly good for pregnant women. During the pregnancy, a lot of bases are needed because the child grows in basic amniotic fluid. The necessary bases are extracted from the body of the pregnant woman. The woman's body clearly gives priority to the baby in her stomach above herself and therefore makes available all available basic minerals. If the amniotic fluid is healthy, it has a basic pH value and smells pleasant. But many midwives have different experiences. They say that the amniotic fluid is stinking more and more often and is sour, especially in young mothers who smoke. Babies who have grown in acid amniotic fluid often suffer from skin problems and allergic reactions. A lack of bases is the cause of the morning sickness that many pregnant women complain about. In Japan it has been established that by drinking alkaline water many complaints during pregnancy can be prevented. Basic water can also mean a lot for seniors. They often lead to dehydration because too little water is drunk. Energy shortage may be the reason for this. The body then does not have enough energy to "charge" the normal water, which contains few electrons. Because alkaline water makes the body available free electrons, seniors often like to drink more water again. Athletes can take advantage of drinking basic active water because it increases the amount of oxygen available in the body. The muscles can therefore be better equipped with oxygen. Athletes indicate that they have less muscle pain and that they recover faster. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

What to watch out for when drinking alkaline water?

We advise to drink 30 ml of basic Active Water per kilogram of body weight daily. If it is very hot, in dry air of central heating, if salt is eaten or in heavy physical work and sports, this amount can be increased to a maximum of double. It is not possible to drink too much alkaline water because the body can easily excrete any surplus of basic minerals. In addition, new acids are constantly generated during cell metabolism to neutralize bases. According to Japanese and Russian studies, the optimum pH value of drinking water is around 9. It is best to drink basic water from the appliance as quickly as possible, because the free electrons in particular evaporate quickly. Healthy Eating Practices. Under laboratory conditions it was determined that the starting value of -400mV had increased to -200mV after 8 hours. The redox potential of the alkaline water thus has a half-life of between 4 and 8 hours under realistic conditions. Incidentally, it is highly dependent on the mineralization of the water. The high pH value remains longer but decreases slowly over time. The pH value also decreases in sealed bottles. All values are highly dependent on the influences of the environment. Heat, movement, electromagnetic fields, light and the like can greatly speed up the processes.

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