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The truth of the "magic" water with lemon

Water, a super drink. You can no longer ignore it: so many people are devoted to drinking water with lemon. They prefer to drink this in the morning and when the water is warm, then it is completely fun. According to one, it promotes bowel movements and, according to the other, it is good for weight loss. But is this all true too? I was looking for it for you! Fatigue solved by drinking water.

I immediately start with the most important point: drinking water with lemon does not immediately stop you. Many girls, and also boys, may think so, but that is not the case. In lemon there is a lot of vitamin C and this is certainly not bad for you, but it is not that you waste pounds when you drink a glass of lemon water every morning. Drinking water with lemon speeds up your metabolism, but this is more on the water than on the lemon. Your metabolism works best when your body is fully hydrated. So it is not bad at all to start the day with water and lemon, because in this way you start immediately with hydrating your body.

If you want to give your metabolism a kick start, then it is best to eat a protein-rich breakfast. This will immediately activate your metabolism and you can start the day. If a big breakfast is not part of your morning routine, it does not mean that you have to do this per se, but it can be an option.

But you still drink it to detox? No! Water with lemon is not necessarily a way to detox. Your body actually does that in itself. Think of organs like your liver and your kidneys. These organs are made to free the body of 'toxic' substances. You do not have to detox at all and water with lemon does not do this for you either. Enough drinking is of course very good, because that way you get all waste products and toxins out of your body as quickly as possible. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

It is well known that drinking enough water from your water cooler Pinnaroo is important. It is also good for your bowel movements. When you do not drink enough water, your bowel movement blocks. Drinking water with lemon for this reason is therefore not necessarily necessary.

Water with lemon does cause a reduced appetite. This is the first myth that may not be fable at all. If you distribute more water throughout the day, you will be full faster and you will eat less. It always takes a while for your stomach to pass the signal "full" to your brain. If you drink water before eating and slow down during dinner, this signal seems to come faster.

Maybe you drink water with lemon as an alternative to and another drink. If you normally always drink Cola and now only have water with lemon, then there is a chance that you will lose weight. So this has not so much to do with lemon, but more with the fact that you are exchanging an unhealthy drink for a healthy drink.

As you can read, water with lemon is very good for you, but it is not that it is extra good for these things above. Can food influence your sleep. Do you not have to drink water with lemon anymore? Of course it is! It is super tasty, refreshing and yes, very healthy.

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Why a healthy and slim body starts with your fluid circulation and drinking filtered water from your water cooler Pinnaroo

Without being aware of it, many liters of liquid flow through your body every day. And the smoother blood and lymph fluid find their way, the healthier you are. Good moisture circulation also makes it easier to stay slim for a lifetime. Holistic doctor Jamé Heskett will update you on the two main circulation systems in your body: your circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Why a healthy and slim body starts with fluid circulation

Your body has two systems in which fluid circulates constantly: your circulatory system and your lymphatic system. Both systems are the foundation of good health. Because if blood and lymph fluid can flow freely into the smallest capillaries of your body, it is a lot easier to stay healthy and slim. Time to zoom in on both systems.

1) Your circulatory system

An adult human's body is made up of about 7 percent blood. This amounts to about 4.5 liters for a woman and 5.5 liters for a man. Blood flows through arteries, veins and capillaries and transports oxygen (from your lungs) and nutrients (from your digestive tract) to all of your cells. But did you know that fat also enters your bloodstream? This process takes place in 3 steps:
  • fat cells receive a signal that your body needs energy
  • free fatty acids are released from the fat cells and are transported through your bloodstream to your liver
  • your liver converts fatty acids into energy and sends the energy to the cells that need it

The release of fatty acids (step 1) is a natural process that is enhanced by movement and activity. The transport of the fatty acids (step 2) depends on the strength of your circulation. The better your blood circulation functions, the better it can mobilize fatty acids and the easier it is to burn fat.

2) Your lymphatic system

Your body has another system in which fluid circulates: your lymphatic system. This system runs through your entire body and is connected to your blood vessel system. Your blood is pumped through your blood vessels through your heart under high pressure. When the blood enters the capillaries, some fluid is squeezed out. We call this fluid lymph fluid. The main function of this moisture? Cleaning up harmful substances and waste from cells. Great tasting water from yoiur water cooler Pinnaroo for free. This works as follows:

  • Cells absorb nutrients and oxygen and excrete waste. This waste (think of damaged cells and foreign particles such as viruses and bacteria) is absorbed by lymph fluid.
  • Lymphatic fluid then flows past lymph nodes. These are small "filter stations" where multiple lymphatic vessels intersect. In the neck, armpits, groin, windpipe, intestines, lungs, there are many lymph nodes in the back of the abdominal cavity. You have about 500 of these buttons and they are the size of a pea.
  • The waste products in the lymph fluid are destroyed in the lymph nodes and then excreted.
  • The clean lymph fluid returns to your bloodstream.

Your lymphatic system does not have a heart that pumps the fluid around. If this system does not function properly, lymph fluid can become trapped in the spaces between the cells. Then 'pools' of harmful substances and waste are created. This is encouraged by an inactive lifestyle where you sit many hours a day.

3 tips to stimulate your circulation

As you can see, a well-functioning circulatory and lymphatic system contribute to a slim and healthy body. Can your circulation use a push in the right direction? With these 3 tips you will go a long way:

1) Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water from the hot water tap from your water cooler Pinnaroo

Many people start their day with a cup of dehydrating coffee. But what makes you much fresher is a glass of warm lemon water. Why warm? If heat gets near a blood vessel, it will widen. Drinking warm water before breakfast initiates blood flow to your digestive tract, which helps absorb nutrients from your breakfast. Lemon has many properties that are good for your digestion and your pH balance. If you weigh less than 75 pounds use half a lemon. If you weigh more, use a whole one.

2) Upside down

One day you spend many hours sitting with your legs in a passive position under your heart. As a counterbalance, you can keep your legs above your heart for a few minutes a day. That way you drain your body with the help of gravity. Preferably do this at bedtime by lying on your back and putting your legs up against the wall (your body is L-shaped).

Why is Filtered Water so Important?