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Healthy drinking from your water cooler Petrie, how much water do I need per day

Your body consists of approximately 60% water and every day we get about 3 liters of fluid through our food and drink. Water is thus an essential part of our lives, but its importance is often underestimated. Why is drinking water so important and how can you ensure that you drink enough?

Every day you lose fluid

The body of women and the elderly consists of about 60% of water, the body of men from about 65% water. Every day a large amount of fluid leaves the body through the skin (if you sweat), when you go to the toilet but also through the breathing. The amount of fluid you lose differs per person, because this depends on a number of factors such as age, gender and weight, but the physical effort also plays a role. To compensate for the fluid that you lose per day, you must drink enough. We need about 1.5 liters of water per day. In normal circumstances, adults need about 2.5 liters of water per day. We get about 1 liter of water from food so there is still 1.5 liters left. Good hydration in the summer. A glass of water is the best way to get enough moisture, because it contains no calories, sugars or other additives. But also in other products you will find moisture such as tea and fruit. It is best to drink healthily and choose the drinks that are in the Schijf van Vijf. These are water and black and green tea. Milk, coffee and herbal teas are also allowed, but only to a limited extent (2 to 3 cups per day). Drinks with sugar such as fruit juice, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks are best not to drink too much. Alcohol and coffee also drift away moisture, which only increases your need for moisture. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Get rid of waste

Water is needed for the disposal of waste. The kidneys remove all waste and purify the blood. What remains are the waste products that leave the body via urine. Water is therefore important for the kidneys and therefore also for the removal of waste. You can check if you drink enough by looking at the color of the urine. When it is very dark, it means that the moisture percentage in the urine is very low. A sign that you drink too little. In fact, it counts here that the more you drink, the lighter your urine becomes. Read more about the color of your urine.

Control temperature

The body needs water to keep it at temperature. Tips to get through the summer COOL. If you are warm, you will sweat, for example. This is a cooling mechanism of the body. If you do not have enough moisture, this may cause you to not cool sufficiently.

Helps digestion

Everything you eat ends up in the stomach that changes everything into small particles with the help of stomach acid. The important nutrients from food are absorbed into the blood (which consists mainly of water) and transported to the right places in the body. In addition, fiber that you get through the diet requires moisture to do their job. They bind the fluid to themselves, which makes them softer the stool.

Tips. How can you drink more water?

Water is seen by some as boring and tasteless and that is why it is faster to opt for soft drinks or fruit juices. Sad, because you can make a very nice drink from water. For example with fresh herbs and fruit. We give you 3 examples:

Furthermore, it is also wise to have a bottle of water with you on the road, so that you can drink enough. A bottle of water in your bedroom, living room or at your desk can also help to drink more water from your water cooler Petrie. Choose a sustainable bottle of water that you can rinse and reuse after use.

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The consequences of dehydration during exercise, drink from your water cooler Petrie

Dehydration is a risk of sports always lurking. People who exercise lose a lot of fluid through sweating. In most cases, the moisture level is refilled with a bottle of water at hand, but there are also situations in which that does not happen. A consequence of this is a dry mouth, headache and in some cases even dizziness. How can you prevent this? And what is "enough" to drink?


Calculate how much water you should drink per day. The body can lose 2.5 liters of water per hour. So drink plenty from your water cooler Petrie. Because of this it is important that you keep drinking enough, but not too much at once. The fact is that the body can only absorb 850 ml per hour. When you start sweating, this is a sign that the body has overheated and tries to lower the body temperature. If you already have a few glasses of water on before you exercise, the chance of dehydration is also a lot smaller. Dehydration does not necessarily have to be the cause of effort. You also dry out faster with diarrhea, certain medicines or vomiting. A good indication of whether you drink enough from your water cooler Petrie is the color of your urine. If your urine is dark in color, it means that your body is processing too much waste with too little moisture. If your urine is almost colorless, most of the waste has already been processed.

Sports drinks

To prevent your performance from undergoing deterioration, it is good to drink certain sports drinks. This contains not only moisture, but also, for example, salt or sugars. It also collects your carbohydrates, so you get more energy. Salt is essential for your body, since you lose a lot of salt during sweating. It is true that sports drinks often contain quite a few calories. Their are no calories in water from your water cooler Petrie. The average sports drink contains between 130 and 200 calories. This is therefore a good addition to intensive sports. Sports drinks are tasty and can be bought everywhere, among others at Fit & Shape!

    Fact: "About 65% of a man's body consists of water. A female body for approximately 52%.

    - The difference is that women generally have more fatty tissue and fat does not retain moisture.

Consequences of dehydration

As soon as your body receives less fluid than is secreted, you speak of the medical term "dehydration". Good hydration in the summer. You can notice this by a whole lot of complaints. First the mouth and tongue become drier and you touch some light in your head. With a slightly deeper stage of dehydration you can vomit, experience muscle cramps, get a severe headache and get cold hands and feet. The fluid that traps in the tissues flows through the bloodstream to maintain sufficient volume. If you have too little fluid in your body, your blood pressure will rise. Your brain is also confused because the blood can be supplied less well. Drinking water with fruit and spice. Your skull plates also get closer to each other, which in turn brings headaches.

Drinking too much also still exists!

Sometimes marathon runners, for example, consume too much water in a few minutes' time. Normally functioning kidneys can process around 8 to 10 liters per day. When you arrive at about four liters in a short time, instead of the recommended two liters over a whole day, your blood is thinned to such an extent that there is almost no salinity in it and your brain is upset. Characteristics of this are a swollen feeling and nausea. With extreme cases, the cells in your body swell, which can result in death. Therefore, just drink around 8 to 10 glasses per day - and a little more during intensive exercise. Listen to your body and do not overdo. Great tasting water made from your own tap from your own water cooler Petrie. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

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