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Why is drinking water so important

Besides healthy eating, drinking water is also very important to feel good. What does water do in your body.

Water, a super drink. Water should be the most important fluid for you to drink. So no coffee or tea.

But why?

1. Water ensures that your organs work optimally

Our body consists of about 70% water. Part of that water is in our blood. The other part is necessary for the functioning of our organs, such as heart, lungs, brains and muscles. If you have too little water in your body, your organs can not function optimally.

2. You get energy from drinking water

Without food, a person will keep it up for a while. But without water you can only spend 4 days at most. A dehydration of only 2% can already result in a loss of energy of 20%. The most ideal is to get 3 liters of water daily through food and drinks. Try to drink 2 liters of water every day.

3. Water lets your blood flow

If you drink good water, your blood is thin enough to flow properly. The better it flows, the better nutrients and waste can be transported. If you drink too little water you can get a headache or feel very tired. This is because the waste can not be disposed of properly. Drink immediately when you stand up a large glass of water.

4. Detoxify your body with water

Drinking water helps with losing some weight. You get stewing every day that does not contribute to your health. These have to leave your body again. Fatigue solved by drinking water. For example, pesticides, heavy metals, nicotine or alcohol. Drinking enough water ensures that you remove these toxins and thereby cleanse your body.

5. Water prevents acidification

Your body tries to keep a good balance between acids and bases (non-acids). The pH value (acidity) is different for different parts of your body. For example, your stomach is much more acidic than other organs. Your body wants to keep the pH values as stable as possible. Water helps.

6. Drink water instead of soft drinks or juices

Soft drinks are really unhealthy and often contain a lot of kcal in juices. Make your water tastier by adding lemon, mint, ginger, cucumber or some fruit.

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