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Detox water recipe: 3 Simple recipes to make yourself

Detoxing is literally detoxifying your body from all the wrong substances! Healthy eating practices. With these three water recipes you can detox your body. Detox water recipe that gives you a boost - Detoxing is popular nowadays when it comes to moisturizing. Not only is it unwise good for your health, but also super nice. Detox water is used as a pick-up, as a cooler in the hot summer, after exercise or simply because it tastes great. Simple, simple! Especially with these 3 recipes that are also easy to make yourself! When you think of detox water, at first you only think of nothing but WATER. Okay, not everyone is crazy about it. That's why they've made crazy alternatives for it. Water with a '' taste '' in this case. Curious about how you can brighten up your water with a taste and some color? Then read on for our 3 simple detox water recipes! Fruit water.

Always water with you?

Actually I should drink more water. We want to give as a tip: make sure you always have a bottle with you! The bottles above are fans with us at the editorial because the water is filtered immediately. The carbon filter filters chlorine and organic bacteria out of the tap water, which increases the quality of the water. You can also do the detox water recipes below. You can do them. Drinking water and losing weight.


    KNOW: almost all detox recipes contain lemon. This is because it balances your PH, it helps to lose weight, it is a natural energizer, it detoxifies and moisturizes. Lemon and water is the basis of your detox drink. Great tasting water from your water cooler Park Ridge.

Recipe 1. Detox water with ginger and lemon

First of all, what do lemon and ginger do for you? Of course, we all know Citroen and know what good things it can do for your body. With ginger you doubt and think '' bah ginger? ''. But do not be mistaken. It tastes delicious and is also packed with vitamin B and vitamin C!

The ingredients for this recipe consist of:

  1.     a water jug
  2.     the juice of half a lemon
  3.     a piece of ginger about 1 cm thick

The method of preparation for this is:

  •     fill your water jug with water at room temperature
  •     add the lemon juice to your water
  •     grate your piece of ginger with a rasper
  •     add your finely grated ginger to your water

Voila! Your simple homemade detox water recipe.

    TIP: let your detox water cool for half an hour in the refrigerator for an even fresher taste!

Recipe 2. Detox water with cucumber, mint and lemon

What do cucumber and mint do for you in this detox drink? The cucumber increases your hydration and mint, yes it just tastes so incredibly good!

The ingredients for this recipe consist of:

  1.     a water jug
  2.     the juice of half a lemon
  3.     half a cucumber
  4.     a few sprigs of mint

The method of preparation for this is:

  •     fill your water jug with water at room temperature
  •     wash and cut your cucumber and lemon
  •     do it with your water along with a few leaves of mint
  •     let it also cool for half an hour in the refrigerator for a more intense taste

Recipe 3. Detox water from your water coolefr Park Ridge with apple and cinnamon

This recipe with apple and cinnamon ensures that it speeds up the process for reducing water weight.

    KNOW: water weight is the total weight in your body that water contributes to.

The ingredients for this recipe consist of:

  1.     a water jug
  2.     3 apple (preferably sweet)
  3.     2 cinnamon sticks (powder variants also work fine, use 2 tablespoons)
  4.     ice cubes

The method of preparation for this is:

  •     fill your water jug with water at room temperature
  •     wash and cut your apples into thin parts (so that it fits you!)
  •     add the apples and cinnamon sticks (or 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder) to your water jug
  •     stir well and add the ice cubes last

    Because you have already added ice cubes, it is not necessary to let it cool!

Detoxing remains a healthy trend.

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Filtered water from your water cooler Park Ridge and ginger

You should drink ginger water daily. This healthy spice is pure nature and is even considered by scientists to be one of the healthiest foods that nature makes available to us. It has a high nutritional value and all healthy nutrients to optimize our health. Ginger is an additional weapon for burning more stored fat. With ginger water, you swap your belly (s) for a tight line and a flat belly with little fat and lots of muscle.

What does drinking ginger water mean for our health?

Ginger is a root crop and one of the most natural foods we can add to our healthy diet. Ginger has been used for centuries, not only in the kitchen as a spicy seasoning, but also for its healing properties. You make delicious ginger water or tea. Drinking ginger water prevents many unpleasant conditions or soothes their symptoms. And now scientists found that drinking ginger and ginger water helps us keep on a slender line and a flat stomach.

Drinking ginger water is not a panacea but fits in with a natural diet

Drinking ginger water Yet ginger water is not a panacea. By only using ginger water without eating healthy food and exercising enough, you will not lose weight. This is only possible if you fit this into a healthy and natural diet. It consists of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and seeds, legumes and oily fish. For maximum results, combine this with enough exercise. Aren't you used to that? Then it is enough to walk, jog or cycle for half an hour every day. Also, do this in bad weather and in winter. If you are adapted to this rhythm, you can still increase your training work.
YES! I also want a FREE AND HEALTHY WEEK MENU for better health, a slimline and a flat stomach!

Drinking ginger water stimulates your fat burning and makes you lose weight quickly

Drinking ginger water in a healthy and natural diet makes you burn more stored fat and lose weight more easily. You lose weight quickly and burn more fat when you eat fewer calories than you burn. Activating your fat burning and increasing your muscle mass is best done by eating the right food.

Drink ginger water for a strong immune system and high resistance

Ginger is bursting with healthy nutrients. It also contains a lot of strong antioxidants. They protect us against the free radicals that damage our cells, make us sick and accelerate our natural aging system. A strong immune system is also anti-inflammatory. A higher resistance reduces your risk of influenza, colds, infections of our respiratory tract and bronchitis.

Drinking ginger water ensures good digestion

Digestion and a healthy intestinal flora. It forms the basis of good physical and mental health and stimulates our fat-burning process. Ginger and ginger water soothe your stomach and intestines, help with flatulence and prevent constipation or constipation. Healthy alkaline water from your water cooler Park ridge.

Drinking ginger water relieves muscle and joint pain

Scientific research at the University of Georgia shows that daily ginger use relieves both muscle and joint pain by 25 percent. For best results, eat or drink ginger in the morning before breakfast.
YES! I also want a FREE AND HEALTHY WEEK MENU for better health, a slimline and a flat stomach!

Drink ginger water for menstrual pain

Ginger is a natural pain reliever. Not only for muscle and joint pain but equally good for menstrual pain. Research has shown that ginger is as effective as ibuprofen.

Drinking ginger water ensures good blood flow

It ensures better blood circulation and good blood flow. Ginger is rich in minerals and especially in magnesium, zinc and potassium and which protect against inflammation. At the same time, it lowers fat (triglycerin) in your blood, which considerably reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Drinking ginger water prevents fluid retention or edema

Drinking ginger water from your water cooler Park Ridge. Drinking two cups of ginger water daily regulates your fluid balance and prevents the accumulation of fluid or edema. With a healthy moisture content, you provide more energy which prevents fatigue.

Prevent muscle cramps with drinking ginger water

Drinking ginger water daily also protects against bothersome and painful muscle cramps. We owe this to the large amounts of minerals in ginger.

Ginger water slows down premature (skin) aging

The strong antioxidants in ginger ensure this. They protect us against the damage of the free radicals. These free radicals cause cell damage and slow down our natural aging process. This is mainly reflected in the aging of our skin with the formation of age spots, wrinkles and crow's feet.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?