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7 Signs of dehydration

Drink plenty of clean water. When I think of dehydration, I think .... eh yes what do I think about ... at least not someone in my area or myself. But you too can suffer from this without you knowing it! Do you get enough moisture inside?
Are you so lethargic that your movements are much slower? Then it may be that you are dehydrated. It should not be too much trouble to carry out your daily tasks. Maybe you think it's because you go to bed too late, but keep in mind if you drink enough. Maybe that's it. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

Is your urine dark yellow? Or does it have a strong smell? Then you really need to drink more water. When your body can not pump water through your system, your kidneys have trouble making urine. This can lead to a urinary tract infection and other kidney problems. Sufficient hydration should make your urine lighter.

Dizziness or light in your head can be signs that you are dehydrated. Of course it can also have other causes so try to drink more and see if the complaints pass.

Dehydration can lead to palpitations so it is very important to drink enough. They say that you should drink half your body weight in milliliters if you are not that active (obviously more if you are very active because you lose more fluid). This is a handy rule to get enough fluid.

Do you feel weak? This can also indicate a lack of fluid. Your body will feel weak and everything will cost you the greatest effort. Also try here first if it is drinking too little by getting enough fluid.

Muscle cramps are also a sign of dehydration. Cramp in your legs at night? Try to drink enough. And suffer from menstrual cramps ... you can also reduce this by drinking enough water. What does water for your skin.


Poo that are quite a few complaints, and I must say that I sometimes suffer from some if I have not drank enough in one day ... but you do not put that link right.
And of course we do not mean bottles of wine with sufficient drinking The best thing is to drink water! Do you have trouble with that? Then read this blog with tips to drink more water.
Do you ever suffer from dehydration symptoms? Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

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Are you drinking enough from your water cooler North Booval? 7 secrets of losing weight

Several studies have shown that small, almost effortless changes in daily habits can make many pounds of difference. Those who adopt some of these habits can become one of the privileged people who always look naturally slim.

1. Drink tea

Tea contains many antioxidants such as catechin. These are also fat burners. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who drank the largest amounts of tea over 14 years gained less weight than people who drank less or no tea. Green and white teas contain the highest concentration of catechins.

2. Do your fitness exercises in the morning

Those who do their fitness exercises before breakfast become slimmer faster, writes The Journal of Physiology. Those who sweat on an empty stomach increase the tolerance to glucose, which helps the body to shed fat.

3. Breakfast

If you are not a regular breakfast guest, start with it. People who eat a good breakfast all their lives are on average 2 centimeters slimmer at the waist than people who do not eat breakfast. writes the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. A good breakfast promotes metabolism and ensures that you absorb fewer enzymes, which raise cholesterol.

Slow eaters are the slimmest. A study found that people who took 30 minutes to scoop an ice cream developed more hormones that made them feel fuller than those who ate the ice cream faster. According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, distractions such as watching television should also be avoided while eating.

Eat at regular intervals

Whoever maintains a strict eating schedule will lose pounds. Mice that ate at regular intervals and then fasted for 12 hours developed genes in their liver that burn sugar and fat. We are not mice, of course, but if dinner at a fixed hour promotes weight loss, why not give it a chance?

6. Start each meal with two glasses of water straight from the cold water tap from your water cooler North Booval

People who drink two glasses of water before each meal quickly lose 2.5 pounds more than people who don't drink water, according to Virginia Tech research. Water fills the stomach and those who drink 2 glasses before each meal will quickly eat 75 to 90 calories less.

Drink more healthy water with minerals from your water cooler North Booval

7. Weigh yourself

People who weigh themselves at least once a week lose weight faster than people who don't. Those who get into the habit of weighing themselves can also maintain their weight more easily. Anyone who sees pounds gaining weight is more likely to adjust their eating habits and physical efforts according to that weight.

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