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Alkaline water and health

Results of drinking alkaline ionized water

Actually I should drink more water. The physical aspects of water are fairly unknown. It is assumed that only the chemical composition counts, but then an important aspect is missed. Research into the effect of ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer shows that the antioxidant effect of the free electrons is important. This water, also called reduced and energy water due to its surplus of free electrons, is not comparable in operation to alkaline water produced by dissolving alkaline minerals.

a. Alkaline ionized water is a strong antioxidant and protects the DNA

Basically ionized water is also called reduced water because the redox potential has been reduced. It is reduced to a value of -200 to -850 mV. This water has a surplus of free electrons that make free radicals harmless. Free radicals are molecules that lack a single electron. They use force to extract these molecules from other molecules, which can damage them and cause complaints and illnesses. When rats drink ionized alkaline water for a month, the oxidative stress, the free radical load in their bodies, as well as the free-radical DNA damage, are clearly reduced. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the office. The antioxidant effect of alkaline water is much stronger than that of vitamin C, because the OH¯ molecules are smaller than the vitamin C molecules.

b. Drinking ionized alkaline water has a positive effect on bowel function

Many intestinal complaints arise because food is not digested, but fermented. This releases gas that causes food to build up, bloating or flatulence after eating. This process creates harmful, free radicals such as in dole, ska tole, ammonium and phenol that enter the blood through the intestinal wall. The stool becomes more acidic and smells. Drinking water sources.

c. Ionized alkaline water neutralizes oxidative substances, gives a more basic stool and improves the intestinal flora

Research in rats shows that drinking less ionic alkaline water causes less harmful substances and increases the pH of the stool. The Russian researcher N.V. Vorobja assumes that the 'good' gut bacteria need a negative redox potential, while the 'bad' function better with a positive redox potential of up to + 400 mV. Reduction of the redox potency in the intestine to -300 or -400 mV supports the growth of the 'good' intestinal bacteria, says Vorobjeva. Most researchers attribute the positive effect of ionized alkaline water to the antioxidant effect, but Vorobeva assumes that the redox potential plays an important role, as evidenced by intestinal flora tests of the feces where the pH was improved.

d. Ionized alkaline water reduces abdominal complaints and improves general well-being

In 1966, in Japan, the use of water ionizers due to the deacidification effect and proven effectiveness in gastrointestinal complaints including constipation, bloating and chronic diarrhea was officially approved. In the research carried out in the Ohkura hospital, people with different forms of abdominal complaints were examined for the effectiveness of drinking alkaline ionised water by a double-blind study in which a group of participants received basic drinking water and the control tap water. The study lasted one month and during that time the participants were given a daily dose of between 200 and 500 ml of alkaline water. Drinking ionized alkaline active water appeared to have a greater effect on reducing diarrhea, bloating and general well-being compared to the group that drank tap water.

e. Ionized alkaline water supports the pancreas in diabetes

Drinking water and losing weight. In the case of diabetes, more free radicals are produced, resulting in a deterioration of the beta cells of the pancreas. The oxidative stress is increased by reduced protection mechanisms against free radicals and a growing free radical load. Drinking ionized alkaline water in rats has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, insulin levels and glucose tolerance. It is assumed that drinking alkaline water also has a positive result in diabetic patients. In another study, rats were given the poison Alloxan, which, due to the strong free radical action, can damage the beta cells of the pancreas and even destroy them, resulting in diabetes I. Drinking ionized alkaline water had a number of positive effects due to the antioxidative effect such as protection of DNA molecules, increased insulin production and improved insulin tolerance.

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