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Drink up to 3 liter of water per day to feel better

Water, a super drink. Is not it wonderful that the solution is in something as simple as a glass of water from your water cooler New Chum? So pour your glass full again! It was a warm summer evening. I was sitting on the terrace with my friend. "What is your favorite holiday destination?" He asked. "Hungary", I replied. "They have a lot of thermal springs and Lake Balaton is fantastic for swimming." What does water do in your body.

So water. We are not always aware of it, but in order to function optimally, we need it fully. There is no process in our body that can go well if our body is not hydrated enough. It is much more difficult for our body to absorb nutrients and discharge waste if we do not drink enough water. Even if you want to lose weight, it is important to drink enough.

When asked exactly how much you should drink every day, there is no scientifically founded answer. Usually it is recommended to count 30 ml of water per kilo body weight. Women would need 1.5 to 2 liters on average, men 2 to 3 liters. I drink half a liter of tap water in the morning, which I chase through an ionizer. Fatigue solved by drinking water. Through electrolysis it produces super-alkaline water, with an anti-oxidant value that is four times as high as green tea. The rest of the day I try to drink a glass every hour or at least every two hours. Since an alarm on my phone tells me that it's time to refill my glass again, I really notice the difference. After a day without water, I am drowsy and tired. I drink regularly, then I feel super fresh in the evening, even though I have been sitting in front of my computer all day long.

Drinking water not only has a physical effect, but also an emotional one. If you feel insecure or anxious, or if it is financially against you and you are literally on 'dry' seed, a large glass of water can provide a solution. It helps you to deal better with changes and to get back into the flow. It also has relaxing and therapeutic effects. When we are in, under or near water, our overworked brain gets some free time because the sensory input that arrives at such moments is only a fraction of what it gets to deal with in a busy shopping street or on an average working day. For example, the sound of water is much less complex than that of voices or urban sounds. It puts your brain in a state of rest, making it more creative and easier to find solutions to problems you are struggling with.

Room fountain

The sound of water also promotes the night's rest. I value myself fortunately, because when I leave the window of my bedroom open, I hear the splashing fountain in the pond of the neighbors. In my hall is still a room fountain of rose quartz that makes a soft sparkling sound around the clock. This is soothing. Flowing water also attracts positive energy and new opportunities, according to the feng shui doctrine. Do you not have a neighbor with a fountain, room fountain or vacation plans for a lake, sea or river? You can still open the tap in your bathroom. Running or splashing water while you are in the shower or in your bath, also works calming.
Read more? 'Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do' by Wallace J. Nichols highlights all the beneficial effects of water. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

Do the water test!

The American doctor Mahdi Brown gave a simple trick to test if you are dehydrated. Relax your hand, grab a piece of skin and pull it. Release it and observe what happens. If it springs right back you are well hydrated. If it takes a while and you have a fold, you are dehydrated.

When do you drink too little?

- dry mouth and skin fatigue
- constipation
- muscle cramps
- tingling sensation in your limbs
- headache
- depressed feeling
- feeling of frustration
- difficulty concentrating
- light feeling in your head
- sense of sugar
1 kg body weight = 30 ml of water per day

60 kg = 1.8 liters80 kg = 2.4 liters
100 kg = 3 liters

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4 simple hydration tips for a shiny and healthy skin by drinking from your water cooler New Chum

A shiny and healthy skin starts with hydrated skin. Every day I do my utmost to boost the hydration from the inside and the outside. Does your skin feel dry? Even blush and highlighter no longer help? Do you look in the mirror and see anything but a naturally glowing skin? Chances are that it is due to one thing: dehydration. Today I am sharing my simple and facial glow changing tips to improve the hydration of your skin!

Since more than half of our human body is made up of water and our skin is the largest organ, it is only natural that water is essential for survival and has a key function for our skin. We all want our skin to look healthy and young, with a beautiful glow. This is why it is important to hydrate well - daily. Because did you know that:
- in a 45 minute workout, your skin loses about 1 liter of water?
- in 8 hours at the office or during a 7-hour flight, your body loses about half a liter of water?

To keep your face hydrated for glowing healthy skin, there are a few simple tricks I've experienced as life-changing. I am super focused on the hydration of my skin because my mom has always taught me that. I am very strict when it comes to my facial cleansing routine so I thought why not share all my tips and tricks here?

1. Increase your daily dose of H2O. Drink plenty from your water cooler New Chum

In other words: make drinking water your full-time job. The easiest way to hydrate your face is to keep your body hydrated on the inside. My mom always said that H2O is the easiest and most accessible rescue for dehydrated skin. And as always, she's right! Increase your daily dose of H2O and try to drink plenty of water (2 liters per day) and you will soon see a change in your face. Are you not such a fan of "ordinary water"? Click here for my calorie-free and sugar-free solutions!
TIP: Do you want to check the dryness of your skin? Scratch your arm or leg a little bit with your nail. Is there a white line behind? Then your skin really needs more hydration!

2. Hydrate your skin daily!

Daily moisturizing is essential for a soft, radiant and supple skin. There are a few times when you really need to give your skin a little extra and double the hydration. For example, after a long working day, traveling and exercising. But there is so much to choose from, what products do you need?

Since I am always busy with my skin treatment, I am always looking for new products, and recently I discovered the Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate! It gives you a concentrated form of hydration that is full of antioxidants to repair the damage. Is it suitable for all skin types? YES! It can be used as a moisturizer alone, but also as a serum under your normal day or night cream. Speaking of the importance of water, this is extra special because of the super light, water gel that makes your face look fresh and natural.
TIP: This is a hydration boost that has an effect for 24 hours and is equal to 18 glasses of water a day! Wow, say goodbye to all my fine, dry lines for only a few dollar per year.

3. Extra Omega 3 & plenty of food with water

Believe it or not, eating dry can cause dry skin. Just like with H2O, I try to eat a lot that contains a lot of water and can be just as hydrating as H2O. Think for example of fruit and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, berries, apples and celery. And don't forget to add some omega 3 fats to your daily diet, as that helps cells retain water better.
TIP: Try to avoid dry, salty and crunchy things. These only dehydrate your skin more.

4. Throw down your bath and shower temperature

This one may sound a bit painful (I know) because most of us love to enjoy a long, hot shower. But: it is not good for you! Hot water ensures that the oils are rinsed off your skin and lowers your hydration level. Better shower a few degrees colder.

Remember, your skin stays hydrated through different methods. So try to stick to all the above tips for a charged, glowing and healthy skin!

So, it's time for a glass of healthy drinking water from you very own water cooler New Chum.

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