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TIP: 8 Benefits of drinking a glass of water early in the morning

You probably know that drinking water is very important and that it has many benefits for your body and health. Did you also know that drinking water in the morning also has many advantages? Read below why it is so good for you!

    Boost for your metabolism

Drinking a few glasses of water from your water cooler Murray Bridge on an empty stomach gives a kick start for more efficient digestion. In addition, water helps to keep the lymphatic system and intestinal tract healthy. So you start the day really well. What does water do in your body.


With the water treatment you can cure ailments such as high blood pressure, upset stomach and constipation. It helps to prevent clogging, because water promotes bowel movements. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism. In addition, water helps to hydrate organs so that they can function properly.


One of the causes of headache is drinking too little. So start your day with a few glasses of water to prevent you from getting too little water later in the day and getting headaches. You'll have to drink regularly during the day, but then you'll have something of water in any case.


By drinking enough water, waste products are removed from your body. This will stimulate your metabolism at the start of the day. Our body removes waste products through urine and sweating and water is therefore very important.

    To lose weight

Water generally works very well for losing weight. Not only is water saturating, but water also helps to burn fat and calories. Can you lose weight by drinking water. You also give a boost to your metabolism without taking extra calories. So start your day with a few glasses of water even if you are losing weight.


To wake up well, you will probably take a shower to get water in your face. In contrast to getting water on you, drinking water is also an advantage for energy. You will start the day with more energy and more productivity during the day. With water you will be twice as awake in the morning.


At night your body is busy with renewing and restoring cells in your body. By drinking water in the morning, your body separates waste and gives your skin a beautiful shine. Moisture and drinking water. You can also reduce your wrinkles, because water provides elasticity and vitality of the skin.

    Lemon water

Drinking a glass of lukewarm lemon water in the morning has even more benefits due to the acid of the lemon. For example, because of the vitamin C content and the antioxidants in a lemon. Or improve digestion, reduce inflammation and hydrate your body.

Tip: make your water taste better with ginger, lemon, blueberries, strawberries or mint. Do you find it difficult to drink a few glasses, then drink from a drinking bottle. There is a lot of water in it and if you drink it all, you have enough water for a kick start in the morning. So take a few glasses of water with your cup of coffee tomorrow morning!

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7 reasons why you should drink plenty of water from your water cooler Murray Bridge.

We all know that water is very good for you, but why is it so healthy?

1. Purifies your skin

Your skin is very sensitive, especially during this time of the year, your skin is quickly dehydrated. That is why it is important to drink a lot of water, this way your skin remains shiny and healthy. After a week you will not notice a difference, but if you drink a few liters a day for a few weeks, you will see guaranteed results.

2. Cleans your body

Water ensures that the toxins and waste products from your body disappear.

3. It gives you energy

If you drink too little, you will become dehydrated and that will make you dull. Put a bottle next to you on the desk, on the couch, on the table, etc., and you'll stay fit all day long.

4. You lose weight

The means to lose weight. There are 0 calories in water, unlike, for example, cola or (ice) tea. Besides, it fills. That way you eat less. So make sure you always drink a glass of H2O from your water cooler Murray Bridge before your meal. You will definitely eat a few bites less.

5. Helps against headaches

The (main) cause of headaches is almost always dehydration. So drink !!

6. Good for your heart

Research by the American Journal of Epidemiology has shown that people who drink 5 glasses of water a day are 41% less likely to have a heart attack than people who only drink 2 glasses.

7. It is inexpensive

In addition to all health reasons, it is also simply practical. Water does not have to cost anything. Invest in a nice bottle that you can 'refill'. A liter of water costs 13 cents in Australia. Great tasting water straight from your water cooler Murray Bridge.

Tip: don't you like the taste of water? Cut a piece of fruit into wedges and put it in your bottle, for example a lemon, lime or strawberry, this gives a nice fresh touch. Also delicious with some mint or ginger, try it.

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