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Losing weight? Why, according to these experts, you better don't drink soda

5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. Carbonated soft drinks such as cola and orange bursts of sugar. Don't drink soda if you want to lose weight, so. But do you only come from the sugar, or does the jab also have a stake in it? Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The answer will amaze you.

The British doctor James Brown, specialized in obesity and diabetes, researched the effect of carbon dioxide on your hunger. The group of healthy subjects did not know about this - they thought it was a study of the influence of soft drinks on your taste, to prevent a placebo effect. First, the participants had to fast for ten hours. Then they all got exactly the same number of sandwiches, up to the caloric, so that they were all just as full.

An hour later each volunteer received one of four drinks: a glass of carbonated soft drink, a glass of the same soda but without puncture, a glass of carbonated water or a glass of water without prick. Ten minutes after that first drink, Dr. Brown measured the ghrelin content of everyone. Ghrelin, which is also known as the hunger hormone, is mainly secreted by the stomach wall and induces appetite.

Then the subjects were given a food diary with which they had to keep track of what they ate after that drink. This allowed researchers to check how many calories they have eaten and drunk in the hours after that drink. This experiment was repeated three more times. Every time the subjects got a different drink, so in the end they all had drinks once. Why filter tapwater. It was only at the end of the research that they were told what the experiment really was about.

What turned out? When the subjects had drunk a drink with a jab, their ghereline content was fifty percent higher than when they took a drink without prick. In other words, a carbonated soft drink with sugar makes you hungry an hour later than when you drink the same drink without prick. The same applies to water with puncture.

Not only did the ghrelin content change. The feeling of hunger also peaked. After drinking a carbonated drink, the subjects took an average of 120 calories more than after a drink without puncture. So on top of the 140 calories from, for example, that glass of cola, the person ate another 120 calories.

Carbon dioxide
Brown's research builds on a previous study by the University of Birzeit, which showed that carbonated drinks made rats thicker and hungry. The same seems to apply to people! But how is it that you get more hungry from carbon dioxide, and therefore eat more and maybe arrive? Doctor Brown mentions two possible reasons for this. Carbon dioxide, which is used to make a drink effervescent, would trigger the receptor cells in the stomach and thereby also the production of ghrelin. A second explanation is that your stomach slightly inflates and travels through the carbon dioxide, and that would also stimulate the cells to make ghrelin. How do I get more energy?

Carbonic acid diet
Anyway: if you (quickly) try to lose weight, you might do well to let soft drinks with prick really lie to the left. And water with jab so too. "It might be boring, but the most important lesson we can derive from this research result is that water without puncture is still the healthiest", says Dr. Brown.

Nutrition center
The Nutrition Center appears to be less critical about carbonated water. Yes, it is slightly more acidic than water without carbon dioxide, but not bad for your teeth. Moreover, the advisory center says that you can drink your red spa every day - "although it is better to opt for tap water, because of the environment and your wallet."

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