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What does drinking water for your skin

Water, a super drink. Did you know that the human body consists of water for 75%? However, by sweating, peeing and breathing we constantly lose moisture and we can dry out. Therefore, we must continuously supplement those reserves to not dry out. Dehydration is the basis of many health problems, including skin aging. Water is a very special substance. It is the main component of the cell. This water is in our entire body. It is in our cells, but also in the space between the cells and in your blood and your lymph. And because water has a solubility, it can transport many substances to other places in our body. This process is very important for your body to function properly.

Why is drinking water so important?

Start the day with a smile, but also with water! After drinking, drink two glasses of lukewarm water. You cleanse your body and put it on to function. For example, your kidneys are cleansed and it activates your body. Because after a night no moisture has it, it hits moisture. Without water, man can not survive. We can sleep without food, but not without water. We need about 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day to feed our body and keep it vital. The moment you get thirsty, you're actually late. It is a sign that your body needs moisture because too little moisture also means dry lines in your skin. Cold Water Drinking.

In addition, there are a lot of other good reasons for drinking water. Try to make a daily habit of doing it. And that really does not have to be difficult. And here you read why:

More energy

If you are dried out, you feel tired and have less energy. If you are thirsty, you are actually dried out; and this can lead to exhaustion, dizziness and other nasty symptoms. Keep this up and then your energy level will also keep up.

Nice skin

Regular water drinking ensures a tighter and younger skin. And we do not all want that . Also, your skin will be even and more beautiful in color.

Help with weight loss

Drink plenty of clean water. Water is one of the best tools for losing weight. Drinking water often replaces drinking of other, more sugary drinks. And that causes you to get less calories. But also because it suppresses your feeling of hunger, which means you will eat less.

Against headaches

Headaches can have different causes. One of these causes may be that you have not received enough moisture. Headache is a common symptom of dehydration. And have you ever been bothered by a hangover after an evening? Then drink two glasses of water before you go to sleep and you will suffer a lot from drying out, the side effect of alcohol. Do you also include coffee, black tea, alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices? Unfortunately, maybe the base of the above drinks consists of water. However, they are all very unhealthy to you, especially in large quantities. Give your plants home or garden for a while, coffee or a sports drink instead of water. Then you will soon see the difference

- Coffee and black tea impede the absorption of water through the cells in your body, but promote moisture withdrawal. They are actually plasmas: you will have to go to the toilet soon. And, for example, do you have to urinate too often? Stop drinking coffee and / or tea and replace it with water. Look at what happens. And if you drink a cup of coffee or tea, just add two glasses of water, then fill in the moisture shortage.

- Alcohol also extracts moisture from your body. Catch a dry mouth after a night? Then your body is completely dehydrated. Occasionally a glass of red wine can be fine, but also for this: add enough water.

- Fruit juices are (in my eyes) sugar bubbles. Even if "without added sugars" occurs. Often, concentrated fruit juice is added, which is just as bad. I never drink them. And there are hardly any nutrients in it (because why do you think they add vitamin C?). What they do is disrupt your blood sugar level because the sugars are in liquid form. My advice is, therefore, leave those fruit juices.

- Soft drinks are also (in my eyes) sugar bubbles and also contain phosphates that can provide accelerated aging. Do you choose for a light version? Unfortunately, the chemical sweeteners in light products like aspartame are even worse for you. Leave soft drinks just left, your body will be grateful to you. The same goes for all sports and energy drinks. All you need is water. So drink only water or herbal tea. And self-squeezed juice from vegetables mixed with fruit is also good so you can drink it too. I change this myself with drinks that I make with waterkefir (I will tell you more about this soon). What does water for your skin.

How does our skin get water?

Let's start with the easiest, just drinking water. The skin is then watered from the inside. It is transported to the organs first, and what remains of it is for your skin. And because your organs require a lot of water, it is important to drink a lot of water from your water cooler Mission Beach so that your skin is also sufficient. In our skin is a substance called hyaluronic acid. This fabric draws the water from the lower skin layers and transports it to the upper skin layers. But as we grow older, this effect unfortunately decreases. To help the skin with an extra hand, we can also use this drug. We do this by means of Mesotherapy. In this way we bring the drugs where they are needed, and in places where they can not otherwise come. Note, this is no way to replenish the skin, but a pure diet. The skin is thereby stimulated to work even harder. This cocktail contains hyaluronic acid, but also vitamins, amino acids and minerals. That's what we call a real water boost! Your skin is therefore fed and feels elastic and silky smooth.

Drink More Water from your water cooler Mission Beach: 6 Reasons To Drink More Water Every Day

Water is an essential part of the life of every human being given that there can be no life without water. An obvious reason for drinking water is to keep our body hydrated. However, there are several other reasons to drink more water daily.

Here are 6 reasons to make everyone drink more water every day:

  • The balance of body fluids can be maintained by drinking more water: The fact that the human body is almost 60% water is widely known. All fluids present in our body have vital functions such as circulating and creating saliva, transporting nutrients from one place to another, digesting and maintaining body temperature. If not enough water is consumed, the brain activates a thirst-inducing mechanism. This is a sign that the body is low in fluids and that we need to drink more to ensure that all bodily functions can be performed efficiently.
  • Control calories by drinking more water from your water cooler Mission Beach: One of the best tips given by dieticians for controlling weight and calories is to drink enough water. While water isn't a magic drink that helps you lose weight, it can help a lot with weight loss when a person drinks water instead of fizzy or sugary drinks. Besides, eating foods such as watermelons that are high in water content also helps with weight loss as they look bigger, require more chewing and are digested easily and slowly by the body, resulting in a full stomach in a short time.
  • Energize your muscles by drinking more water: When muscle cells have insufficient water or fluids, they cannot perform, which leads to muscle fatigue. This explains why it is necessary to drink more while exercising. It is recommended that you drink half a liter of water two hours before you exercise, and drink more water during and after exercise to compensate for the fluids you lose from sweating.
  • To get a healthy looking skin: The skin of our body also contains large amounts of water and fluids and acts as a barrier to prevent unnecessary loss of fluids. A lack of water makes the skin look wrinkled and dry. That's why drinking more water is a quick and easy tip to keep our skin looking fresh and hydrated.
  • Improved kidney function: Our kidneys perform the extremely important task of removing toxins from our body, and they can only fulfil this task if our body is sufficiently hydrated. Drinking more water results in a free flow of urine, because it is beneficial for our kidneys, while a dehydrated body is more sensitive to kidney stones. So it is imperative to drink more water to have properly functioning kidneys.
  • Water helps maintain normal bowel function: If the body does not have enough water, it takes water out of the bowel movements to hydrate, resulting in constipation. Therefore, to avoid constipation and have a healthy flow in your digestive tract, it is important to drink more water from your water cooler Mission Beach.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?