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TIP: Lack of energy

.Are not you burning ahead? Here are 25 tips for more energy. Boost energy levels quickly and easily.

1. Morning gymnastics

Moving five minutes after standing up will provide energy and you will burn twice as many calories during the day. And you really do not have to deliver top performances for that. Press a few times or do 'jumping jacks' to increase your heart rate. A nice alternative is a boxing match against yourself in the mirror. Bump at least 100 times to really feel it.

2. Drink water

You do not dry out enough to drink and that makes you feel sluggish and tired again. Drink a glass of water when you get up and drink at least a liter during the day.

3. Breakfast

If you skip your breakfast you will deprive your body of valuable fuels, which will make you less energetic to your day. In addition, you are also more likely to be overweight. Moreover, there are increasing indications that breakfast skipping causes type 2 diabetes. If a full breakfast does not go with you in the morning, eat at least a piece of fruit. For example, a banana is a good source of energy. Or take a protein shake, so you can go back again.

4. Snack in the morning

Even after a good breakfast you need new energy around 10.30 hours. Your body then burned most of the fuels (glycogen) from the night before. Treat yourself to a handful of nuts or a banana to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. Moreover, this prevents you from being full of (fat) food during lunch.

5. Skip your cup of coffee in the morning

Caffeine addict? Try to reduce and only take your first cup of coffee after lunch. After lunch your body makes adenosines, a kind of natural sleeping pills. Caffeine is much more effective, especially if you regularly drink small cups of coffee. For a good night's sleep it is wise to leave espressos four hours before bedtime.

6. Become big sizes with your colleagues

According to a study by the University of Tilburg, introverted types are more tired at work than their extraverted colleagues. People who like to be alone and do not like crowds feel less comfortable at work and are more easily lethargic.

7. Sit upright

If you go through life in a wandering way and with hanging shoulders, that may be a sign that your energy is lacking. According to Robert Cooper, writer of High Energy Living, you can generate an energy boost through a good attitude. For a good posture, apply the following trick: let your shoulders hang loosely and bring your chin to your chest. The intention is that you feel a slight tension in your neck. Then you gently nod your head a few times, as if you nod "yes", but do not bend your head too far forward.

8. Pause

"If something is difficult, it is probably not worth it." This intelligent statement comes from the always beer-drinking philosopher Homer Simpson. Yet there is a truth. Sometimes it helps to take a break when you notice that your attention is loosening. Go around a block, put a music on or do the next breathing exercise for new energy: Breathe deeply while you count to three, and exhale while you count to six.

9. Standing calls

Do you have to call a lot for your work? From now on, stay more often while you call. You stretch your muscles and your breathing becomes deeper so oxygen-rich blood flows into your brain. You need this energy for when you are put on hold once again.

10. Sing in the shower

Singing is an excellent way to ensure that your body produces endorphins. This makes you feel more energetic, happier and less stressed. The beauty is that it is almost everywhere and that no matter how false you sing.

11. Find happy friends

Optimistic, energetic friends make sure you too. So surround yourself with people who are not only smart and talented, but also enthusiastic and everywhere to poke. Thirty minutes with a negative sailor sucks all the energy out of your way.

12. Divide large projects

Do not try to steam through until you fall over. Taking a short distance makes you less tired and more productive. In the end, you are faster with big jobs than when you do it at once.

13. Strengthen your back

How could Pieter van den Hoogenband manage to tour the country after his gold medal, to enthusiastically meet hundreds of journalists and appear in almost every television program? Because he has a strong back like other swimmers. A strong back literally gives you more backbone to tackle things and makes you feel less tired. For strong back muscles, for example, you can use the rowing machine. Make sure you have a good posture, with the feet flat on the board, the knees slightly bent, the back straight and the belly.

14. A hippie moment

Maybe you think it's ridiculous, but try it anyway. Meditation is not used for centuries for emptying the head and obtaining new energy. Sit up straight and close your eyes. Then breathe in and out through your nose quickly. Your chest should move up and down quickly and mechanically as a sort of bellows.

15. Move every day

Through a solid session in the gym or a piece of cycling or jogging you can give yourself a wonderful feeling. During exercise your body makes endorphins, which makes you feel positive and energetic. In addition, endorphins stimulate the functioning of your immune system, so that you can not easily catch a flu.

16. A power nap

A twenty-minute tiptoe is a perfect way to recharge. Studies have even shown that people who were allowed to snap an owl at work became more productive and made fewer mistakes. However, you should not sleep too long because then you may wake up even more tired than you already were. Or you can count sheep in your bed at night.

17. Pump iron

You exhaust an iron deficiency. Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin, a red dye in the red blood cells. Hemoglobin regulates the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the organs and tissues. An iron deficiency disrupts this logistical process and causes great fatigue. A good, natural source of iron is beef.

18. Eat you awake in the car

Do not let that long car ride deplete you and buy a bag of student heaver to stay awake. Is it bad to drink water while eating. Raisins are full of potassium, a mineral that your body uses to convert the glucose in your blood into energy. Nuts are a rich source of magnesium. Like potassium, magnesium is required for the conversion of glucose into energy. With a magnesium deficiency, your body produces lactic acid, the same substance that causes the muscles to become acidic during heavy exertion.

19. Smell the energy

Spray fresh air, smell flowers or go for a walk. Fresh scents give your energy level a quick boost.

20. Bring humor into your life

Laughter is not only a great way to put your problems into perspective, but also makes you healthier and sharper. During a laugh, alongside endorphins killer cells are created, immune cells that, for example, switch off viruses. Furthermore, the amount of stress hormones in your blood is reduced and your stomach and face get a complete workout. That is why after a laugh you sometimes feel as satisfied as after an hour of exercise. If you get grumpy from your job, watching a funny series is the way to recharge.

21. Look up the sun

The sun gives energy, makes you happy and increases your sense of sex. This is because your body makes serotonin through sunlight. A shortage of serotonin makes you lethargic and tired, that is why you feel more likely in the summer than in autumn and winter. So do not feel like it anymore? Dried? Book a charter holiday to some sunny place and come back radiantly. Drink more water in hot weather.

22. Skip your alcohol drink

Alcohol will make you tired and relaxed, but just before bedtime it can reduce the quality of your night's sleep. Alcohol disturbs the REM phase of your sleep, the phase where sleep is the deepest and in which Victoria's Secret angels appear in your dreams. The REM phase is therefore the phase that you rest the most. So drink one or two drinks with food, but do not try to drink anything during the last two hours before bedtime.

23. Dive early

An hour of extra sleep gives as much energy as two cups of coffee. This principle, however, only works if you go to sleep earlier, not by staying in your bed for longer on Sunday morning. Sleeping long makes you slimier and disrupts your day-and-night rhythm.

24. Sports and sleep

Japanese research has shown that if you train in the evening, you are less tired the next day. And according to American research, a late workout increases the amount of testosterone which is important for your energy supply.

25. Sleep on the couch

Can food influence your sleep. After you brawl, she refers you to the bank to spend the night. Yet you do not have to see this as a punishment. Fatigue solved by drinking water. Spending a night in a different environment can work wonders if you suffer from insomnia. Many people associate the bedroom with their sleep problems. They imagine, as it were, that they can not sleep, which of course also happens. Spending a night in a different environment can break this circle.

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