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Drink more water in 7 days

Drinking enough water daily is a real challenge for many people. Drink plenty of clean water. Yet it is extremely important because it helps our body to continue to function optimally. Because the start is often the most difficult, we will gladly help you on the right road for the next seven days.


Try to drink something every half an hour. Drink more water in hot weather. Your fluid intake can happen with different drinks such as skimmed milk, soup, vegetable juice or water. You also do not have to drink a whole glass of water immediately. A sip is sufficient, as long as you remember to do this twice an hour.   


Add the juice of half a lemon to a large glass of water, and drink it immediately after rising. This will help to get your digestive system going, and start the natural detoxification process of the body. Drink 1 glass more than you normally do. This does not have to be water today, vegetable juice, skimmed milk or soup are also good options.  


Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water today more than you did yesterday. Drink water after every visit to the toilet and after every bag of coffee or tea that you drink. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.


Set yourself a drinking goal for the day. Fill a bottle in the morning or use water and try to empty it as soon as possible. Try ¾ of your bottle or can drink during the day and the remaining quarter in the evening.


The taste of ordinary water in the meantime a bit tired? Add herbs, vegetables or berries to flavor your water. Is it bad to drink water while eating. Cucumber is always delicious in a glass of water, just like raspberries, strawberries or lime.


Drink two glasses of water from your water cooler Mermaid Beach immediately upon waking. One with lemon and one without. In this way you immediately start your digestion.


Today you should be able to drink 2 liters of water almost without problems. Take yourself for the next time to keep full, and reward yourself by for example a beautiful water bottle or can buy.

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Drinking filtered alkaline water from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler Mermaid Beach

You need water. Every day! That water is necessary for the transport of substances through your body and to get rid of waste products because you urinate out. Water also helps regulate your body temperature. So very important, water. Therefore: answer to the most frequently asked questions about water.

Question: how much water do you need daily?

Answer: adults need 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid from their water cooler Mermaid Beach every day. This doesn't have to be just water. All drinks count, including milk, tea, coffee and buttermilk, for example. However, not every drink is equally healthy. Because water contains no calories and does not affect the teeth, it is in the Nutrition Centre's Wheel of Five. In addition, water is cheap, good for the environment, easy to carry and available everywhere. There are no specific guidelines for the amount of water alone.

Question: can you also drink too much water?

Answer: yes, if you drink a lot in a short time (for example 2 liters in half an hour), this can be too much for your body. Your blood will then become diluted. This lowers the concentration of minerals (such as sodium) in your blood. This water poisoning is also called "acute hyponatraemia". Symptoms include, for example, difficulty concentrating, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, or even a coma. Therefore, divide drinking over the day.

Question: is mineral water better than tap water?

Answer: no. In Australia, it is better to drink tap water. It is one of the best in the world. It is continuously checked whether it meets all legal requirements. Mineral water does not have to meet the requirements of Australian tap water. For example, mineral water can contain more salts than our tap water.

Question: Is it good for your skin to drink a lot of water?

Answer: The British Nutrition Center concluded some time ago from research that there is no scientific evidence to support this. But you may have noticed that when you drink little, your skin becomes more wrinkled. Drinking more increases the pressure in your body and makes your skin look smoother again. However, water does not prevent skin aging.

Question: Why can't you drink tap water in every country?

Answer: in some countries, the quality of drinking water is not as high as in Australia. There are also countries where the tap water is officially safe, but the water pipes are not very well maintained there. There may also be a pressure problem that can cause water to stand still in the pipes. Bacteria can grow and multiply in that stagnant water. Because our body is not used to it, we can get stomach and intestinal complaints.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?