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Drinking more water from your water cooler Melton means more energy

How do I get more energy? We consist of approximately 70% of water. Your brain and blood are the crown here, they consist for 83% and 91% of water respectively. There is even water in your teeth! We would do well to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day, according to the Nutrition Center. Because: if we are just a bit active - even if it is a minimal effort to breathe - then we lose fluid. Still, drinking water at work - drinking at all - something that is regularly lost, especially when we are busy. Do you feel stupid regularly at work, do you suffer from muscle cramps, is your blood pressure irregular or do you get off to a difficult start in the morning? Alkaline water, is the nature of water. Does your concentration ability falter and do you notice that you are working more sloppily? Then it is time for a little awareness about the wonderful world of ... water.

Did you know about water?

When it comes to optimal performance at work, we quickly think of good cooperation agreements, clear planning and communication, Lean methodologies and the optimal use of systems and resources. But did you know that:

  • the right amount of fluid in your body speeds up your reaction time? The passing of different substances in your brain is optimized by the right amount of fluid in your body. Drink quickly for a difficult task!
  • it is wise to drink one to two glasses of water just in the morning? This is because your body then has relatively little moisture and a relatively large amount of toxins and waste substances are "stuck" in your body, which can leave the body by drinking water.
  • water regulates blood pressure? Drinking too little water increases your blood pressure. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.
  • water "lubricates" our joints and muscles, so you are less likely to get cramps? What drinking water really does for your skin.
  • water regulates our body temperature?
  • water protects our heart and our lungs?
  • if you want to lose weight it is not a bad idea to drink enough water? Fibers and water work together during digestion, which benefits the bowel movements. And: drinking water reduces your hunger!
  • water from your water cooler Melton does a lot more?

Make drinking water sexy and simple

A full water jug is therefore indispensable on the desk. In my opinion, companies would do well to make drinking water, or at least moisture, as attractive and simple as possible. A small plastic cup must fill in the toilet, nobody will be happy about that. There are many visually attractive water bottles (think of the Dopper bottle) for sale and also when it comes to water jugs, water tanks and cups or glasses, there is plenty of choice. Fresh additions (lemon? Lime? If necessary syrup?) Can give that little bit of shine to a cup of water. Mind you: do not let the water run, but let employees walk for themselves to fill the stock: mini breaks are good for concentration and inspiration. And last but not least: ensure good sanitation.

Water is the liquid gold for organizations

In short, water is the lubricant that makes our working day oiled, so it is certainly not a luxury to invest in this. Do you want to get more out of your working day? Then start drinking plenty of water from your water cooler Melton. Cheers!

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How much and how often should you drink water from your water cooler Melton?

Our body consists of around 70 percent water. Water is therefore extremely important for good health. This naturally includes drinking enough water. Thirst is one of the clearest signals that your body needs moisture. But even with these six symptoms your body tells you that it has a shortage of water. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.

Content of this article:

    1. Dry mouth
    2. Changes in your pee pattern
    3. Fatigue
    4. Headache
    5. Changes in the color of your urine
    6. Blockage
    How much water should you drink per day?
    How often do you drink water from your water cooler Melton?

1. Dry mouth

A dry mouth indicates a water shortage. Your body does not have enough water to make saliva, making your mouth and lips feel dry. Therefore drink if you are thirsty and do not delay it. In addition, it is best to use a lip balm to prevent dry and cracked lips.

2. Changes in your pee pattern

Healthy people go to the toilet about six or seven times a day on average. If you go to the toilet two or three times to pee, this may be a sign of water shortage. In that case, make sure you drink something when you are thirsty. If possible, also consult a doctor. There may be a problem with your kidneys.

3. Fatigue

Do you take coffee or an energy drink when you feel tired? This could make your feeling of exhaustion worse. Fatigue can also be the result of dehydration. To prevent this, drink best when you are thirsty.

4. Headache

Do you regularly suffer from headaches, which get worse when you move? Headache that gets worse when you start moving is a clear sign of a water shortage. Do you have the idea that your headache is caused by too little fluid in your body? Preferably drink mineral water. Then you immediately supplement the minerals that you need to stay healthy.

5. Changes in the color of your urine

If you drink too little water, your kidneys have trouble removing waste from your body. This gives changes in the color of your urine. Do you suffer from this? Then gradually drink more water if you are thirsty to solve this problem. So rather not suddenly a whole splash. Is your urine dark or cloudy? Then go to the doctor to rule out chronic dehydration or kidney disease.

6. Blockage

Water is important to hydrate your organs and prevent blockage. If your body has too little fluid available for this, your metabolic organs will have difficulty removing waste. These remain in your intestines, so you can suffer from a distended abdomen and abdominal cramp. That is not only painful, but also not good for your weight. Certainly not if you want to lose weight quickly. So take a look at whether you are getting enough fluid with your current diet or whether you are eating a lot of dehydrated foods, such as cookies, pasta and bread. If the latter is the case, start eating more fruits and vegetables. These contain a lot of water, which brings the moisture balance in your body back into balance.

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How much water should you drink per day?

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. According to the government and health authorities you should drink eight glasses or 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. However, this amount is not substantiated. To provide your body with sufficient fluid, it is best to listen to your thirst sensation and pay attention to the above six signals and then drink water until you have enough. So it's not about drinking a fixed amount of water per day, but drinking water as needed. Healthy drinks instead of water.

One day you might drink a liter of water and the other day three liters or even more. That depends on how much you move and how your body reacts to heat. Even if you have lost a lot of water due to illness, you naturally drink more. It doesn't seem to matter how hot it is. Our body is extremely resistant to heat and can last for hours without water.

How often do you drink water from your water cooler Melton?

Drinking water all day long is not necessary for healthy people. This also applies to drinking water prior to exercise. Our body only gets stressed out because it is traditionally used to moving before we drink water. After all, we used to have to find a water source before we could drink. Now that is often the reverse. We first draw water from the tap that is within our reach and then we start moving. Our body gets confused about this. Moreover, we often drink more water than our body actually needs, which causes our stomach to become overloaded.

Our body is built to prepare for drinking water beforehand. If we are thirsty, our stomach focuses on the supply of new fluid to be able to process it properly. Our immune system is also on the alert, because water can contain pathogens. That also provides energy to our brains.

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