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Simply drink more water from your water cooler Kippa Ring in 5 steps

How much do you drink per day? No, not about, how much do you really drink? Often less than you think. Water, an essential nutrient. One and a half to two liters is the norm for an adult. Drinking enough water helps to drain your waste. That way you feel healthy and energetic. Follow the next 5 steps to easily drink more water.

Step 1: Choose tap water

If you live in Australia, you are lucky: Our tap water has the best quality in the world. Did you know that spring water is not healthier than tap water? Great tasting water from your water cooler Kippa Ring. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. Spring water must meet 15 quality requirements, tap water to 57! A few more reasons to choose tap water:

  • Spring water is 500 to 1000 times (!) More expensive than tap water
  • If you buy water at a gas station, a bottle of water is more expensive than the same amount of gasoline. Drink more water from your Water Cooler Kippa-Ring.
  • 0.25 liters of oil is needed to produce 1 liter of well water

So choose tap water, tasty and easy!

Step 2: Always take a bottle with you

Make sure that you have water within reach. Then you drink more often automatically and the temptation is less big to buy spring water or soft drinks, for example. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water. For example, I drink from the water cooler from Prestige Water. A lot fits in here (0.8 liters) and your water stays cool longer. Prestige Water stands for, you guessed it, tap water. This social enterprise promotes the use of tap water and 5% of the turnover goes to the Plastic Soup Foundation. Oh, the bottle is available in 7 beautiful matte colors, also one that suits you.

Step 3: Start the day with a glass of water, or two

Make more drinking water part of your routine. Start the day with one or two glasses of water from your Water Cooler Kippa-Ring, then you have that inside. Drink water during or after a meal and every time you have been to the toilet. Can you lose weight by drinking water.

Step 4: Alternate and give your water a taste

Do not you like water? Or do you just feel like something else? Then add fruit and herbs to your water. Choose frozen fruit in the summer, then your water will stay nice and cool for longer. Everything is possible, but for inspiration some examples:

  • strawberries with basil
  • watermelon with mint
  • strips of cucumber
  • citrus fruit, such as lemon and orange
  • ginger with pineapple

Step 5: Keep track of how much you drink

Recommended: measure how much you really drink. Count how many times you empty your water cooler stainless steel bottle (800 milliliters each time!) Or put a large filled can in the fridge with your water goal today. Is it against? Then put an alarm clock on your phone so that you do not forget it. There is also a free app that can help you drink more water from your water cooler Kippa Ring. This counts how much you drink and reminds you if necessary.

How much water do children actually have to drink per day?

The one-and-a-half to two-liter standard for adults is often well-known. Use the following math to determine how much water children should drink:

  • take 1 liter for the first 10 kilos
  • add 50 milliliters for each kilo above 10 kilos

If your child weighs 14 kilos, that means 1 liter + 4 x 50 milliliters = 1,200 milliliters or 1.2 liters of water.

How do you ensure that you drink enough water from your Water Cooler Kippa-Ring?

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Great tasting water from a water cooler Kippa Ring

So hey, how hot it is! And it doesn't really seem to end either. Oh, how we actually moan. If it is a watery and cold spring, we will moan. If it is a warm summer, then the weather is not good. Only what is of course very important, cooling! How do we look for the cooling? Drink a lot! Or at least sufficient. What is important to drink. Water. A while back I already wrote a blog about drinking more water and what works for me. Well with 40 degrees I find it not that difficult anyway, but still I would like a little nice water and then healthy with a taste. Infused water actually. Which flavors for Infused water are tasty and also healthy and how can you vary a bit. I now like to drink infused water from my water cooler Kippa Ring anyway, but I also drink it in the gym for example and I think it gives a very tasty flavor combination when eating. So time for my infused water tastes tips! Better health with Prestige Water.

Infused water flavors and recipes

There are so many delicious flavors, especially for the summer, that infused water really doesn't get bored. How about the following flavors. They are also very healthy. Anyhow, water is cleansing, but all the fruit is naturally also full of vitamin and the herbs are also cleansing for your body. There are so many minerals in the water after filtration from a water cooler Kippa Ring. My tips are.

  • Mint + watermelon + lemon
  • Parsley + orange + lime
  • Rosemary + grapefruit + lemon
  • Coriander + ginger + pineapple
  • Basil + cucumber + melon
  • Jalapeño pepper + strawberry + lime
  • Cinnamon stick + apple + lemon
  • Rosemary + apple + raspberry
  • Mint + pineapple + cucumber

Tap water vs filtered water. For example, with a jalapeno pepper I find very nice and delicious with a Mexican dinner or the coriander, ginger with an Asian meal. Having a full glass of water all the time. The ginger is also very healthy for cleansing your body.

You can simply put all the fruit in a jug, only then will you pour the fruit into your glass and drink the fiber or fruit. Help, what do you think healthy, ha ha. Great tasting water from your water cooler Kippa Ring. Of course there is nothing unpleasant about it, only it does not drink pleasantly. As a tip, I always drink my infused water from an infuser water bottle and I also have the bottle hanging on the pram. Home alone is not that easy, that's why this super beautiful jug is on my bucket list.

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