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Drinking water from your water cooler Kenmore and losing weight

Good hydration in the summer. What to drink? Calculate how much water you should drink per day. In order to keep the fluid balance in the body at a sufficient level, sufficient drinking is required daily. Moisture is important for several things. First, it ensures that nutrients are absorbed into the body and secondly it ensures the removal of waste from the body. When losing weight, it is important to make the right choice for certain types of drinks and some drinks can be better avoided. Drink great tasting water from your Water Cooler Kenmore for a better health. When losing weight, it is wise, for example, to drink a lot of water or green tea and to leave the fruit juices with lots of sugar. drinking cold water © Pixabay Drinking and losing weight Drinking some drinks can help you lose weight, especially by drinking water, green tea or calorie-free drinks. The body of a person consists of approximately 75% of moisture and to keep this in balance you must ensure sufficient drinking per day. Keeping the fluid in the body in balance is important to prevent dehydration of the body. A person loses fluid all day long through, for example, breathing, urinating and conscious and unconscious sweating. When the body starts to lose weight actively, the body will also lose more fluid and therefore it is important to drink sufficient fluid during the day from your Water Cooler Kenmore. Tips to get through the summer COOL. Too much drinking is also not good at going weight loss and therefore it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of fluid per day. Hot drinks such as coffee and black tea should also be avoided as a rule because they contain a lot of caffeine. Caffeine can help with losing weight but then for a short time. Caffeine should be avoided as much as possible when trying to lose weight. What should also be avoided when losing weight are fruit juices and soft drinks. These drinks have a negative effect on the diet, they often give a feeling of hunger and contain a lot of sugars. Even the light products should be avoided for the same reason as with normal fruit juices and soft drinks. Fresh fruit juices are against it, however, permitted when following a diet, because it contains natural sugars and contains much more nutrients than fruit juices from a pack. Alcoholic beverages In the event of weight loss, at least the alcoholic drinks should be avoided in particular, firstly alcoholic beverages have an addictive effect and secondly, alcoholic drinks are also real fat makers. Alcoholic drinks then give a feeling of hunger and then mainly in unhealthy food, which again contains more calories. However, alcoholic drinks are also healthy for the body when they are drunk in moderation and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced in moderate use. For alcoholic drinks, no more than 2 glasses per day may be consumed. Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Kenmore.

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When the summer comes, you can enjoy working out outdoors. However, if the temperature goes up, it is important that you prepare yourself well if you have a workout or a sporting challenge on the program. Below you will find 8 tips to get on your way responsibly.

Drink enough from your water cooler Kenmore

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. In hot weather you lose a lot of moisture due to sweating. It is important that you replenish the moisture loss. It is best if you do this before you exercise. Because if you start drinking when you get thirsty, there is already a shortage of fluid.

Don't just drink water

The rule is to drink about one and a half times as much fluid as you lose sweat. Drinking water with fruit and spice. We do not recommend drinking a lot of water in a short time. The body can process around 1 liter of water per hour. In addition, you not only lose moisture during exercise, but also essential substances (including salt) that you need for making the effort. In warm weather it is therefore wise to use sports nutrition to keep the supply of moisture, salt and minerals up to date. The Isotonic sports drink is best because it is quickly absorbed by the body. Isotonic sports nutrition drink can be recognized by the indication "isotonic" on the label and by the amount of carbohydrates (4-8 g / 100 ml) and sodium (400 mg / 100 ml).

Start slowly and take it easy

Exercising in warm weather is strenuous. It is good to start slowly, so that your body can get used to the heat. Adjust your warm-up, for example, by keeping it short and staying in the shade. Your body produces heat during exercise. It is drained through the bloodstream through the skin: you start sweating. In warm weather, the body makes extra effort to properly use the total surface of your skin. This means your other organs and muscles receive less blood. Your heart must then work harder to compensate for this. The heart rate goes up to keep pumping enough blood and to keep your blood pressure up. That is why it is advisable to adjust: exercise less and less hard when it is hot. If you go for a competition or a planned heavy sporting challenge, the advice is to keep drinking and take care of your body.

Check your fluid balance

Good hydration in the summer. You can easily monitor your fluid balance. Make sure that you continue to urinate sufficiently (at least 1.5 liters per day) and view the color of the urine. If your urine is clear in color, the moisture balance is good. Dark urine is an indication that extra drinking is needed. Another way to check the fluid balance is to weigh yourself before and after a competition or training. A weight loss of only 3 percent (two liters of fluid for someone of 70 kilos) already greatly reduces the performance.

Wear breathable clothing

Choose light, airy clothing that does not interfere with the evaporation of sweat. So use "breathing" clothing. Modern sportswear is often made of fibers that breathe and drain moisture. As said; light clothing is preferred, because white reflects the heat.

Cool your body during exercise by drinking from your water cooler Kenmore

Keep your head cool during exercise. Tips to get through the summer COOL. You can cool yourself by throwing water over your head and / or wearing a cap (even when cycling under your helmet). There are also cyclists who put a wet washcloth under the helmet. Furthermore, use sunglasses to protect your eyes from strong sunlight. Finally: apply well. Choose a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB radiation.

Train on unpaved ground

If you run fast, consider an unpaved (but stable) surface. Since the black asphalt gets hot faster and stays hot longer, the temperature can be a few degrees higher than the unpaved surface. Meadows, along the coastline or through the forest are the perfect alternatives to the black asphalt.

Cooling down

Before you start enjoying your sporting effort, you first complete a cooling down or cycle slowly. Then drink a recovery drink and eat something. This helps you to quickly replenish moisture, minerals and carbohydrates.

Good luck and enjoy the weather and drinking from your water cooler Kenmore!

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