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Drinking water and losing weight: What to watch for

Good hydration in the summer. What to drink? Calculate how much water you should drink per day. In order to keep the fluid balance in the body at a sufficient level, sufficient drinking is required daily. Moisture is important for several things. First, it ensures that nutrients are absorbed into the body and secondly it ensures the removal of waste from the body. When losing weight, it is important to make the right choice for certain types of drinks and some drinks can be better avoided. When losing weight, it is wise, for example, to drink a lot of water or green tea and to leave the fruit juices with lots of sugar. drinking cold water © Pixabay Drinking and losing weight Drinking some drinks can help you lose weight, especially by drinking water, green tea or calorie-free drinks. The body of a person consists of approximately 75% of moisture and to keep this in balance you must ensure sufficient drinking per day. Keeping the fluid in the body in balance is important to prevent dehydration of the body. A person loses fluid all day long through, for example, breathing, urinating and conscious and unconscious sweating. When the body starts to lose weight actively, the body will also lose more fluid and therefore it is important to drink sufficient fluid during the day. Tips to get through the summer COOL. Too much drinking is also not good at going weight loss and therefore it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of fluid per day. Hot drinks such as coffee and black tea should also be avoided as a rule because they contain a lot of caffeine. Caffeine can help with losing weight but then for a short time. Caffeine should be avoided as much as possible when trying to lose weight. What should also be avoided when losing weight are fruit juices and soft drinks. These drinks have a negative effect on the diet, they often give a feeling of hunger and contain a lot of sugars. Even the light products should be avoided for the same reason as with normal fruit juices and soft drinks. Fresh fruit juices are against it, however, permitted when following a diet, because it contains natural sugars and contains much more nutrients than fruit juices from a pack. Alcoholic beverages In the event of weight loss, at least the alcoholic drinks should be avoided in particular, firstly alcoholic beverages have an addictive effect and secondly, alcoholic drinks are also real fat makers. Alcoholic drinks then give a feeling of hunger and then mainly in unhealthy food, which again contains more calories. However, alcoholic drinks are also healthy for the body when they are drunk in moderation and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced in moderate use. For alcoholic drinks, no more than 2 glasses per day may be consumed. Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?

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