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TIP: Tired, headache or often hungry? Drinking water helps

The body consists largely of water. About 75% of our body is water and only 25% is solid. It is therefore not surprising that you have to drink enough water for an energy level that is up to standard. Water is oxygen after the main substance for the human body. It is the basis of all biological processes in our body. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you.

What does water do for your body?

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. Water is important for the absorption of nutrients, the processing of waste, cell activities and everything that is needed to stay alive. What does drinking water really does for your skin. Drinking enough water is even essential to prevent illness and to have enough energy to get through the day. Water also ensures that your body maintains the right temperature. That is why, for example, you have to drink as much water as you have a fever. Water absorbs heat and dissipates it by sweating.

Consequences of drinking too little water

If you do not drink enough water from your Water Cooler Kapunda, your body goes into a kind of survival mode that ensures that the most vital parts of your body still get enough water. Your body makes stress chemicals to deal with the situation. This causes your body to retain water in your legs, feet, arms or face and / or you have to urinate less. This means that you can not dispose of harmful waste. If these chemicals are released over a long period of time, this can have all kinds of harmful effects on the body and can even lead to illness.

Drinking water influences your reaction speed

Research from the University of East London in 2013 shows that drinking water has a positive influence on the reaction speed of people. After drinking a glass of water people react up to 14 percent faster with a cognitive task, for example when they have to click the largest circle on a computer screen as quickly as possible. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Kapunda. The effect is strongest in people who are very thirsty and it has been shown that mild dehydration has a major influence on the cognitive performance of people, according to the researchers.

Do you want to lose weight? Drink enough water

In 2010, nutrition researchers at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg have proven that drinking water really helps if you want to lose weight. Especially drinking two glasses of water before a meal makes you eat less. The subjects who drank two glasses of water before the meal had lost 2.5 kilos more than three months after the meal. Even after a year, those who drank water were better off. There are so many minerals in the water from yiur Water Cooler Kapunda.

Symptoms of a water shortage

There are more symptoms of a water shortage than just a dry mouth. An important indicator of whether you drink enough is the color of your urine. If you drink enough water, your urine is (almost) colorless. A yellow, deep yellow to orange color means that there is too little water in your body. Other symptoms are: hunger, fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, depressed feelings, anxiety, too fast heartbeat or nausea. Do you feel tired, are you hungry, have muscle cramps or do you feel headaches coming up? First drink a glass of water and wait ten minutes. You often feel better. By the way, if you are not thirsty, that does not mean that your body does not need water. As soon as the body believes that there is not enough water, the thirst mechanism is 'turned off'. So pay attention to the above symptoms. Water, a essential nutrient.

How much water should you drink?

A common excuse for not drinking more water is that people are afraid that they have to go to the bathroom too much. If the body has been dehydrated for a long time, then the water can no longer absorb itself efficiently. So if you suddenly drink a lot of water, your body will simply emit it because it does not know what it is needed for. After a while the body gets used to your new water intake and the urge to pee often disappears. The general guideline is to drink about two liters of water per day. What's more, but do not drink five liters because that has other negative consequences for your body.

How do I get water drinks in my system?

The reason most people do not agree to drink two liters of water is that they go from one day to the next two liters of nothing. It is difficult for your body to process this change in one go. So build up your water intake. So you and your body can both get used to this new habit and it will also be easier to keep going.

Make it easy for yourself

To make things easier for yourself, you can put the two liters of water ready for the whole day, for example in a large glass jug. This visualizes how much it is and you know exactly what you have to 'drink'. Start the day with 1 to 3 glasses of water immediately. Your body has not gotten any fluid during the night for hours and this shortage needs to be brought up to speed.

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