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Drinking lemon water in the morning: 5 Benefits

Water, a super drink. During the night your body will lose a lot of fluid, even if it has not been a warm night. It is therefore good to immediately refill that moisture loss in the morning. Dehydration causes, among other things, fatigue, headache, irritability and dizziness. How you start your day is extremely important. If you have breakfast with sandwiches with chocolate spread in the morning, drink two cups of coffee and fly to work in a hurry, the tone is set for the rest of the day. The chance that you will spend the day relaxing and making healthy choices is rather small. Start the day healthy and you will notice that it is much easier to continue your healthy lifestyle during the day. So drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Jimna.

Start the day with a glass of lukewarm lemon water. Can food influence your sleep. You boil a small amount of water, mix it with cold water and add the freshly squeezed juice of a (semi) lemon. Or use mineral water at room temperature and add the lemon juice. You drink this immediately when you get out of bed, before you go into the shower or do something else. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Jimna. To protect your tooth enamel, drink the lemon water with a straw. I do it every day and really notice the benefits. Make it a healthy morning reflex! Cold water drinking.

The benefits of drinking lemon water:

1. It helps you lose weight

It gives you full feeling and helps you digestion, so you get hunger attacks less quickly. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

2. Energy until the afternoon

A glass of lukewarm lemon water gives you long-lasting energy. You may be used to your morning coffee that gives you a boost right away. But once the caffeine has been worked out, you end up in a dip and need a next head to get your energy back on track. Dehydration causes fatigue and a dull feeling in your head. By starting the day with a large glass of lemon water you bring your moisture content up to standard.

3. Good pH balance in your body

Too much processed food, animal products and grains will make your body sour. The pH value of your body is then out of balance. This causes inflammatory processes and a "soured" body is much more susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Lemon water is, despite the sour taste, not acid-forming but just base-forming.

4. Vitamin C bomb

Lemons are packed with vitamin C and this vitamin plays a big role for your resistance. With a good resistance you are much better able to withstand external influences and you do not get sick easily. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron by our body, another plus point.

5. Detox

Lemon stimulates the liver and thus ensures the removal of waste. Drinking lemon water from your Water Cooler Jimna therefore works purifyingly. After drinking your glass of lemon water, wait half an hour before eating or drinking anything else. Watch out for your tooth enamel with the acid from the lemon. You can drink the lemon water with a straw and you should wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth. If you want to pick up one healthy habit, I can really recommend it. It costs almost no time or money. Try to keep it going for a week and before you know it it becomes a new habit. Do you drink lemon water every morning? What benefits do you notice?

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How to make drinking from your water cooler Jimna a habit

You've probably heard it many times before, drinking water is very important for your body. It sounds so simple because all you have to do is drink water.

Yet there are many children and adults who drink too little. And this while drinking enough water does a lot of good things.

For example, did you know that:

  • it helps your brain to efficiently store and retrieve information?
  • It promotes efficient electrical and chemical activity between the brain and nervous system?
  • It helps you lower your stress level during tests or other moments when you experience stress?
  • Does it improve concentration when you hit metal fatigue?
  • It makes for better movement?
  • Does it improve mental and physical coordination?
  • Does it even improve communication skills?
If you know all that, you will understand why it is so important to drink enough water from your water cooler Jimna.

When do you drink enough water?

However, a formula has been devised to calculate how many glasses of water you need.

Take your weight, double that and divide the result by 24.
in other words
(weight x 2): 24 = number of glasses of water per day.

For someone weighing 60 kg this means the following:
60 x 2 = 120
120: 24 = 5
So if you weigh 60 kg, it is good for your body if you drink 5 glasses of water.

When do you drink water from your water cooler Jimna?

When you drink a glass of water with every meal, there are already three. In the example of the calculation above, you have already consumed more than half of your daily requirement!
If you also drink a glass of water when you eat a snack, you have already drunk enough for that day!
But even after exercising, it is good to ensure that you drink enough, especially if you have also lost a lot of sweat.

So how do you make it a habit now?

Drink a glass of water with every meal.
Drink a glass of water when you have a snack.
After getting up, drink a glass of water if you are not going to eat breakfast right away.
Drink at least a glass of water after exercise.

When you use your moments above to drink a glass of water, it has suddenly become a lot easier!

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