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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Jimboomba

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Infused water: That way you stay hydrated all day long

6 Facts about drinking water. Do you find water too boring, but do you prefer to stay away from soft drinks? Anti-Colds and drinking water. Then you're all right with infused water!


Every day we must drink at least 1.5 liters of water from the Water Cooler Jimboomba. Do you find that difficult? Then water with a taste is really something for you. No, no lemonade, soda or juice, but an infusion of fruit and herbs. Enjoy a homemade soft drink without sugar!

  •      Put chilled water in a bottle with a large opening.
  •      Wash some fruit, mint and / or other herbs and add them to the water. A little lemon juice and zest is also very tasty.
  •      Let your water infuse long enough in the refrigerator (at least 30 minutes) for a nice taste. 7 Ways to grow your hair faster.

Tasty combinations

There are so many delicious flavor combinations that you can experiment with! What does drinking water really does for your skin. Just think of this:

  •      Orange-lime-fresh basil
  •      Raspberry-green apple-rosemary
  •      Red apple cinnamon sticks

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