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My start of the day with water and lemon

Actually I should drink more water. I always say that the growth towards a healthy lifestyle in particular happens by constantly learning new habits. Whether it's eating more vegetables, exercising more often or taking the time to relax, it all starts with scheduling and just DO it! After a while you will not know better!
That is how it went with my morning ritual, drinking a glass of water on a sober stomach with a tablespoon of juice (with pulp) of a squeezed lemon. There is almost no morning with me without this delicious, refreshing drink. Fruit water.

I became interested because I often read about the health benefits of water with lemon on the Internet:

1) It turns your digestive system "on". Starting the day with a glass of water is very good anyway. Drinking water and losing weight. This compensates part of the water loss of the night and your digestion gets started. Lemon juice ensures the release and drainage of toxins from the digestive tract. It helps in the morning to get your intestines going and it stimulates bile production. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Jamestown. The latter is important for fat digestion. In addition, your colon is cleaned.

2) A boost for your immune system. Lemon contains many healthy nutrients, such as vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and enzymes, antioxidants and fiber. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and helps fight flu and colds. Iron is also an important nutrient when it comes to your immune system and lemon ensures that iron from food is better absorbed.

3) Your skin gets a boost. It is good for your skin, you look healthier and you literally shine! Lemons are full of antioxidants and prevent free radicals from causing damage, such as premature skin aging and wrinkles. Vitamin C ensures the elasticity of your skin.

I have been doing it for a few years now and for me there is actually no better start to the day than a large glass of water with lemon. If you want to try it, use a straw when drinking or rinse well with water. After all, lemon juice can affect your tooth enamel and then we do not want to! Healthy drink water made from your own tap from your Water Cooler Jamestown. Furthermore, you probably have to get used to it and after a while you will also experience the benefits of my morning ritual! 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the office.

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Do you lose weight drinking water?

No, unfortunately, it is not that easy. Still, drinking water from your water cooler Jamestown can help you!

And this in this way:

1. Hungry or thirsty?
Hunger and thirst are often confused. So do not immediately reach into the cookie jar. But take a glass of water first.

2. Water provides a full feeling
Drinking water increases your stomach volume which gives a feeling of satiety. This way your appetite will decrease. Be careful not to overdo the water intake while eating a meal. As a result, you can eat too little, which quickly gives you an appetite and increases the chance of snacking later in the day.

3. Waste disposal
A good fluid intake ensures that your waste products are excreted via the kidneys. When you burn stored fat, waste is released. They have to get out of your body. Sufficient water ensures that you do not saddle your body with this.

4. Good bowel movements
Good bowel movements are determined by sufficient moisture, fiber and exercise. If you make your diet more fiber-rich (such as using extra vegetables, whole grain products and fruit) you will also have to pay attention to extra moisture. Fibers bind with water. When there is too little moisture, you can experience constipation / constipation and you cannot go to the toilet properly.

As Prestige Water Jamestown, we recommend that 1 ½ to 2 liters of fluid a day is enough. You can place everything under water: water, tea, coffee, milk or other dairy product, juice, lemonade, (diet) soft drink or a cup of soup.

Have no idea how much you drink in a day? Take a look at this:

  • tea or milk for breakfast
  • glass of water after brushing your teeth
  • cup of coffee or tea during the break
  • tea, juice, milk with lunch
  • tea or coffee later in the afternoon
  • glass of water with dinner
  • coffee or tea in the evening
  • glass of water after brushing your teeth

So you have certainly already consumed 1 ½ liters of moisture!

Do you have trouble drinking or just forget? Think about a glass of water when you just got out of bed, or leave a carafe with glass or a bottle next to the tap (a few sips after washing your hands). Do not put a 2 liter jug, chances are you will like this. Drink plenty of healthy alkaline water from your water cooler Jamestown.

The big advantage of water, coffee or tea without sugar and milk is of course that you do not gain weight. Fresh juice and milk are good for the necessary building materials. Drink sweetened drinks in moderation, also better for your teeth. In the summer you can drink nice cool water, in the winter warm tea is fine.
In the picture below you can see what use water (moisture) has for our body.

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