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TIP: What is the influence of hard water on the skin

What drinking water really does for your skin. Water is indispensable in our daily lives. Not only because drinking water is necessary to stay alive, but we also use water every day to cleanse our body. While we regularly view, study and discuss the ingredient list of our skincare products, we are hardly concerned about the influence of water on our skin. Is the water flowing from the tap good for our skin. And what is the influence of hard water on the skin? Read more here! Good hydration in summer.

What is hard water?

We speak of hard water when the calcium content in the water is high. The water hardness is expressed in German degrees (dH, deutsche Härte). 1 dH means 17.8 mg of calcium carbonate per 1 liter of tap water. The drinking water that is extracted from the soil in our regions is rich in calcium. However, the water hardness can vary per location. Various parts of the Netherlands used to be in the sea, for example, so that there are many deposits of crustaceans that provide a higher calcium content in the water. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Glen Waverley. The hardness of the water is almost nowhere the same. Usually the following guidelines are followed:

    0-4 dH: very soft water
    4-8 dH: soft water
    8-12 dH: average water
    12-18 dH: fairly hard water
    18-30 dH: hard water

Hard water and skin

What is the effect of hard water on the skin? Is water healthy? We all know what the effect of hard water is on an electric kettle. Over time, white deposits appear on the inside of the kettle. The same happens inside your washing machine and in water pipes. Hard water actually has a similar effect on your skin. It makes your skin feel rough and dry. This is because soap residues in hard water do not dissolve well. The result is that they, together with the minerals in the water, precipitate on the skin. These soap residues irritate the skin and, over time, affect the natural protective layer of the skin. This causes the skin to lose extra moisture. The skin feels rough, dry and irritated. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Extra burden of skin problems

Especially people who are naturally dry-skinned or who suffer from skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis, can get extra problems with skin problems due to water with a high hardness. Do you suffer from skin problems or do you have dry or sensitive skin, then it is definitely recommended to test the hardness of the tap water at your home. Is there fairly hard water, then it is recommended to wash your skin a little less often. In practice dermatologists, skin specialists and beauticians see that this can significantly reduce skin problems. 

Tips for skin problems due to hard water

  •     Wash the skin less frequently with water. For example, your face was only in the evening.
  •     Use a very mild foaming facial cleanser, so you have less chance that soap scum will irritate your skin.
  •     After using a facial cleanser, it is advisable to treat your face with a cotton pad with a toner to remove any remaining residues from the facial cleanser.
  •     Apply a nourishing cream to the still moist skin after this cleansing ritual.

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