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5 Reasons to drink cucumber water more often

Drinking enough water is important, we should not tell you that. But do you need some variety? Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Then go for cucumber water. Tasty, refreshing and healthy. We give 5 reasons to put it more often on your menu. Calculate how much water you should drink.

1. Well hydrated

You should drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day from your Water Cooler Eight Mile Plains. But that's getting bored. By adding cucumber to your water you give it a nice fresh taste. This way you stay well hydrated. And that is important for beautiful skin and healthy hair. Here you can read more reasons why sufficient drinking is really important.

2. Viva vitamins

In addition to your daily amount of water, it is also important to eat enough fruits and vegetables so that you get all your vitamins. Cucumbers contain vitamins A, C and K, and they contain manganese. You can of course not replace your portions with cucumber water, but you will get some extra vitamins. Our tip: add some drops of lemon juice to your cucumber water, it tastes delicious, and it is really healthy. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Here you will find 5 good reasons to put more lemon water on the menu.

3. Love for your line

Are you trying to get rid of a few pounds? Then cucumber water can help you. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Eight Mile Plains. Of course, it is not a panacea which makes all your pounds disappear like snow in the sun, but the drink makes you feel full, so you snack less. Moreover, it is much healthier than soft drinks. Here you will find 7 more tips to make your diet easier to sustain.

4. It helps prevent diseases

Cucumber water can help prevent a lot of diseases. For example, it contains high amounts of vitamin K, a vitamin that helps prevent osteoporosis, a chronic condition that gives you more chance of bone fractures. Moreover, it is also very good for your kidneys, and helps to clear the excess sodium from your body. This in turn causes lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to some studies, it would even contain substances that reduce the risk of cancer. Here you can read 5 tips to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

5. A natural detox

Barbecues, festivals, cocktails on terrace ... In the summer we often eat and drink more than is actually good for us. Flue and drinking water. But it's so tasty, right? It does not hurt if you compensate the days after. And cucumber water is fine with that. The drink contains vitamins and fibers, which make it easier for your body to break down harmful substances. A kind of natural detox. And still tasty too! Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Eight Mile Plains.

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The detox hype, fables and facts. Drink plenty from your water cooler Eight Mile Plains.

They shoot up like mushrooms. Detox coaches, detox counselors, detox recipes and detox gurus. It seems as if we are all seriously polluted inside and need to be rinsed clean.

Is that right? Is that thought correct? You guessed it, I have ideas about this.

For starters, I am happy that more and more people are thinking about nutrition and health. In that respect, I welcome this development. However, I also have some reservations about the fables that are scattered about detoxes here and there. (And also prove to be very persistent.)

First of all, I want to distinguish between two basic concepts; detox and fasting. I regularly read that these two concepts are confused and even used as a synonym.

Detox is a process of the body itself, performed by the chief detox; the liver. This body does this all by itself, provided that it has the right nutrients at its disposal. You do not usually have to do anything for this, except for a complete diet.

Fasting is the omission of food and / or moisture. Omitting food is unlikely to prompt the liver to work harder in its detox processes.

The thought I hear regularly is that we occasionally have to detox to clean up our waste products. How do you envision that? We seem to think that our cells in our cells store the exhaust gases from the combustion and that by drinking extra we flush our cells. Hmm. Is that possible?

The answer is no, that is nonsense. By drinking extra water, we cannot rinse our blood vessels, cells or organs. The only organ that will work harder is the kidney. The kidneys filter the blood and excrete the water. The useful substances are recycled and what can be disposed of is removed. Drink more from your water cooler Eight Mile Plains. Flue and drinking water. Anti-colds and drinking water.

What exactly are those wastes? I find the term waste a bit derogatory. The body does not produce waste itself, but residues remain during combustion. Most of the residual materials are reused and are very valuable.

However, there are substances that can become toxic if the body fails to properly break down hormones, for example. The breakdown of hormones takes place in the liver with the help of a number of excipients. Think of sulfur-like substances as you find them in broccoli, but also folate (from vegetables) and vitamin B12 from meat.

We also come into contact with toxic substances from the outside. After all, we live in a world full of toxic substances in the air, in the water and in our food. The liver will have to deal with this in particular.

Perhaps you have already reached a cautious conclusion.
When you fast, you make it harder for the liver, because you miss the all-important nutrients that you need to let this organ do its job. You really have to get these nutrients from your diet. In fact, you are actually working counter-productively.

If you get complaints such as headache, fatigue or rash, these are not detoxification symptoms. These are precisely side effects of an improperly functioning detoxification system of the liver.
Drinking three liters of water from your water cooler Eight Mile Plains will help you in the detox process. The liver does not work harder. The danger of drinking too much water is just as great as that of a shortage of water. So it's all about the balance.

If you omit harmful foods from your diet, you can reduce the supply of substances that the liver has to process. You see regularly that people refurbish if they leave the dairy products or grains. These foods can irritate the gut in certain people. By omitting these foods, the intestine can heal, so that less harmful substances from our food are transported via the blood to the liver. You can imagine that this makes the liver less heavy.

There are herbs and foods that support certain liver processes. The liver has two phases in the detox process. In the first phase of this process, many enzymes work to make substances of fat-soluble, water-soluble. Every person has a number of baking errors in the system. In that case, extra fabrics will not hurt. However, you never know for yourself which liver enzyme might need a little extra help from you, or what might need to be slowed down. The second stage of the liver secretes the water-solubilized substances. For this, a lot of B vitamins and minerals are needed. You can imagine that eating a lot of vegetables or taking extra vitamins and minerals can support this phase of the liver in some people.

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