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Difficulty drinking water, use these tips

With many diets it is indicated that drinking enough water is important. In total you need 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid every day. But many people have trouble with this. Filtered water or bottled water. Therefore, a number of tips to drink enough.

Keep your moisture content up to standard

The 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid you need per day can consist of different types of moisture: tea, water, milk, (light) lemonade, juice and also coffee. Drink healthy water from your Water Cooler Ebbw Vale.

Not too much coffee

It is better not to drink more than three cups a day because of the caffeine in it. It is a myth that coffee extracts moisture from your body. However, after drinking coffee with caffeine, you have to go to the toilet more quickly, but you do not urinate more than usual. Even though this sometimes seems like that! Many people have trouble getting enough fluid every day. Some take drinking

1 liter a day though hardly. The consequence? Headache and drowsiness.

Is water healthy? You know that you drank too little when your urine is very yellow. There are then too many waste products concentrated in too little moisture. Especially in women who are sensitive to it, this can lead to a bladder infection. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Ebbw Vale.

Tips for drinking more

  • Put a glass or a bottle of water in the kitchen (if necessary in the refrigerator). Every time you come into the kitchen, you take a few sips. You can of course also do this at work, for example with a bottle of water on your desk,
  • in the car or at another strategic point.
  • Drink a glass of water from your Water Cooler Ebbw Vale at fixed times. Do you often eat at fixed times? For example, one hour after your lunch. Drinking a glass of water just as quickly is done in this way.
  • It may sound crazy, but drinking tea from mugs will get you more fluid faster. In a cup is about 125-150 ml. In a mug is soon 200-250 ml. Worth it anyway? Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?
  • Not so fond of water? Put in a lemon or lime wedge. This gives an extra fresh flavor. Especially when it is hot.
  • Alternate with a glass of water while drinking alcohol. This keeps your fluid balance better (especially if you drink too much alcohol). This allows you to prevent a hangover. Less alcohol is of course the best choice!
  • Take a glass of water with your evening meal. Children and drinking water. So you drink more and you are full faster. Very useful during a diet!

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Water cooler Ebbw Vale and what is detox?

Detox is the detoxification or cleansing of your body. More and more people are following a detox cure. There are several ways to do this, ranging from a lemon juice cure, a fruit cure to a herbal tea fast. Why water is so important to the skin. During such a detox cure, the waste substances released are removed via the urine.

The best detox foods

Even if you do not intend to follow a detox cure, you can still detoxify by adding more of the following ingredients on the menu:
Avocado: Lower cholesterol and widen blood vessels while blocking toxic substances in the artery. Avocados contain glutathione, which blocks at least 30 different carcinogenic substances. Eating avocados regularly reduces the risk of arthritis in old age.
* Beets: besides fighters against infections, they are also cleansers of blood and liver. They stimulate the cellular absorption of oxygen in the body, making beets a common detox. Legend has it that Aphrodite ate beets to preserve her beauty. This was certainly a wise choice because beets also help stabilize blood acidity (pH), which in turn supports healthy detoxification.
Blueberries: contain a natural form of aspirin to reduce the harmful effects of chronic inflammation and also provide pain relief. Blueberries also block bacteria in the urinary tract, thus preventing infections.
Cranberries: Contain powerful antibiotics and antivirals that help cleanse the body of harmful bacteria and viruses.
* Coal: In addition to anti-cancer, coal contains substances that cleanse the digestive tract and soothe the stomach. Certain coals such as kale have powerful detox properties that neutralize some of the harmful substances in cigarette smoke.
Garlic: Helps ward off harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses from the blood and intestines. It also stimulates blood vessel building and lowers blood pressure. Garlic also has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties.
* Seaweed: one of the most underrated 'vegetables' in the western world. It even helps to remove radioactive materials and heavy metals. Seaweed is also a power source of minerals.
* Lemon: ideal for detoxifying the liver. In addition to Vitamin C, lemons contain anti-oxidants that fight the effects of pollution and cancer.
* Flaxseed: and flaxseed oil contain many essential fatty acids such as Omega 3. They are essential for many cleansing functions in the body and promote the immune system. They also have a positive effect on the brain.

Detox tips

The simplest truck to avoid detox is to minimize the amount of potentially harmful substances to your body. Besides, we provide a few tips:

1. Limit the use of meat and dairy
2. If you can't read food labels, you better stay off
3. Encourage vegetarian cooking
4. Simplify your meals
5. Drink more water from your water cooler Ebbw Vale during a detox treatment

Dukan diet

The Dukan diet is aimed at consuming many proteins at the expense of carbohydrates and lipids (fats). The diet was designed by Pierre Dukan. Drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler Ebbw Vale. Due to the reduced intake of carbohydrates and lipids, the body would be stimulated to make more use of its fat reserves to feed the muscles. This also suppresses the feeling of hunger. With this diet you will not only learn how to lose weight but especially how to maintain weight. What water does for your skin.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?