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Drink more water in 7 days: We did the challenge!

No matter how often everyone reminds me how healthy water is, I have never - or rarely - succeeded in allowing more than half a glass to flow through my throat every day. I prefer to hydrate my body with some cola lights. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Officially I do not participate in Tournée Minerale, but that was the last week for me. Because I accepted the challenge: drinking more water in seven days. Do you also associate water with a hot bath rather than with your favorite drink? Then also enter the challenge here! Start today! Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Eastern Heights.

Day 1
Try to drink something every half an hour. Your fluid intake can happen with different drinks such as skimmed milk, soup, vegetable juice or water. You also do not have to drink a whole glass of water immediately. What drinking water really does for your skin. A sip is sufficient, as long as you think about doing it twice an hour.
Although I started this challenge with kinking knees, the first day went almost flawlessly. I already have the habit of drinking all sorts of sips - light soda during the day. So, so far so food!

Day 2
Add the juice of half a lemon to a large glass of water, and drink it immediately after rising. This will help to get your digestive system going, and start the natural detoxification process of the body. Drink 1 glass more than you normally do. This does not have to be water today, vegetable juice, skimmed milk or soup are also good options.
Day 2 also went reasonably smoothly. I had tried the glass of water with lemon a number of times and therefore went inside without much effort. For the extra glass I volunteered - little joy dance - for water and I also drank that glass slowly.

Day 3
Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water from your Water Cooler Eastern Heights today more than you did yesterday. Drink water after every visit to the toilet and after every bag of coffee or tea that you drink.
On day 3, the challenge really started for someone who lives on light soft drinks. The sips after every toilet visit were no problem, the two to three glasses extra a little torture. From the joy of the past two days there was not much to be seen, but well: I held on.

Day 4
Set yourself a drinking goal for the day. Fill a bottle in the morning or use water and try to empty it as soon as possible. Try ¾ of your bottle or can drink during the day and the remaining quarter in the evening.
At the end of the third day I was already worrying about my drinking goal today, because I do not have bottles of water - let alone a water jug - at all. In the store I was faced with a difficult choice: am I going for a bottle of half a liter or a liter of a liter. It became half a liter. To my great surprise, the bottle was already empty by midnight. Full of enthusiasm I went to get a glass of water in the kitchen. Something too enthusiastic, it turned out, because that ended up with my thirsty plant.

Day 5
The taste of ordinary water in the meantime a bit tired? Drinking water lowers the blood pressure. Add herbs, vegetables or berries to flavor your water. Cucumber is always delicious in a glass of water, just like raspberries, strawberries or lime.
By day 5 I was tired of the taste of water a bit (read: gigantic). But I have to admit: some strawberries or lime give my glass of water a new touch, although it still can not match my favorite drink. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Eastern Heights.

Day 6
Drink two glasses of water immediately upon waking. One with lemon and one without. In this way you immediately start your digestion.
This morning I spent sipping for over an hour. Having to drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach was not immediately the best idea for my morning mood.

Day 7
Today you should be able to drink 2 liters of water almost without problems. Take yourself for this in the coming period, and reward yourself by for example a nice water bottle or can buy. Easting delicious ripe fruit.
I can not manage to drink 2 liters of water without any problems, but I can do half a liter and if I really do my best I can do even a liter. For many people peanuts, for me more than a pat on the shoulder.

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Water cooler Eastern Heights and detox

Boost your health and feel more vital! Do you recognize yourself in the complaints below?

- Fatigue
- Skin problems, such as acne, eczema and or psoriasis. Your skin and drinking water.
- Do you often have a cold
- Do you suffer from constipation
- Would you like to lose weight
- Do you experience little energy, you wake up tired
- Do you suffer from mood swings
- Do you suffer from hormone fluctuations
- Experience your metabolic problems (difficulty digesting food, heartburn)

If one or more of the above complaints affect you, a detox cure (with guidance) can help you.

What is detox?

This is also known as detoxification or "detoxification". Detox is short for detoxification. Detox means cleansing the body. This has been done since time immemorial. Formerly in the form of taking herbs and massaging the body. Today, the usefulness of detox has almost been forgotten. Right now, in the modern Western world, the body desperately needs the cleansing power of detox. Sometimes the more accessible term "fasting" is also used, often this refers to detoxing.

For example, witness the statements of this general practitioner and lifestyle physician in the TV program. She even calls the Western diet a "disaster". Watch the broadcast below.
Even if there is a tumor and or chemotherapy in someone's body, fasting can be what. You will find many questions and answers about this via the Prestige Water website.

Why should you detox?

Remember that your health is affected by your gut. They play a role that should not be underestimated. Then know that our body is exposed to all kinds of pollution every day. One of these sources of pollution is food. Prosperity, a performance-oriented society and our busy existence means that we often opt for convenience. This results in junk food, ready meals and other processed food. All with all kinds of added preservatives, colors and flavors, e-numbers, sugars & salt.

The result: waste products accumulate in your body and form "snails" in your intestines. Your body has its cleaning service to process these substances. Due to all the processed food (difficult to process), the clean-up service runs with under capacity. When not all waste is taken along, your body has a problem: where do you leave this superfluous food? Right: in your gut. Drink more alkaline water from your water cooler Eastern Heights. Having a full glass of water all the time.

Excess food sticks to the mucous layer in your intestines and forms a so-called "mucoid layer". This layer is created to protect the intestinal wall against harmful waste. The intestinal contents become smaller and smaller, so that the food reaches the rectum through a straw, as it were.

Clogged intestines are a perfect breeding ground for parasites and fungi, which can cause inflammation and diseases. That is why it is good to detoxify and cleanse your intestines once in a while. But as you may already understand, the intestinal wall also absorbs nutrients less well. This weakens your body and disrupts body processes.

That is of course not the intention, but you can give complaints. Constipation is an example of this, but also skin complaints. Detoxing cleanses your body - especially your intestines - and reduces this mucoid layer. Healthy drinking water from your water cooler Eastern Height. The complaints as described above reduce or even disappear in some.

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