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The importance of drinking water

Did you know that the body of a newborn baby consists of 78% of water? Tips for summer. As your baby grows, this share decreases slightly. After 1 year, your baby's body is still 60% water, just like an adult. Your baby and water The importance of water. Drink heaps of water from your Water Cooler Cootharaba.

Why is water so important for your baby?

The body of your baby consists for the most part of water. It is therefore important that your baby drinks enough to keep his fluid balance in balance. How many drinks does a child need. Give your little one also to drink water regularly: before the age of 20 months your child does not feel thirsty and can not ask for a drink.

Water as a building block

Water is the most important building block of the body. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Cootharaba. More than the thirst lessons it fulfills a lot of important functions: as a building block of and between the body cells, as a component of the fluid between the tissues, as a lubricant in the contraction of muscles, ... In short, reasons enough to balance your baby's water balance to maintain.

Water regulates the body temperature of your baby

Water also helps regulate the body temperature * of your darling. Your baby is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations and needs water to keep his body temperature constant.

How much water does your baby need?

Before the age of 4 months, your baby will in principle receive sufficient water through breast milk or via bottle feeding. Only when your little one vomits, makes a fever or has a diarrhea, it can lose a lot of fluid in a short time and extra water is needed. But also on hot summer days you let your baby drink some extra water from your Water Cooler Cootharaba. This way you prevent your baby from drying out.

If your little one also receives solid food, keep in mind that your baby receives these recommended amounts of water or milk:

  •     130 - 150 ml / kg / day to 4 months
  •     120 - 130 ml / kg / day between 4 and 8 months
  •     100 - 110 ml / kg / day between 8 and 12 months

No thirst?

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. The thirst feeling is an important signal from your body. But before the age of 20 months, a baby can not exactly express that need. You must therefore ensure that your baby gets regular and enough to drink. Does your baby need more water when it is hot? This way you ensure that your baby drinks enough. Always put a bottle of Spa Reine in the diaper bag of your baby. What happens in your body if you drink soda. That way you always have water at hand. Handy!

Drink at fixed times

Is your little capon already getting a solid diet? Do not forget to give him a bottle of water after every meal. Use the taps from your Water Cooler Cootharaba.

Only give pure water

Do not add syrup or sugar to the water. So you give your little one the chance to appreciate the taste of pure water. Because young learned, old is done!

Remind your little one of water

Children who are younger than 20 months experience less thirst. You have to make sure that your baby gets regular and enough to drink.

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