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TIP: Alkaline water, detoxify and deacidify

Basic or alkaline water supports different body processes thanks to the antioxidative effect. What does water do in your body. Some examples are:

Cold water drinking. Basic ionized water is a strong antioxidant and as such stimulates the immune system. Drinking ionized alkaline water from your Water Cooler Coolah ensures good bowel function. The water supports the neutralization of oxidative substances, cleans the body and helps to strengthen the intestinal flora. It is drunk to support the heart and blood vessels, is beneficial for blood pressure and ensures efficient oxygen transport. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and supports weight management. It provides good moisture management and supports and stimulates the immune system. The ionized alkaline water helps to support a healthy acid-base balance and supports healthy digestion. Drink more water in hot weather. Many athletes drink this water for recovery after physical exertion. Acid or acid water nourishes and protects the skin. Acid water is also used as mouthwash, for rinsing and for washing the hair. It is also widely used in horticulture (greenhouses) as watering for vegetables, fruit and plants. Your cut flowers will also last longer if you put them in acid water. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Coolah.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Coolah
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Coolah

What is detoxing? Drink plenty of water from your water cooler Coolah.

Detox is an abbreviation of the English word detoxification. In Dutch, detox is also called detoxification or detoxification. Detoxing is another word for cleaning. What most people mean when they talk about detoxing or detoxing is following a specific diet or plan that cleans their bodies.

Juice fasting is the most popular form of detox

There is no scientific evidence that detoxing helps detoxify your body. Yet many people are a fan of detoxes. This is partly because a detox can be a good time to perform a "reset" and to be consciously busy with your diet for a moment.

Also, the successful conclusion of a cure often gives a huge willpower boost and it can be the start of a further transformation (for example, healthier eating and / or losing weight). Add to this the fact that many people experience that their skin and hair become more beautiful and that they lose a few kilos and you understand why so many people are so positive about juice fasting or detoxing.

A detox treatment often lasts three days to a week, but there are also shorter and longer programs. Later on this page you will find some of my favorite programs.

Why detox?

It is a big misunderstanding that cleansing the body is the only or even the main reason for detoxing. For fans of detox, a cure is much more than detoxing physically. It is:
  • A mental reset, and a moment to be consciously busy with your diet and eating behavior.
  • A moment of rest for your digestion. Lose weight by drinking water.
  • A health boost with lots of vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals.
  • A moment to support your body in cleaning itself.
In many people, a detox improves sleep rhythm, emotional well-being and general vitality. Besides, many people lose a few pounds and skin complaints and skin impurities often improve. The great advantage of detoxing is that you will often feel better and look better. You will need to drink from your water cooler Coolah. Healthy drinks instead of water.

Who are detox cures suitable for?

Occasionally following a detox course may be advisable for almost every adult. People with health problems can also benefit from a detox. Especially the complaints below can sometimes improve by a detox, although there is no scientific evidence for this either.
  • Chronic digestive complaints (for example, chronic constipation or diarrhea);
  • Stiff and sore joints and / or sore muscles;
  • Chronic headache and / or migraine;
  • Lifelessness;
  • Allergy complaints;
  • Insomnia;
  • Depressive complaints;
  • Vague complaints and aches.

A detox cure does not guarantee an improvement of these complaints, but some people notice a (significant) improvement. For that reason alone, it may be worth trying a detox once.

For whom is a detox cure not suitable?

Detoxing is not recommended if you:

    Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
    Are underweight;
    Suffer from cardiovascular disease and / or diabetes;
    Have thyroid problems;
    Using medication, always consult your doctor first in such a case.

What does a detox diet cure look like? What types of detox cures are there?

There are many different types of detox treatments. Often the basis consists of eating and drinking a lot of fruit and vegetables (juices). But there are also courses where you can just eat and take supplements that support your body in detoxing.

These are the most common detox treatments:

The vast majority of detox treatments consist of eating and / or drinking raw foods, such as fruit and vegetables. This can be in the form of salads or raw vegetables, but in most cases these are juices and smoothies based on fruit and vegetables. You either make the smoothies yourself at home, or you buy a complete package with all necessities. Later on this page I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making your own versus buying a complete cure.

Juice fasting, drink plenty of water from your water cooler Coolah

Juice fasting is a more extreme form of detox. You leave all kinds of solid food for a period, usually a week. During a juice fast you take vegetable juices, fruit juices, water and (herbal) tea. The idea behind juice fasting is to flush your bowels. You should feel more energetic and fitter as a result.

Detox pills and supplements

There are a lot of pills and supplements on the market with Detox in the name. They often contain a plant or herbal extract that supports the body to cleanse itself.

In general, detox pills don't work. I do not recommend these commercial products. Do you want to follow a healthy, good and natural detox cure?

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