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Filtered water with a taste

How many liter of water should you drink. I like watching the latest trends in food. Nowadays, I see everywhere around me ideas for fruit water, also called infused water. It is water with a taste. That flavor adds you through fruit and / or vegetables / herbs. You can make incredibly many combinations and adapt to your own taste preferences. Healthy drinks instead of water. Fruit water is a perfect solution if you do not like water or want to drink something different, but want to keep it on the healthy tour. All kinds of fruit water make you the same way. It's very easy. Today I share 5 delicious combinations!

Here's how to do it:
Fruit water is very easy and quick to make. Are fruit juices healthy. Cut all the fruit into pieces and do it in a large can with water. Leave it for about 2 hours. And ready your fruit water! Very simple, right?

1. Strawberry with lime

A delicious combination! Lime is strong with taste, so I recommend using relatively more strawberries. For half a liter of water two slices of lime and a hand of strawberries.

2. Watermelon with mint

I've been drinking watermelon. Hell yes! Two delicious flavors that quickly retract. This combination allows you to drink almost immediately after making it. Very refreshing! I have used 1 hand of watermelon cubes and 2 spoons of mint for half a liter of water.

3. Orange with blueberries

This combination is best if you pull it out for a long time. The taste of blueberries needs some time to pull in. For example, make him the evening beforehand. The taste of orange is well known to most people. The blue berries give the finishing touch. Use half a liter of berries and 2 orange slices.

4. Lemon, cucumber with ginger

Water with lemon is a common combination. With some cucumber and ginger, this drink is completely complete. The lemon makes for a fresh breath! This drink can also be drank immediately, the fruits of the fruit are quickly absorbed into the water. Half a liter of water use 2 slices of lemon, 4 slices of cucumber and 1 cubit of ginger.

5. Green apple, raspberries and rosemary

A separate but very successful combination. I never thought this would be nice, but that's for sure! For half a liter of water I used 2 parts of apple, a hand of raspberries and a half branch of rosemary. You can add and leave things yourself. You can also determine the amount of fruit yourself. It's just fun! You can also use frozen fruit, easy in winter when the fruit range is less extensive. Alternatively you can use water with bubbles. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. What are your favorite combinations of fruit water?

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