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Is drinking lemon water in the morning healthy

Alkaline water , is the nature of water. There are many reports on the Internet about the supposed healthy effects of a glass of lemon water early in the morning, especially if you drink it on an empty stomach according to the on line 'experts'. Drink more water from your Water Cooler Clare. According to the dietitian Nicole Hendriks of Maastricht UMC + drinking lemon water has positive effects, but the time does not matter and you can start the day with a varied and healthy breakfast. This preferably has the basic bread - preferably wholegrain - or breakfast cereals such as muesli and of course preferably without added sugar. As a spreads, low-fat cheese and low-fat meat products are a responsible choice. But the occasional sweet siege must surely be possible. A cup of semi-skimmed milk or yogurt provides the other important nutrients such as proteins. A piece of fruit is a good addition. After all, two pieces of fruit per day belong to a healthy diet. Is water melon healthy?

Lemon water good substitute for fruit?

  • Lemon water usually consists of half a lemon squeezed in a glass (warm or warm) water. The citric acid, vitamin C and flavonoids in particular can have positive effects. What drinking water really does for your skin.
  • As we get older, the amount of stomach acid often decreases. Citric acid can then strengthen the effect of the stomach acid, which makes our brown bread faster digested.
  • Vitamin C is important for a large number of processes in our body, including the production of connective tissue that is found in our skin, blood vessel walls and bones.
  • The flavonoids in lemon presumably have a blood pressure lowering effect. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.
  • Lemon water therefore has beneficial effects. But half a lemon squeezed in a water contains only a quarter of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. You should definitely eat an extra piece of fruit and extra vegetables to supplement. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Clare.

Disadvantages of lemon water

In addition to the positive effects, there are also disadvantages to lemon water. Citric acid can cause dental erosion. The acidity decreases as you mix the lemon juice with more water from your Water Cooler Clare.
Furthermore, lemon water can cause a build-up if you have too much stomach acid. Stomach acid that comes up and causes a bad taste in your mouth is of course less pleasant.

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This is how you detox like a pro. Water cooler Clare

Did you have a great party this weekend and did the necessary wines and other drinks come in handy? Then you may feel a little (or quite) broke on this Monday morning. There are several tricks to get rid of your hangover quickly. But now that it is already too late, we give you this tip: go detoxing, after this, you will feel much better again.

Peace out, toxins!

With detoxing you clean your body of waste. You clean your body well, and that makes you feel fit again and you get more energy, that's what we want! You don't have to start an extreme diet, because your body can also clean itself from waste products. By eating certain things you can remove your waste products from your body even faster. And drinking enough water from your water cooler Clare is also very important in a hangover, it will improve your digestion.


Opt for foods with many foods. It is best to go for fiber-rich products such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grain products. But don't eat too much! This will make you feel bloated and it is not nice. Eat small portions and eat regularly throughout the day. Also, drinks with lactic acid bacteria can clean your body well. Think for example of the drinks from Yakult, Vifit and Activia. Try to eat as little sugar as possible throughout the week.


Of course, alcohol is the opposite of a good detox drink. Water is good for you, it not only removes the waste, but it also hydrates your body from the inside out. After the many alcoholic drinks, your body also loses a lot of fluid, and that must be properly replenished. You can also add a slice of lemon to your water, the citrus ensures that your digestion is promoted even better. Do you like tea? Drink a lot of green tea now, works well too! Drink also plenty of filtered water from a water cooler Clare. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

Move your body

Sorry for this one. It may not sound very tempting to start exercising again after a weekend or an evening of partying. You prefer to sleep long and do little for the rest of the day. But a little exercise works wonders! Sweating ensures that your body is also cleaned. Besides, exercising will give you a lot of energy and so you can get much more out of your day afterwards.

Take care of your skin

In addition to that hangover, your skin has also endured a lot from all glasses of alcohol. If you plan to take a shower today, use a skin brush to cleanse your skin. You stimulate the blood circulation of your skin, it removes dead skin cells and it keeps the pores of your skin open. Besides, it also helps your skin to recover. Moisture and drinking water.

Good sleep

It is also smart to catch up on extra hours of sleep for the next few days. Make sure you sleep well too. Make your bedroom cool, dark and quiet. And do not look too much at the screen of your mobile or any other screen before going to sleep. Keep a standard bedtime as much as possible and try to sleep at least seven hours a night.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?