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Alkaline Water, also called basic water, is natural water.

There are sources in nature where hundreds of years have passed people because there would be "spontaneous healing" by drinking healthy water. The Japanese molecular biologist Sanetaka Shirahata has investigated and found that water from healing sources has a number of properties that have basic water from a water filter system from Prestige Water. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Great tasting water with minerals from your Water Cooler Clairview.

    - The water contains mainly basic minerals.
    - It is electrically charged, it has a negative redox potential.
    - It has, like fresh spring water, small water clusters.
    - It's clean thanks to the water's filtration through the natural layers. Alkaline water, is the nature of water

We are 'water people'.

We mostly consist of water. All substances in our body are dissolved in water transported. We lose about two liters of water from your Water Cooler Clairview each day by sweating, breathing, stooling and urinating and that has to be replenished every day. A small water shortage can already cause complaints such as chagrined, fatigue, concentration and headache.

Healthy water can dissolve substances.

Dissolving substances is an important feature of water but if it contains already dissolved substances, such as milk or beer, less other substances can be dissolved. It is therefore important that we drink clean water. But water has more features less known but equally important.
Healthy water, as it also occurs in nature, consists of small water clusters. Modern NMR analysis (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) shows that tap water has a cluster size of 10-25 water molecules. Healthy spring water, water from a brook, melt water and rainwater in areas without air pollution have smaller clusters of about 6-8 water molecules that, probably due to the larger surface area, have a higher resolution.

Healthy water is 'energy water'.

Electrons are a form of energy. If we drink water from our Water Cooler Clairview with an electron deficiency (such as mineral water or tap water), the body must supplement this deficiency before the water can be absorbed. If the body contains too few electrons, the body can not absorb the water. How do I get more energy? Despite drinking large quantities of water, our body only takes up a small part because water absorption for the body means energy loss. The 'grounding' as described by J. Oschmann and, as it is done by the TerraPro®, is like drinking water and walking on bare feet to supplement electrons.

Healthy water is an antioxidant.

From medicinal sources such as Lourdes and Fatima, it is known that the water has a surplus of electrons instead of a deficiency. An excess of electrons is called a negative redox potential. Basic water from a water ionizer has a strong negative redox potential. The electrons have an antioxidant effect.

Healthy water is basic water and is also called alkaline.

An excess of waste means a malfunctioning immune system and is determined to be acidifying using pH strips. It is important to know that all urine values of three days must be collected and analyzed. Only measuring the morning time is insufficient to conclude something! One of the ways to help the body to prevent acidification is to drink basic water from your water cooler Clairview.

What kind of water comes from the tap?

Why filter tapwater. Our tap water is processed so that we do not get any infectious diseases. All pathogens have been killed by, among other things, the addition of chlorine and a number of operations in water treatment plants. Tap water drinking does not cause health problems in the short term due to the standards used. Therefore drink filtered water from your Water Cooler Clairview. But can we assume that it is healthy in the long term to drink two liters a day of processed water that only has been established that there are no acute health problems?

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Skin hydration and drinking water from your water cooler Clairview

The Truth Behind Beauty - Hydration

Hydration is a broad concept and we notice in the beauty salon that some consumers do not know exactly what this means. That is why we explain in this beauty blog why this is so important for your skin and its vitality. We often hear: "I use a moisturizing cream" or "I am looking for a moisturizer".
I can still follow a moisturizing cream, but unfortunately a moisturizing cream does not exist. Imagine that moisture could come through the skin ... then we quickly weigh 100 kg after a shower!

However, a moisturizing cream does exist. This beauty product ensures that the moisture (molecule H2O) that is present in our body (ingested via food) is properly bound to the skin.

You can feel it coming ... drinking enough water is therefore crucial! A minimum of 2 liters of water and if you prefer to exercise even more. Water from vegetables and fruits also help. Water-rich vegetables and fruit include: cucumber, tomato, lettuce, watermelon, broccoli, spinach and grapefruit. Yes, it is very important to drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler Clairview. 

At Prestige Water we regularly measure the moisture content of our customers' skin. This is to match appropriate advice from beauty treatments and beauty products. Drink more water with minerals from your water cooler Clairview for a nice skin. Actually I should drink more water.

If there is not enough moisture in the skin, the aging process will proceed faster. At Prestige Water we would like to combat this process and we will therefore advise the following:
  • Drink enough healthy water from your water cooler Clairview. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.
  • To undergo a Mesotherapy treatment
  • Adding a moisturizing cream and / or serum in your beauty routine.
  • Supplements to keep the moisture content optimal.

A skin with sufficient moisture bonding looks smoother, has more volume and has a finer pore structure.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?