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TIP: Drinking water, 5 reasons why you should do it

Drinking water, the source of life

Glass of water

You hear it coming by now and then. Drink enough water! Why actually? Tips to drink more water. If I do not drink so much water, is not it okay? Great tasting water frpm your Water Cooler Cessnock. Maybe, or maybe you do not know what else you can do if you do.

Today 5 reasons to drink enough water.

1. Water helps to detoxify

The body needs water to be able to dispose of waste. This removal takes place via the lungs (breathing), your toilet visits and via Sweat! The sweat contains water (and salts). In addition, it also helps to prevent urinary tract infections, for example.

2. Weight control
You need water to burn fat. Drinking water and losing weight. Without the required amount of water in your body, it becomes difficult for your body to burn fat. Furthermore, it also helps many people to drink water from their Water Cooler Cessnock regularly throughout the day to prevent excessive appetite. That helps you again to keep your weight up. Double profit!

3. Help your muscles, drink water!
Besides that you need water after exercise, drinking water also helps to prevent cramps. If you have too little fluid in your body because you drink too little water, muscles can cram easily, even at night. Do you suffer from this, read here the article about nocturnal cramps.

4. Increasing your energy
If you have too little water in your body you can easily feel languid and slow. This is a phenomenon of dehydration. By drinking water from your Water Cooler Cessnock you help the transport systems of your body so that they can more easily transfer important nutrients to the cells that need it. It also helps you to spend the day more alert and with more focus.

5. An elephant memory
You may already experience physical problems if you only have 2% fluid deficiency. These physical problems can include difficult concentration and memory problems. Therefore, always drink enough water to spoil your brain
The recommended amount of water per day is 2 liters. If you move / sport / perspire more, it is wise to drink more than 2 liters, because you also have to replenish lost moisture. You can check yourself if you drink enough water by occasionally checking which color your urine has. The darker the color the more water you have to drink more. The lighter the color, the better you are working! Better health with Prestige Water.

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