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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Camperdown

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Benefits of alkaline water drinking from your water coolewr Camperdown

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Alkaline water (catholyte pH 8-12) is water that, when exposed to the body, causes favorable changes: acceleration of metabolic processes in living tissues, healing of wounds, improvement of health, reducing sensitivity to negative factors, that means including improvement of the general state of health. Alkaline water from your Water Cooler Camperdown has an important influence on the performance and vascular tone of the arterial system. As an electron donor, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants, this is similar to the action of essential vitamins, antioxidants such as E, C, P, PP. Alkaline water is a protector for radioactive radiation, it is a powerful stimulant for biological processes, it has a strong property as solvent, has a mucus removing effect, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, normalizes metabolic processes for the metabolism and improves blood circulation in tissues . When alkalized water is ingested, cell regeneration is stimulated, it promotes the synthesis of DNA. This water restores the function of the immune system; strengthens the venomous breakdown of the liver, such as various allergic reactions of the body, eczema and alcohol poisoning. It stabilizes the absorption capacity of the cell membrane and thereby increases the energy potential of cells. Eating delicious fruit.

Alkaline water from your Water Cooler Camperdown is a carrier of useful activated molecules and micro elements, which contain a lot of energy. The water heals various wounds at a rapid pace, stimulates the metabolism, increases blood pressure in hypotonia and improves digestion. Alkaline water regenerates the mucous membrane of the colon with a full recovery of bowel function, neutralizes oxidized products, ie; the recovery of the diseased cells. As a protector for radioactive radiation, alkaline water is effective for treating radiation diseases. It improves the metabolism of the body, stimulates the breakdown of toxins, including radionuclides.

Drinking water with fruit and spice. As a stimulator of the immune system, the body's resistance to the harmful effects of alpha, beta and other radiations is increased. Alkaline water from your Water Cooler Camperdown reduces susceptibility to colds; Flu, Angina, Almond inflammation and Sinusitis. By alkaline water the transport of oxygen and electrons to the cells is stimulated, thereby increasing the redox and metabolic processes in the cells. Alkaline water increases activity of blood cells, the central nervous system (CNS) and striated muscles. Therefore, one gets a good mood, a wave of strength, energy, smooth movement, mood, increase of efficiency and sexual potency. Due to the high regenerative capacity, the recovery of the integrity of the tissues of all organs (liver, kidneys, heart, muscles and glands) is increased. Alkaline water is effective in chronic diseases of these organs and gives good results in chronic tonsillitis, bronchitis, hepatitis, gastritis, nephritis, prostatitis, vaginitis, bronchial asthma etc. Result Oriented Strength Training.

Acid water (anolyte pH 5-2)

This acidic water has an antiseptic, anti-allergic, drying, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and itchy diminished properties. Application of acid water regulates and stabilizes the stool function (for diseases of the digestive tract) without significant impact on the regenerative processes in the mucous membrane of the colon and the synthesis of antibodies. When taken, the blood pressure is reduced in hypertensive patients, the metabolism is slowed down and the pain in the joints decreases. It has a disinfecting effect on all surfaces; on clothing, bacteria in all types of wounds (also festering) and flu (such as stomach flu, diarrhea and food poisoning). Acid water affects the autonomic nervous system, stimulates the lymph hemodynamics, removing stagnation and alkalinity of the blood, improves the breakdown of harmful metabolic products of cells of the kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, reduces the swelling of tissues and corrects the electromagnetic homeostasis. Acid water in the form of an enema or vaginal washes helps to reduce the dead areas of the mucous membranes, fecal dissolves stones, killing pathogenic flora, reduces inflammation. By affecting the parasympathetic system, micro circulation improves, restores the function of sebum, sweat, saliva, tear and endocrine glands and the gastrointestinal tract. With its anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anthelminthic works, the pH of the healing process is restored. Acid water helps to dissolve stones in the gallbladder, biliary tract, liver, kidney, prostate and pancreas, is effective for burns and festering wounds as an antiseptic. In allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergic dermatitis, it acts as an anti-allergy. Great tasting filtered water from a Water Cooler Camperdown. This amazing biological properties of acid water is explained by the saturation of the positive charge - positrons. This allows us to actively influence the informative energy transfer in our biological system and to carry out the correction of electromagnetic homeostasis (stability) of the human body.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Camperdown
Benchtop Water Cooler Camperdown
Floor Standing Water Cooler Camperdown
Floor Standing Water Cooler Camperdown
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Exclusive Water Cooler Camperdown

Filtered water from your water cooler Camperdown

There are quite a few misunderstandings about drinking water. The hype to drink two to three liters of water every day is gradually blown away, because we see fewer and fewer people on the street with a bottle cramped in their hand. However, the misunderstanding has remained. We briefly address the frequently asked question: should people drink before, during or after dinner? If we realize what water is and know how our stomach is built and functioning, it really doesn't seem difficult to realize that it doesn't matter that much when one drinks. Water is not a food because it contains no nutrients, provides no calories and is not digested. Water is a solvent, a rinse and diluent, has a neutral acidity and therefore has little influence on other substances. Water is not comparable to soft drinks because other substances such as industrial sugars, sweeteners, food additives (colors, flavors, preservatives, etc.) have been added. Soft drinks are involved in the digestion process and can confuse digestion due to its specific composition.

Water contains, depending on the source, little or many inactive minerals, i.e. minerals that do not participate in digestion or metabolism, but are excreted via the kidneys. Why filter tapwater. Only active minerals within an organic structure can be absorbed, such as the minerals in a food. Inactive minerals can, to some extent, burden the kidneys, which is why the amount is stated on the label as "dry residue at 180 ° C." A good spring water has a low dry residue. The label of cheap spring water is usually not mentioned because otherwise the customer leaves it in the racks. There are so many good minerals in the water from your water cooler Camperdown. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

Tap water is often recommended as a healthy and inexpensive alternative, but we do not have any data concerning dry residue, added additives or the quality of the pipes. In Australia, tap water still flows through 2,731 km of asbestos-cement pipes. There is always a professor to be found who knows how to formulate a reassuring answer like Prof. dr. Lode Godderis of the Department of Social Health (KUL) who says: "Most studies find no link between the oral intake of asbestos particles and cancer." A strange answer when we know that construction workers are required to wear white suits and masks to put asbestos in buildings to delete.

Drink on an empty stomach

If we drink on an empty stomach, the water flows through the stomach lane to the small intestine. After all, there is no physiological link between drinking water and stomach function. The inside of the stomach has a textured surface that is covered with gastric mucosa to properly press the stomach contents against the wall and hold them temporarily. At the small stomach bend (curvatura minor) there are longitudinal folds that form part of the gastric street, this is a slot-like groove through which the water flows away. When we drink before dinner, the stomach is usually empty and the water runs out through the stomach street. The water enters the small intestine and will mix with the liquid intestinal contents so that the digested components are more easily absorbed by the intestinal flakes. There is no objection to drinking water on an empty stomach or before eating. The assertion that the stomach juices are thereby diluted is incorrect. Stimulating gastric juices is based on very different physiological and neurological processes.

Drink from your water cooler Camperdown while eating

How do I get more energy? If you drink while eating, the water is difficult or impossible to drain off the stomach and mixes with the stomach contents. We know from food physiology that water-rich food digests well because the nutrients are not concentrated. Eating a juicy fruit digests much easier than nuts or legumes with their high concentration of protein and little water. The same can be said of sandwiches or pasta. Drinking while eating has the great advantage that the stomach contents initially become more fluid and therefore easily kneaded. Bear in mind that drinking with food cannot disrupt digestion for the simple reason that in a further kneading process the liquid separates from the solids so that the water is drained. When we eat soup, the water runs from the soup along the small stomach bend through the stomach lane to the stomach exit. A liquid always finds the shortest route. The drainage of the water (water or food moisture) brings the stomach contents to a firmer consistency, so that the ductility in the antrum, this is the place in the stomach where the final digestion takes place, is kneaded thoroughly.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?