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Drinking water

Actually I should drink more water. After each massage with us you get a glass of water from our Water Cooler Burketown and we advise you to drink extra that day. Why is water so important after a massage? Our body consists largely of water. About 75% of our body is water and only 25% is solid. Water is important for the absorption of nutrients and the removal of waste. It is also essential for all cell activities. Water is therefore essential in all that is necessary to stay alive. Drinking water is even essential to prevent illness and to feel good. Drinking water and losing weight.
If you drink insufficient water, your body is unable to remove all toxic substances. When the body dries out, the body switches to a survival mechanism. This is intended to preserve the moisture to provide the most vital parts of the body with water from your Water Cooler Burketown.


A pioneer in this field is the Iranian Dr. Batmanghelidj. He researched how water can make you healthy, or how a lack of it can lead to illness. He bases his knowledge on more than twenty years of scientific and clinical research. He wrote the book: 'Water, the cheapest medicine'. Drink plenty of filtered water from your Water Cooler Burketown.

The doctor states that various diseases such as obesity, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, ect. often precede years of not drinking enough. Many of these diseases can thus be prevented to a certain extent or can be combated by simply drinking enough water.

Shortage of water gives stress reaction

When the body is dehydrated, the body is really stressed, a bit like the feeling when you are very thirsty. This gives the body a 'fight or flight' reaction, which means that stress chemicals are released to deal with the situation. If these chemicals are released over a long period of time, this can have all kinds of harmful effects on the body and can even lead to illness. Fruit water.

If you are not thirsty, that does not mean that your body does not need water. As soon as the body believes that there is not enough moisture, the thirst mechanism is 'turned off'. But do not let yourself be fooled, because if your body has turned off the thirst mechanism, the previously mentioned survival mechanism will be activated. Your body can then retain fluid in your legs, feet, arms or face and / or you do not need to urinate. As a result, you can not dispose of harmful waste. You will see that if you drink a few weeks a lot, your thirst mechanism will come back again and again signals that your body needs this vital nutrient.


Research also shows that drinking water has a positive influence on the reaction speed of people. After drinking a glass of water from your Water Cooler Burketown, people react up to 14 percent faster. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

In 2010, nutrition researchers at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg have proven that drinking water really helps if you want to lose weight, this had never been scientifically researched before. Especially drinking two glasses for a meal makes you eat less. The subjects who drank two glasses of water before a meal had lost 2.5 kilos more after three months than those who did not. Even after a year, those who drank water were better off.

Symptoms of a water shortage

There are so many more symptoms of a water shortage than just a dry mouth, Dr. also says. Batmanghelidj. An important indicator of whether you drink enough is the color of your urine. Normally urine is colorless. A yellow, deep yellow to orange color means that there is too little moisture in your body. The only exception is when you take certain water-soluble vitamins such as C and B Complex, which can temporarily give your urine a deep yellow color. Other symptoms are: dry mouth, hunger, fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, depressed feelings, anxiety, too fast heartbeat or nausea. Do you feel tired, are you hungry, have muscle cramps or do you feel headaches coming up? First drink a glass of water and wait ten minutes. You will often see that you are already feeling a lot better.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?