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9 Tips to drink more water

We all know that you should drink about 1.5 - 2 liters of water every day. Tips to drink more water. Yet many of us do not come to this yet. With this warm weather it is extra important to ensure that you get enough moisture inside, because you lose more fluid than normal by sweating! To ensure that you get enough water drink heaps from your Water Cooler Buddina. Having a full glass of water all the time.

I have the following tips for you.

  1. Make sure you always have a bottle of water within reach. Stop, when you're on the road, so a bottle filled with water in your bag, put a bottle filled with water next to you on your work / study place. You can use a PET bottle for this, but you can also buy a nice Dopper or similar reusable bottle. Make sure you clean it regularly, otherwise bacteria can grow.
  2. Just do it! Just make sure you drink enough from your Water Cooler Buddina. Make it a habit to drink a glass of water with every meal and every snack. Or, for example, once you get up and before or after you go to the bathroom.
  3. Drink preferably from a large glass instead of a small gas. This way you drink more water unnoticed while you drink the same number of glasses. Tap water vs filtered water.
  4. Keep track of how much you drink water. Do this in a notebook, in the notes of your mobile and you even have all kinds of apps for it. If you keep track of how much you drink, you also know how much you have to drink. This way you can distribute it well over the day.
  5. Add fruit, vegetables and / or herbs to your water. These give off a taste, but do not add calories or the like. This way you can vary endlessly with taste and do not get bored on the water! I will share my favorite combinations with you, but lemon and mint (and possibly cucumber) will always work well, just like lemon and strawberries or raspberries. But you can actually make it as crazy as you want. Here you also have bottles with a filter where you can put in the fruit, vegetables and herbs. For example the In fruition. I managed to get hold of them myself a while ago through Groupon.
  6. Eat a lot of water. Yes really! Certain fruits and vegetables contain a lot of moisture and in this way you also get a lot of water. Personal favorite of this season is watermelon. This consists of 90% water and is therefore a good boost for your moisture content. And also just very tasty, especially cold. Your skin and drinking water.
  7. When you're out and about or just sit on the terrace drinking wine, beers or other alcoholic drinks, make sure that you drink a glass of water for every drink that contains alcohol. Alcohol dries out, and so you keep the dehydration limited. The dehydration is also what causes a hangover, so you limit yourself in this way too!
  8. If your water is really too boring, or you prefer to drink something hot, you can also drink (herbal) tea or coffee. Well without sugar and milk of course. Then this mainly consists of water. Please note that there is of course caffeine in coffee and tea, this can keep you awake at night if you still drink this at a late time.

I think it should be possible with these tips to get at least 1.5 liters of water per day from your Water Cooler Buddina. I always have a bottle of water with me and I soon prefer a glass of water over a glass of soda. 2 liters of water is really enough per day, you can still expand to 3 liters of water from your Water Cooler Buddina on hot days or during intensive physical exercise, but drinking too much water is not good either.

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Facts and fables about juice fasting and drinking from your water cooler Buddina

According to some alternative practitioners, a detox, also known as detoxification or detoxification, is the solution against all harmful substances that we unconsciously ingest. And you would also lose a lot of weight! Replacing your meals with fruit and vegetable juices is a way of detoxing. Is juice treatment so healthy?

Proponents of detox treatments say that all of the toxins get into your body. They are hidden in our food: E numbers, processed food and pesticides are examples of this. On the way to work, you breathe in a lot of exhaust gases. By eating little to nothing and drinking a lot of water, tea or juices, you would rid your body of harmful substances. This method cleanses your body and would also be an appropriate diet to lose a lot of pounds.

In addition to a diet of fruit and vegetable juices, there are also other ways to cleanse the body. For example, drink herbal tea or lemon juice and warm water for a week. This is quite harmless, according to the Nutrition Center. Methods in which you ingest clay or lime, such as gourd or pimba, are not recommended. The material lead builds up in your body through the clay or lime. This is harmful. Also with oil pulling - rinsing your mouth with oil for a longer period - harmful substances can accumulate in your body. The Nutrition Center does not recommend this, but if you want to do it, make sure you use oil of known origin. Think of sesame, sunflower or coconut oil: products that are suitable for consumption.

Drink juices for a week and thereby cleanse and lose weight. After a cure, you would have radiant skin and a lot of positive energy. Do juice cures live up to these promises? So try to drink more alkaline water from your water cooler Buddina. Is water healthy?

During a juice treatment, you get enough nutrients. There are so many minerals and nutrients in the water after a 8-stage filtration from your water cooler Buddina

- A fable

"I am not in favor of detox. During a diet of fruit and vegetable juices, you do not get all the nutrients you need. The juices and smoothies are not a full meal. "

Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are macronutrients. You need these nutrients for building up your body. Your muscles and cells are established with this. Together with the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements), the macronutrients ensure a body that functions properly. Only a good mix ensures that you get the necessary nutrients.
The effects of detox are only positive.

- A fable

"During a juice treatment you get a lot of liquid food and little to no solid food. As soon as you switch back to solid food, your body can react strongly to this. After all, your stomach and intestines have to get used to this again.

You do not eat enough carbohydrates and therefore you do not get enough energy. You are hungry, you get a headache and you feel lame. Your body needs to get energy differently and therefore goes into a reserve position. "
After a juice cure, you are completely cleaned.

- A fable

"It is a misunderstanding that you have to help your body to get rid of toxins. Your body naturally has self-cleaning processes for cleaning up substances. Your liver removes harmful substances and you just poop and urinate them. A detox cure does not ensure that such a process goes better or faster. You do get that bite of exhaust fumes, whether you are detoxifying or not.

The toxins you ingest do not accumulate. Your body is working 24 hours a day to clean up everything you don't need. Unfortunately, you cannot reverse a period of unhealthy eating and living with a week of detox. "
With a detox, you reset your body.

- Partly a fact

"A detox has an enlightening effect. It is good to be aware of your body and nutrition for a while. A lot of people don't know what kind of mess they put in their bodies every day. By detoxing you break through a pattern of unhealthy eating. The purpose of a juice treatment is not always to lose weight. Think of it as a restart: back to zero again.

You do not get enough nutrients during the juice treatment. Therefore, it is not good for your body at that time. You will only see whether detoxing has had a positive effect in the long term. After your treatment, are you aware of what you put in your mouth? Do you live healthier? Have you left your bad eating habits behind? Then it was a useful period. It does not affect if you eat all bad sugars and wrong fats again the week after your detox. There are no calories in the water from your water cooler Buddina. Filtered water or bottled water.

Drink plenty alkaline filtered from a benchtop or floor standing water cooler Buddina with Filtration bottle

Drinking enough water helps our body to get everything where it belongs: nutrients to the cells, waste products to the kidneys and used gases to the lungs.

At night, while we sleep, our body works at full speed.

Cells are renewed and various metabolic products (toxins, excess acids and pollutants) are broken down and transported to the kidneys. In the morning we go to the toilet and get rid of these pollutants that have accumulated during the night in the form of urine.

According to this, water is the most important solvent and transport medium that helps our body to detoxify and dissolve deposits. You use the color and smell of your urine to check whether your cleaning crew has enough liquid available. It should hardly smell and be clear to light yellow.

Healthy drinks instead of water

Why is Filtered Water so Important?