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Why drinking enough water is important

The body of a person consists of approximately 70% water, depending on life phase and age. In addition, there is also a difference in the amount of water between women and men. Each body cell, each platelet contains water. Apart from oxygen, water is the most important substance for human health. Water forms the basis of all biological processes in the human body. It is therefore not surprising that drinking enough water is important to stay healthy. 6 Facts about drinking water. The various processes that take place in the body need a certain amount of water to be able to work optimally.

Thirsty lessons?

The amount of water a person drinks daily is determined by "habit" and not by "thirst". Drink healthy water from a Water Cooler Blackstone. The feeling of being thirsty indicates the lack of drinking water and so that a deficient amount of water was absorbed by the body. A minimum of 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water per day is optimal to keep functioning properly. In nature this means as much as: "Water is life". Without this chemical connection between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, there is no chance of survival.

Water substitutes

Coffee, tea or certain soft drinks are often seen as a replacement of water during the upbringing process or to keep the moisture balance up to standard. Nothing is less true. Our body even dries out of coffee, tea or soft drinks, fortunately only on a small scale. There is a hot water tap fro all your hot water drinks from a Water Cooler Blackstone. In addition to dehydration, the amount of sugars in these drinks is detrimental to health, in case of excessive use.


People often forget that the body also needs water at night. What does drinking water really does for your skin. During the day we drink non-stop water or we get other sources of moisture inside, such as when eating fruits and vegetables. At night we sleep an average of eight hours. After getting up, we may or may not take time for breakfast. As a result, our bodies often endure mild dehydration symptoms for up to ten hours. It is therefore extremely important to keep the water level of the body at a good level while sleeping. Just before going to bed and drinking a glass of water when you get up, it works wonders. Drink heaps of clean water from a Water Cooler Blackstone.

Recovery ability

Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. When the body does not absorb enough water, or if large amounts of fluid leave the body in a short time, someone runs the risk and risk of drying out. That is why on a hot day in the summer it is important to drink enough water. Anti-colds and drinking water.

Even if the body has a disease to deal with, the chance of dehydration is all the greater. Water ensures the heat regulation in our body. For people it is vital that the body temperature stays at a standard level. That's why, for example, you have to drink as much water as you have a fever. Water absorbs heat and quickly reduces it through sweating.

Water is crucial for our body to recover. The most important aspect of the "resilience" is filtering the blood. That is the primary task of our kidneys. This purification procedure can only work if sufficient water flows through our body to be able to dispose of waste. If the kidneys are not working properly, certain of those waste products are stored in the liver. The liver in principle provides for the conversion of stored nutrients such as fats into usable energy. If the liver can not convert the right substances and therefore does not work properly, those fats remain stored. This is the biggest cause of fatigue and the phenomenon of feeling "lifeless".

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?