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Tips to drink enough water

Water is necessary for everything that lives. Drink more water in hot weather. Staying hydrated is also the most important thing for your body, in order to function properly. That is why it is obvious that it is important to drink water all day long. Everyone knows this, but the importance can not be emphasized enough. That is why we have once again listed why it is so important. We will see how much water you actually have to drink per day and we give tips to ensure that you get enough. Drink plenty of healthy water from a Water Cooler Black Mountain.

Why is water so important?

Water is important for every function in the body. Drink plenty of clean water. Without water your brain does not work optimally, your intestines can not properly digest your diet, and in fact all your organs and muscles can not perform their work optimally. As you know, your body consists of two thirds of water. Dehydration therefore affects everything you do. When you do not drink enough you run the risk of all kinds of annoying problems, such as poor concentration, fatigue, muscle cramps, bad skin and abdominal pain, and in the long run even serious health problems.

Water is essential for the health of your skin

Water is important for the removal of waste substances. Many problems with the skin come from within, and have to do with the accumulation of certain substances. Drinking a lot of water from a Water Cooler Black Mountain helps to remove these substances. Your skin owes its elasticity to water. Sufficient drinking will in most cases therefore do much more for your skin than all kinds of expensive ointments.

Healthier digestive system

Water plays a crucial role in the functioning of your digestive system. When you do not drink enough, the acidity in your stomach can get out of hand and your stomach will not be able to transport your food in the right way. Not enough drinking can thus cause problems with stomach acid, constipation and abdominal cramps. Sufficient drinking ensures that your intestines and stomach can regulate themselves properly, and thus leads to a healthy and well functioning digestive system. Great tasting water from a Water Cooler Black Mountain.

Drinking water helps to lose weight

When you do not drink enough water, your body will ask for it: you get thirsty. But the signal for thirst and hunger does not always seem to be clearly distinguishable by your brain. Sometimes you feel so hungry, while you are actually just thirsty. This is why you may be disproportionately hungry when you drink little, and therefore will eat too much soon. Add to this your half-working dehydrated digestive system, and you quickly understand why drinking water is so important to maintain a healthy weight.

Importance of water during training

Drinking water prevents muscle pain. Often you are not aware of the enormous effect that water has on your sport performance. Even if your hydration level is a little too low, this can lead to clearly worse performance. Water plays a crucial role in the processes in your muscles. First of all, water is needed to transport nutrients to your muscles. Without water, your muscles do not have access to electrolytes, so they can not perform optimally. So drink plenty of filtered water straight from your Water Cooler Black Mountain. With larger deficits, this leads to muscle spasms, because there is not enough calcium in your muscles. Because your muscles are controlled by nerves, which depend on water and a good electrolyte balance, your muscle control and muscle strength will decrease as you are less hydrated. Furthermore, water has an important role in the formation of protein structures, and thus the building of muscles. Hydration is therefore essential to perform well in the gym and for building muscle mass.

How much water do you need per day?

How much water you need per day depends on all kinds of factors such as activity level, weight, gender, physique, age and humidity. The average guideline is often set at 1.6 liters (about 8 glasses) for women and 2 liters (about 10 glasses) for men. However, this guideline has been drawn up for an average person, so if you train a lot, your needs will be a lot higher. When you intensively spend an hour of sport you lose as quickly 1 to 2 liters of moisture through perspiration, which needs to be supplemented. Your need would then already rise to 3-4 liters. Moreover, as an athlete you often eat a lot more, which means that more water is needed for your digestion. Especially when breaking down proteins, and for example when using certain supplements, your need for water increases.

For athletes, therefore, a different guideline is often recommended: drink a glass of water (200-250ml) every hour that you wake up, and 1 to 2 liters of water during a workout. You end up with about 3 liters on a rest day and 4-5 liters on a training day. Of course this is still a guideline, and the need continues to vary per person and situation. Is it bad to drink water while eating.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Black Mountain
Benchtop Water Cooler Black Mountain
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Black Mountain
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Exclusive Water Cooler Black Mountain

Why is Filtered Water so Important?