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TIP: Why I drink at least two liters of water a day

What does water do in your body. I can tell myself that I am a real water drinker, I never drink soft drinks, wherever I am, I always drink water. I've been doing that for a long time, I've been thinking for about ten years! As a teenager, I always drank soft drinks, but in one way or another I just have it fortunate that I simply think water is much better than soft drinks. OK I do not drink water always and everywhere, I'm at a party or birthday where I can drink alcohol but I am comfortable with it but that is another story. But now that we are talking about alcohol ... Because of alcohol, I honestly did find out from a young age that you have a lot of water drinking a lot of energy ... I will briefly explain to you how that is ... When I was about 19 years old, I went with my friends almost every Friday night, At about four o'clock I was in my bed and every Saturday I had to leave at 7.00. Then I had to work all Saturday from 9 am to 5.30 pm in a clothing store. Drink great tasting filtered water from a Water Cooler Berri. You will understand that on such a Saturday morning I will not be clear and arm-thick my workday started I was fortunate that my boss was very open-minded towards me, perhaps one little too open-minded Because when he saw me broke in he immediately put a 2 liter cola bottle filled with water for me in the kitchen. This I had to drink from him before 12.00 "Then in the afternoon I have at least one guy in my business," he said then with a grin. And in the afternoon I had to drink another 1 liter from him.

And do you know what it was crazy?

Not only was I tired of my hangover, I often felt fitter and much more after 12.00 more energetic than I felt during the week! Only years later I had the penny that I (like so many people) during the week, the day was often dehydrated because I drank too little (water). As a result, I had a lot more energy on Saturday after noon than I had during the week. I dare not say it with certainty, but I think I've been since that quarter cases of drinking a lot of water every day. But there are still more benefits to drinking water from a Water Cooler Berri and I have those below explained to you!

Most people drink too little water!

You need to drink lots of water with minerals from a Water Cooler Berri. It sounds heavy, almost pathetic even if I tell you that I often dry out during the week but believe me, most people are among us! Fatigue solved by drinking water. People underestimate the importance of drinking water while water really does N.O.1 is building material for our bodies, without water we can as a human being at most survive four days! Drinking water is even ESSENTIAL to prevent illness and to feel good. The human body consists of 70-75% water. It ensures the operation of our organs, think of your bones, the heart, your muscles, but also your brain.

The other part of the water is in our blood.

When there is a shortage of water, our blood becomes viscous and it is harder to pump around. You can tell by the color of your urine if you have a shortage of water in your body. If your urine is dark, then you have a shortage. Transport food and waste better. The big advantage of drinking enough water is that your blood is thin enough to be able to flow well. And the better it flows, the better your body is capable of transporting nutrients and waste. If you do not drink enough water structurally, your body is not capable to drain all toxic substances to which you are exposed every day. There are many calculations about how much water you should drink every day but just keep on at least two liters of water a day, then you're always good. Another big advantage of drinking at least two liters of water per day is that also take away toxic substances. Toxic substances are foreign substances that naturally not contribute to good health. So drink 2 glasses of water from a Water Cooler Berri immediately when you get up . You do well when you get up in the morning to start the day right away by drinking two glasses of water in a row.

Two glasses ???? .... YEP 2 glasses !!!!

This is because your body has had no fluids for hours after the night and so you are different already dehydrated at the day begins. First drink two glasses of water instead of tea or coffee, because they only care for it but before you dry out even further.

Drinking water causes weight loss!

When you drink a glass of water, your sense of hunger drops, the logical consequence of that is that you will eat less because you eat fewer calories and you accelerate your metabolism (which logically makes you burn more calories again. In my eat more vegetable book is drinking at least 2 liters of water per day one of the eight basic principles for a healthy and lean body. Drinking two liters of water increases your total energy consumption by a maximum of 96 calories per day. When you drink cold water it will be your metabolism accelerate even further. This is because your body has to get the cold water back to body temperature. This burns you even more calories. The number one tip for more energy! Drinking water does not only work for losing weight, but also for getting more energy. When you are often tired, drinking only more water could already be a solution. "A dehydration of your body of 'only' 1% can already cause an energy loss of up to 10%. " Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

The cheapest and best medicine

Water is simply the cheapest and fastest working medicine that we have available to have. Hunger feelings, dizziness, headaches and for example fatigue can we often dissolve by drinking two glasses of water. Test it for a week! Give yourself a week's time, drink two liters of water a day and discover how much more energy you will have. Water, a super drink.

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