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Clean drinking water is very important

Filtered water or bottled water. Inorganic minerals are DEAD stuff for the body. It can not do anything with it. These are the minerals that come directly from the rock, where the river or stream has been sanded down, before the man pumps it up and makes it into drinking water. Our drinking water is full of it and so clean and clean drinking water is a must. Then we are not talking about water as an information carrier. Both functions of water are essential for health. Children and drinking water. Great tasting water after filtration from a Water Cooler Beaufort.

Louis-Claude Vincent

Your what Book J-C Vincenter revitalize is not that bad but it is still full of minerals that the body can not do anything with. The taste improves but the misery remains. Drinking alkaline water is better than acid water is also the question, due to the fact that alkaline water ends up in the stomach acid with a pH of 3! Whether it is still basic when it passes the intestinal wall in the small intestine, I dare to doubt it. Is water healthy?
Interesting is the work of the French professor Louis-Claude Vincent. He studied drinking water for 12 years in 30 French cities. He established in 1974 that the number of diseases of coronary arteries in places with very hard mineral drinking water was significantly higher than in places that had soft and slightly mineral water. He could show that the mortality rate among the people depended on it!
Professor Vincent came to the conclusion that a mineral surplus in the blood can lead to many diseases. That is why he recommends low-mineral water. There are minerals in the water from a Water Cooler Beaufort. Vincent also states that by drinking low-water water, old surpluses of inorganic minerals and metabolic residues deposited in the tissue can be washed out of the body little by little. He also established with his studies that chlorinated drinking water leads to an increased risk of cancer.

In order to be able to make the above claims, he chose 3 values or quantities to which good water must comply. It is in fact impracticable to detect and measure all substances present in the water. These values are: The power to act as an antioxidant, better known as the REDOX potential (rH2), the acidity (pH) and the electrical resistance that depends on the amount of minerals in it plus the size of the water cluster. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather.


Reducing Oxidants literally means it and it has to do with capturing free radicals in the body. A free radical is a molecule with one electron too little, so the substance that makes these molecules together can become toxic to the body. An antioxidant is a substance containing a molecule with an extra electron. The precipitation of minerals is promoted by the presence of free radicals and a shortage of antioxidants. Free radicals oxidize our body, which is known as 'rusting'. That is why nutritionists focus on eating antioxidant foods. But there is water that can do this naturally. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Beaufort.

The redox potential can be measured by millivolts. Now there is the misconception that a high REDOX is good for the body, but a LOW REDOX of water does what it has to do, namely the capture of free radicals because it has extra electrons to release to the body, causing the body to oxidize less quickly. . The latter may create confusion because I speak of a low REDOX potential which is good and we are used to "high" as "better" to estimate. Water should have a low REDOX potential so that it can optimally counteract the 'rusting' of the body.

2 PH or acidity

The PH or acidity of the water is well known and in general opinion there is the idea that a high PH [= soapy] would be better than a low PH [= acid]. Our blood has a PH that can only fluctuate 2/10 from 7.35 to 7.45 and otherwise we are very sick.
But what is PH actually? In fact, the PH only says something about the number of H + ions (see redox) in the water. A PH of 6 has 1000 times more H + ions than PH 7. These H + ions are bound to minerals. Organic minerals contain the right electrical composition while the inorganic minerals do not. Good water should have a pH that fluctuates around between 6 and 7. A pH of more than 7.5 would be good if it were not that the inorganic minerals should be out, which is usually not the case if you have tap water basically through a device.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Beaufort
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Beaufort
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5 tips to drink more water from your water cooler Beaufort and a free tracker for you!

Okay, it's a hundred thousand degrees in our country and the sweat is pouring from your body all day long. We always try to say 'I don't sweat, I sparkle', but at some point, you can't get away with that. You sweat. That means one thing, your fluid loss and you have to supplement that. Then we consistently do too little, so today 5 tips to drink more water.

1. Large glass

The simplest tip is to drink water from a large glass. This way, it is not empty very quickly and you can continue to drink without knowing it. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Beaufort.

2. Flavor your water

It becomes really fun and summery if your water has a nice taste. Take a large jug of water and place it next to you. You can give your water a tasty taste in a healthy way with:

- Lemon lime
- Coin
- Ginger
- Cucumber
- Orange apple
- Melon
- Ice cubes

3. Count your glasses!

Often you will start well in the morning and your water-drinking plan will slip in the middle of the afternoon. Actually, you have no idea how many glasses you have drunk and because you are not aware of this, you miss the motivation to drink just those extra glasses to reach the quota. Drink the right amount of water. So make sure you count how many glasses you drink from your water cooler Beaufort!

The easiest way is to put a liter bottle of water next to you and fill it twice and drink it empty. But because it heats up over time and cold water tastes better, you can keep track of your glasses in a fun way.

Free counter to print
We have made a free counter for you to help you with this! By coloring a glass when you have it empty, you keep it easy and fun for yourself. Place it next to your computer or workplace. Click on the image, print it out, cut it in 4 and you're done!

4. App

Are you a sloppy type and are these printables not for you? Now that you are in your hand with your mobile for half days, you can just as well keep track of your glasses of water via an app. A handy and free app is for example 'Daily Water', but there are also other apps that can help you with this!

5. Always take a bottle of water with you

Nobody is only at home or in a fixed place at work. You are regularly on the road and those are the moments when you forget to drink. You may come home with a headache. Always take a bottle of water with you on the way, so you always stay well hydrated.

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