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What does drinking water do with your skin

What does drinking water really does for your skin. Water is good for you. In any case, if you drink it. And yes, you need to wash your face, clean your hair, get your hair clean. But is water really so good for your skin? Drink great tasting water made from your own tap with a Water Cooler Bahrs Scrub. Does it do anything for your skin? I will explain it to you in this article.

You have water and water

This may sound strange, but there are different types of water. This has to do with hardness. Water from the tap contains calcium and magnesium, and the more in the water the harder it is. You can notice your shower, coffee machine and kettle: here comes lime. This is due to water from the tap. Here in Australia we have pretty hard water, which dries your skin more and may irritate your eczema. Mineral water is much less hard, and so is softer for your skin. So you can use mineral water (ie water from a bottle) for cleaning your skin, but you can also filter your own water with, for example, a Water Cooler Bahrs Scrub. I do not do this myself (for being honest, it's just water).

What does water do for your skin?

You would think that water is moisturizing. Moisture, water, good for dry skin, would you think! But that's not right. Water does not feed your skin in any way. It does not matter. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. It is in many products, pure as filling (often 85%). It is necessary to wash your hair and body because without water you can not do anything with your cleaners (do some shampoo in dry hair - iew!). Of course, it can also work refreshingly. Try water from a Water Cooler Bahrs Scrub.
Note: I'm not talking about drinking water here! This is necessary and very good for you and your body. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. Therefore filter your own tap water.

What does water do for your skin?

Well, what does it do? At least nothing special or good, the only thing is that you need to wash your hair, skin and body. You can avoid difficult water, which would also be a bit drastic and unnecessary. But you recognize the following: you have been warm for a long time (or swam to the sauna), and after drying, your skin feels terribly sad, as if it were screaming for a cream. So that's what does water: it dries off your skin. Water that comes into contact with your skin evaporates and then takes up many of the natural oils of the skin. And so it becomes dry. How do you make sure that you just keep using water without getting so dry skin?

  • Use lukewarm water. Not ice cold, not hot, but something in between. Certainly for your face this is important! Hot water removes much more oils than lukewarm water.
  • Do not try to be in contact with water for too long. You know the situation I just sketched. Do not shower too long, bath not too long. Water, an essential nutrient.
  • Do not use excessive soap (and preferably without SLS and SLES) because soap also dries out your skin.
  • Are you done with water? Dry your skin down and not biting.
  • Use a good moisturizer after wards. So a nice body lotion for your skin and a good cream or serum for your face. If I do not do this after the shower, I really feel my face crawling after a while, when I speak or smile, it's so dry it is.

If you are in contact with water because you swim a lot, pay extra attention to your skin and hair. Good care, she needs them! Great tasting and healthy drink water from a Water Cooler Bahrs Scrub.

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Prestige Water cooler Bahrs Scrub challenge: Drink 2 liters of water every day

"What ?!" I hear you think, "EVERYONE can do that!" The difficulty is also not to drink in the water itself but to persist every day.

You can, of course, run marathons, train for a body building competition or jump through burning hoops. But let's start with the basics: drink water. Make sure you get those two liters every day. Even if you are out and about, have a busy day or if you visit a festival. Will you join me? We go for 2 liters of water, spread over the day (every day). Fill a glass with water quickly and read how I fared.

How much is 2 liters?

To start with, I check how much 2 liters actually is. I work with my measuring cup, pull all my glasses, mugs, cups and bottles out of the cupboard and fill them with water. A good way to see how much ml actually goes in each glass and what that 2 liter looks like when it is in front of me. Oops, a bit more than I thought! But we're doing it for a good cause: I want a sparkling glow, less visible lines in my face (yes, they're starting to come) and feeling more vital. And I want to achieve all this by drinking a little more water. Must be possible right? Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?

Herbal teas

Now that my counter is full of glasses of water, I will start right away. Perfect. I now know how much ml goes into my glasses and I keep a neat record of how much I throw in. Between the glasses of water, I drink herbal tea and before I know it, I already have a liter of water. Today I work at home all day and drinking the water is quite easy. But I am starting to realize that it is very easy to think that you drink enough, while you leave your glass for a while because of a busy agenda or a deadline that needs to be done a bit more than you thought. But for now, the first day has worked! Now the rest of me is still alive.

So I will get through the home working days, but what about the other days? I give various sports training and I often go out for work. I cycle from location to location all day and do not always have the option to fill a cup with water. That's why nowadays I drag a liter of water everywhere and try to think of a time for myself when this bottle should be empty. That goes quite well, although I am constantly looking for a toilet. Take some getting used to. But hey, I wash away all waste with that, right ?! I feel very hydrated (and super happy when I find a toilet).

Especially in the first week, it takes some getting used to. I found out that before the start of this challenge I really did not get that 2 liters every day (while I really thought that!). When you change from a cactus to an aquatic plant, you can imagine that this entails difficult situations. It is a slightly less fun challenge when you have proudly and super hydrated have knocked your water bottle back and then have to ring the bell with a total stranger to ask if you can (very please) use the toilet. Oops.

Planning is key!

Challenge achieved?

Thanks to this challenge, I became aware of how much water I actually drank. I honestly had the feeling that I was absorbing moisture on all sides, while on busy days I only reached half of my goal and I tried to achieve that sparkling glow with a sober 1000ml water. Now that I am used to drinking 2 liters every day, I immediately notice when I get too little fluid again.


What I notice now that I get enough water every day for a month; I feel more alert, I suffer less from dry lips, make a lot of meters from toilet to toilet (profit) and the lines around my eyes seem to be a bit more filled. And that sparkling glow ?! Maybe it came about because I am glad it worked! Keep it up now! Tips to get through the summer COOL.

Peters tips

Here are some tips to help make this 30-day challenge an everyday goal. Will it work? Give it a go!
  • Start the day with a large glass of water;
  • Fill a 500ml bottle from your water cooler Bahrs Scrub four times in a day. Drink one before the working day starts, one before lunch, one before the end of the working day and one in the evening;
  • Place a cup of water on the desk, in plain view. This way you think of drinking water faster;
  • Drink a glass of water from your water cooler Barhs Scrub with every cup of coffee / tea;
  • Look at the color of your urine. Is this too dark? Time for a glass of water (the color of Fanta is really too dark!).

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