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TIP: How much water do I need to drink

How much (water) should I drink per day?

Truth about drinking water. Great drinking water from a Water Cooler Angaston. So often there is an article about drinking water in the media. On the one hand there is talk of 1500 ml / day and other sources claim that we have to take several liters (at least 8 glasses) of water every day to, for example, dispose of waste. But what is that right? How much fluid should we drink per day? Is much drinking physiological necessity? Tasty and healthy drinking water made from your own tap with a Water Cooler Angaston.

Why is drinking water important?

Our body consists largely of water. On average about 60%. More specifically, you can state that about 73% of our lean body mass (total mass less fat mass) consists of intra- and extracellular water. Water has many functions: such as building material, solvent and transport. A shortage of water can endanger all kinds of bodily functions. Hot and cold water from a Water Cooler Angaston. The water balance is carefully balanced by the body. Changes are observed in the hypothalamus where the anti diuretic hormone is produced. This hormone ensures, for example, that water - when there is a deficit or surplus - is reabsorbed or excreted via the kidneys and that the thirst center is stimulated.

How much water do you lose per day?

On average, a person loses 500 ml per day through the skin, 350 ml through the respiration and 150 ml through the stool. What you lose through the urine is variable. It is necessary to replenish these water losses. In addition, the kidneys need water to excrete waste products (such as urea) and electrolytes (such as potassium and sodium). The kidneys are able to concentrate the urine (such as dark urine in the morning), or dilute (light urine if you have drunk a lot). Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water. For the excretion of these substances about 500 ml / day is required. What you also expel even more is excess water. Together you lose at least 1500 ml per day. This is obviously more in hot weather, diarrhea or great effort. Why do I have to pee so often.

How much (water) should you drink?

Drink lots of water from our Water Cooler Angaston. You would think that you should drink 1500 ml to compensate for losses. However, solid food also supplies water, about 700 ml. In addition, approximately 300 ml of water is released during the metabolism of macro nutrients. On the one hand we lose 500 + 350 + 150 = 1000 ml & our food and metabolism also delivers about 1000 ml. In theory, you would therefore be able to drink 500 ml per day, which should be sufficient for the kidneys to excrete waste and electrolytes. Water Cooler Angaston. Of course, this is often the case in the practice, for example, because more water is lost due to perspiration in sports or warm weather, diarrhea, altitude, cold, or, for example, in older adults who can concentrate their urine more difficult. Not enough drinking is certain: there is too little water available to excrete substances via the kidneys. A healthy body is a good counselor. You get thirsty when more water is needed, and the color of your urine says a lot about your fluid balance. Drinking too much is also possible. The kidneys can process 0.7-1 liters per hour. More drinking can lead to water intoxication. Minerals are added to the water from a Water Cooler Angaston.


Water cooler with or without filtration. Even though we can probably do so with less, average drinking and peeing Dutch about 1.5 -2 liters per day. This is in accordance with the advice of the Health Council. All drinks: water, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk products, soft drinks and alcohol are included. It is often thought that a lot of (water) drinking ensures a better disposal of waste, a beautiful skin and helps with weight loss. There is no proof for this, however. The advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day has no scientific basis. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with this amount of moisture. Healthy kidneys are perfectly capable of excreting the excess water. You will drink more water is you own a Water Cooler Angaston from Prestige Water. Do you not get the 1.5-2 liters per day? As long as you drink when you are thirsty and keep an eye on the color of your urine, nothing is wrong.

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