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Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water

Posted by Peter on 22 May 2017
Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water

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A European magazine asked a few years ago with a thousand people with and without bowel complaints that hid or obstruct the intestines, which led to a spicy list of foods. Chocolate, bananas, white bread and black tea were thought to cause constipation; Plums, coffee, wine and beer would just relieve the intestines. A digital search for salmon tarts yields more results, ranging from breakfast cake to olive oil. Two methods, based on Internet advice, are the most popular: a glass of lukewarm filterd water from Prestige Water on the soothing stomach and a cigarette. Or both. Do you really go to the bathroom?

For a smooth stool, two things are essential, clarifies gastrointestinal surgeon Ernst Kuipers, professor at Rotterdam Erasmus MC: a smooth stool and motility, the ability of the intestines to move, so that insistence arises. Lukewarm water indeed affects that motility, according to Kuipers. A few years ago, he did research with colleagues about the effect of coffee or a cigarette on the stool. Eight volunteers received a cup of strong coffee or, as a placebo, a glass of hot water; Eight others received a cigarette with or without nicotine.

The urge in their rectum was measured by a so-called barostat, explains Kuipers. That's a balloon, connected to a snake that is brought into the anus and then inflated lightly. When the rectum collapses, it translates into a greater pressure in the balloon. The coffee seemed to increase the urge but also the hot water. The cigarette had no effect. This is not yet a general truth, says Kuipers: "It is clear that certain substances lead people to the toilet. We know that the motility of the intestines can be greatly stimulated, but that can vary from person to person. "

Moisture is also important for that other toilet condition: flexibility. Having a full glass of water all the time. The food slurry is withdrawn from the intestine, and if too little is present, the stool becomes too thick. It has never been proven that the moisture must be water, and lukewarm and consumed for breakfast. But only water has little effect; Fiber should also be eaten. These fibers act like a sponge that sucks moisture, which keeps the feces soft.

Of the list natural laxatives, especially the plums, although summier, are scientifically investigated. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. There is careful evidence that they promote the stool. The light laxative effect would be due to the large amount of fibers and sorbitol.

A lot of additional drinks are by no means senseless, so-proven American researchers a few years ago: the subjects who supplemented a healthy food pattern with 2 liters of moisture a day had no better stool. Better health with Prestige Water. They mainly produced more urine.

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