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Why do I have to pee so often

Posted by Peter on 22 May 2017
Why do I have to pee so often

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How often someone should pee differs greatly per person. Some pee 2 to 3 times a day while there are people who go to the toilet 10 to 12 times to do a pool. Still, there are days that one has to pee more often than used, this can be due to various causes.


Pests are, among other things, a way for humans and animals to lose waste from the body. Wastes released during metabolism get into the blood and are ultimately filtered through the kidneys from the circulatory system.
If a person could not pee anymore, one gets sick and gets the body poisoned. Puddling is therefore necessary for good health. However, too many pests are also not good, this may indicate certain (temporary) aberrations or conditions.

Men vs women

Women must always go to the toilet more often than men. This is only visible on the long rows of the ladies' toilet, with men usually not even in a row, so they can walk to a urinal. What kind of water to drink.
This has everything to do with the bladder content, which is greater in men than in women. Thus, it takes longer before a man's urine bladder is full and therefore they also need to pee less often.

Around the menstrual period

In a female body, hormones change continuously, every month again. Just before menstruation, a woman usually holds moisture. After a while when menstruation has occurred or is over, the additional moisture has to leave the body again. This allows you to temporarily pause a little more, which is normal and is usually also over again.


In the beginning of pregnancy, the uterus (uterus) prints on the bladder, which makes it more frequent to pee. In addition, the kidneys work more quickly during pregnancy and thus have a faster flow which causes higher urine output. Due to the action of certain hormones, during the pregnancy the bladder wall is more relaxed than normal, so the urge to urge larger than normal is also felt.
Women who are pregnant should pee more often because the child's head presses against the bladder and exerts pressure on the bladder.

Bladder infection

The main symptom of bladder inflammation is a strong urge for urination, with a small amount of puddles coming out every time. One needs the urge to pee and yet only a little bit goes out. Pain is usually painful and it is possible to develop nausea and abdominal and back pain.
In bladder inflammation, both the bladder wall and the urethra can be inflamed by a bacterium. It is necessary to consult a GP, he or she will prescribe an antibiotic cure to fight the inflammation.

Strong thirst and lots of peeing

Some people are constantly thirsty and therefore drink a lot of filtered tap water from Prestige Water. Eventually, all that moisture has to leave the body again and it is often necessary to peel it.
In such a case, it is important to find out where the worst thirst comes from. If you have eaten something with a high salt content, it is not strange to get thirsty. But if you are always thirsty for no apparent reason, it is advisable to consult a general practitioner. There may be diabetes. Of coffee you have to pee more often.

Caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol use affect the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). The hormone must ensure that there is not too much "water" in the urine. Caffeine and alcohol have an inhibitory effect on the ADH. This results in more "water" in the urine, and you have to eat a lot and often when drinking a lot of coffee, tea, cola and alcohol. It is advisable to drink a glass of water after each cup of coffee or alcohol to replenish the deficiency.


Medications may change the "plasma pattern", usually this is temporary and the weather will be normal as soon as you stop with the medication. However, if your complaints last longer, please contact your doctor.

Overactive bladder

People who have an overactive bladder need to acutely need acne and can then stop it badly. They do not always manage to be in the toilet on time. In an overactive bladder, the bladder draws too often, even if this is not necessary, which reduces the bladder content. People usually have to go to the toilet more often than once.
This disease occurs in both men and women.

Enlarged prostate

If men have an enlarged prostate, there is a chance that they should urinate more often because the prostate irritates the bladder. This makes men more urge to pee. Also, an enlarged prostate can pinch the urethra so that the urine bladder can be emptied well and remains a part. This makes the bladder fuller and a man will have to pee more often.

Hormone mirror

Sometimes hormones can change under certain influences. Human hormone management is very complex and not summarized in a few lines. If you have many vague complaints, including frequent urination, it is advisable to consult a doctor. He or she may choose to have a hormone case. Blood is then pressed and the hormone levels are determined in a laboratory.
Small fluctuations in hormone levels occur regularly (especially in women) and are usually not worrying.

Especially at night have to pee

Some people have to pee mostly at night, this is called nctcturia or nocturia. Usually, people from over 50, women who are pregnant, men with prostate cancer and heart failure. Normally, urine production decreases by a quarter, so that you can sleep peacefully. In conjunction with urcture, urine production simply continues and urinary urination is often required.
In itself, this is a pretty innocent malady unless major problems arise with regard to sleep. It is advisable to consult a general practitioner.

Tips for frequent peeing

    Avoid as many moisture-reducing foods as possible
    Avoid as many alcoholic and decaffeinated drinks as possible
    Do not drink too much before going to sleep
    Do regular pelvic floor exercises

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