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Like a fish in the water

Viktor Schauberger, another pre-war researcher, was the son of an Austrian forester. As a child he liked to observe water in streams in the forest. Fascinated, Schauberger saw how trout swam effortlessly against strong currents and against gravity. Great tasting water from a Water Cooler Alexandra. He developed the theory that it might have something to do with the temperature of the water. To test this, he did an experiment in which he let a trout swim in a controlled environment against the current. By constantly raising the temperature by one degree Schauberger came to the conclusion that water is at its most powerful at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius and that water above 9 degrees Celsius gradually loses its power. This was shown by natural carbon dioxide formation in the water (above 9 degrees the fish was no longer able to swim against the current). Direct exposure to sunlight is prevented in the forest by tree and plant growth, which, fed by the same water, with their canopy damp the sunlight and provide a cool temperature in the forest. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

Why filter tapwater. Healthy drinking water after filtration from a Water Cooler Alexandra. The natural water sources on top of the mountains of the mountain peoples described above spontaneously emerged from the ground at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. The current theory is that a water source at the top of a mountain is created by upward pressure, but how is it explained that this constant temperature is colder than the bottom? And how does one explain that the water does not spray out of the ground like a hot geyser, which you might expect as a result of the friction that occurs under high pressure? Can water also flow upwards, except downwards? Would this explain why the trout that Schauberger observed were capable of being sucked up by an inwardly pulling action of the water, which is also temperature-dependent? Schauberger had far-reaching theories about water and I advise everyone to delve deeper into this, but unfortunately I have to leave it here for this article. Hot and cold water from a Water Cooler Alexandra. How do I get more energy?

All the building blocks of life are volatile substances and enter our gas atmosphere in our atmosphere. These life-creating gases get the suffix dust (think of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen). The special thing about water is that it can take three forms: a liquid form, a solid form (for example ice, snow, etc.). hail) and a gaseous form. What makes hydrogen molecules fluid is the bond between yin and yang: hydrogen and oxygen, by means of two hydrogen molecules (H2) and 1 (H2O) or 2 (H2O2) oxygen molecules. The mutual dependence of hydrogen and oxygen takes place by means of mutual exchange of electrons and the stability of the water molecule is provided by hydrogen compounds. Want long hair? Healthy drinking water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Alexandra.

However, the structure of water is as fluid as water itself and constantly changes under the influence of temperature conditions, dissolved minerals (ions / electrolytes) and even the intent of people or music. Water is a mysterious substance, there is so much we do not yet know about the liquid that certainly covers 70% of the earth's surface and is certainly 70% of our body. What we do know is that liquid water reaches its highest density at 4 degrees. Density to what? To hydrogen molecules. But the one hydrogen molecule is not the other. Water is constantly organized in alternating structures, of which a pentagonal (pentagonal) and hexagonal (hexagonal) molecule are the most stable forms. The cooler the water, the more hexagonal molecules it contains. These hexagonal molecules are smaller in structure and are therefore closely packed together, a process that involves micro centering. Do you remember what I said about saturated fat? Water Cooler Alexandra. Saturated fat is saturated on densely packed hydrogen molecules. When we are thirsty, we do not long for water but for hydrogen. The higher the hydrogen density in water, the better the hydration at the cell level, especially since the smaller hexagonal hydrogen molecules penetrate the cell wall more easily than the larger pentagonal molecules.

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With these 5 tips you drink more water from your water cooler Alexandra

We all know that we have to drink enough water, and yet that often does not work. During the day we often prefer coffee, tea or soft drinks and in the evening a cold beer, wine or soft drink. To get that one and a half liters a day, we have listed some tips.

1. Use an app

Thanks to simple apps such as "Waterlogged" or "Water Reminder" you can easily keep track of how many glasses you have already drunk. You can even indicate that you want to receive notifications when it is time to refuel.

2. Brighten the water

For example, put a mint plant in the office or bring some ginger and fruit to boost your water. Or use a drop of fruit syrup. Great tasting water made from your own tap from a water cooler Alexandra. Why filter tapwater.

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3. Purchase a refillable water bottle

Refillable water bottles not only help to reduce the amount of disposable plastic, it also looks a lot nicer.

4. Set yourself a goal

This tip will sound like music to the real Monica Gellers among us: compete with yourself. Whether it is drinking a glass of water every morning when you get up or throwing a glass back every half hour, give yourself a goal.

5. Motivate yourself

The biggest reason that many people don't drink enough water? We are busy and postpone refilling the bottle or glass. Encouraging yourself (in silence or aloud) is often the best motivation to get up for the necessary hydration. Drink more water straight from your water cooler Alexandra.

What if you don't like tap water? Try the filtered alkaline water coolers Alexandra from Prestige Water

If you don't like water on its own (sparkling or sparkling), you can add some lemon juice to your water or make your own filtered alkaline water from the benchtop or floor standing water cooler Alexandra.

You can also drink light herbal teas. However, it is important to be a bit careful here, as the teas can of course always have their specific effect of the herbs used. Some, for example, can also have a draining effect if you drink plenty of them.

We would therefore recommend using herbal tea blends, which avoids taking too much of a single plant, basic herbal tea mixtures. Then do not steep the tea for 10 minutes (as is usual for a desired healing effect), but only 3 to 5 minutes, which is enough to flavor the water accordingly. Healthy drink water.

Take turns and don't drink the same herbal tea over and over again. Because herbs are more of a remedy, the healing effect of which the body could get used to with daily consumption, which means that the effect - if you should ever need it - is only weakly noticeable or does not occur.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?