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Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Brisbane

Posted by Peter on 18 June 2020

How drinking enough water from a healthy drinking water cooler Brisbane helps with diabetes

Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Brisbane

More than half of the human body is made up of water. It makes sense that drinking enough water is of great importance to everyone. Nevertheless, recent research by Menzis shows that only 15% of the Dutch drink enough water daily. And that while with type 1 diabetes drinking enough water is even more important. Read here how drinking enough water with diabetes helps your blood sugars.

Dehydration can affect our blood sugars. Simply put, if you drink too little water, the glucose in your bloodstream will concentrate, resulting in (faster) higher blood sugars. This also occurs with a mild form of dehydration, which you do not even have to notice! This can already lead to a higher blood sugar of 2 to 4 mmol / l compared to when you drink enough from your healthy drinking water cooler Brisbane.

If you are continuously dehydrated daily, you may be compensating for this by injecting more insulin than necessary if your body is sufficiently hydrated.

Of course, you also have moments when you can be dehydrated, for example when you vomit a lot or if you have a stomach virus. In this case, the glucose in the blood will simply be even more concentrated, allowing your blood sugar to rise even faster. Incidentally, it will drop just as quickly when you get enough fluids again

The role of water for the body

Water plays a major role in the functioning of our body. It helps with food digestion, keeping joints flexible, filtering (toxic) substances, good blood pressure, and much more. So if you don't drink enough, this has an impact on many of these aspects, so you can function to a lesser extent. Mentally and physically!

Besides, many studies show that drinking enough water is a crucial part of losing fat, although the exact reason for this is often still under discussion. Reasons why drinking enough could support fat loss include:

By drinking water from a healthy drinking water cooler Brisbane, you drink if necessary. less high-calorie drinks
Drinking water can help you get a faster metabolism and thus burn more calories
Drinking water gives a fuller feeling and reduces the chance of a need for (high-calorie) food
Drinking water instead of diet soda can increase insulin sensitivity

But how much water should you drink?

Drinking enough water is so important and has many benefits that it would be stupid not to pay any attention to it. But how much water should you drink?

There are no specific rules for this; after all, everyone is different (small, large, wide, narrow). Still, there are guidelines, the most important of which is that you should always have water readily available when you are thirsty. You do not have to force anything to achieve a "specific goal", but it is good to continue drinking throughout the day.
Even if you are not thirsty, the advice is to take a few sips every few hours. Listening to your body or feeling thirsty doesn't always work well, so you'd better take a sip proactively to avoid dehydration.

The average non-diabetic is advised to drink about seven glasses of water (about 2 liters) per day. I.v.m. the (mild) drying effects of high (er) blood sugar as a diabetic, it is wise to drink at least as much, if not more. Of course, this will be even more when it is high summer or when you do (a lot of) sports. It may sound like a lot, but if you have a refillable bottle you will get it quickly. More information: Water Coolers Brisbane

I use this Dopper for this; affordable and easy to use.

And too much?

Too much of a good thing can be a problem, especially when it comes to too much water for specific medical conditions. Think of kidney and heart problems, or conditions in which you retain a lot of fluid. In that case, talk to a doctor to find out how much water is right for you.


Of course, you are not bound by water and water alone. Variation keep it fun, and good suggestions for this are:

  • Flavored water
  • Sparkling water
  • Tea (unsweetened)
  • Light soft drinks *

* Studies are showing that diet sodas can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance and an increased need for sweet drinks and food. In contrast, there are just as many, if not more, studies that show this is not the case. To be on the safe side, it is, therefore, good to drink this in moderation.

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