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TIP: Drinking advise during exercise

Drinking water prevents muscle pain. The human body consists for the most part of water. Dehydration of 2-3% can lead to significant loss of performance and more than 6% to serious consequences. Depending on the temperature, humidity, clothing, acclimatization and training, people can lose more than 2 liters of sweat per hour under severe conditions. Water Cooler Adelong and water dispenser Adelong. During running, this is more difficult to drink than, for example, while cycling. Furthermore, a hockey goalkeeper will lose more fluid due to the protective clothing than the rest of his team. Each specific sport therefore has its own 'drinking' rules for the timely topping up of the right amounts of water so as not to endanger dehydration and overheating. Is it bad to drink water while eating.

In addition to replenishing water, it is also advisable to supplement extra energy, especially during longer activities. Drink plenty of clean water. The sugar or carbohydrate stores in the body are stored in particular the muscles and the liver in the form of special sugar chains, called glycogen. These glycogen stocks are used up within 45-90 minutes, depending on the intensity of the effort. In the case of endurance efforts, the body will therefore primarily appeal to the available fat reserves. With an average Dutchman, you can do this for up to 3 days! The more intense and explosive the sport, the more the body will address the glycogen stores. Water Cooler Adelong and water dispenser Adelong. For endurance athletes it is therefore important to switch to fat burning as quickly as possible. There is special training for this. However, if during exercise, carbohydrates are supplemented by eating or drinking, the stored energy reserves can be saved for as long as possible. Drinking during exercise is therefore not only important for the fluid and body temperature household, but also for better and longer sustaining the effort

Due to the wide variety of sports drinks (hypo- or isotonic, moisturizing or thirst-quenching) with the most fantastic performance-enhancing properties, it seems increasingly difficult to drink the right drink at the right time for the right sport. Water Cooler Adelong and water dispenser Adelong. Drinks with a composition / concentration equal to those of the blood are called isotonic. These drinks and drinks with a lower concentration of sugars and salts (hypo tonic) are absorbed most quickly by the body. Isotonic means about a liter of water with 60-80 grams of sugars and a gram of salt (or less).
In warm weather and violently sweaty conditions, it is wise to drink a lot of 'volume' and add some salt to supplement the salt loss by sweating. So these are the hypo tonic or isotonic drinks (or syrup and a pinch of salt in a liter of water).

In colder conditions and certainly after exercise, the sugar part can be twice as large and the addition of salt (this makes it less tasty) is less important. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs,
Water Cooler Adelong and water dispenser Adelong. Weigh yourself before and after a training or competition to find out how many kilos and so liters of fluid you lost during exercise!

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