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Why drinking water is so important, you can use your tank water with the Prestige Tank Water Cooler

It is hot these days, I can say it is hot. Drink more water in hot weather. And on hot days it is extra important to drink enough, precisely because we also sweat out a lot. But water is not only important on hot days. Always honest. Many people have trouble drinking water. In fact, some people think it is superfluous, but water is absolutely essential to keep our body healthy. Cold water drinking. About 6 to 8 glasses per day. And no, 4 cups of tea a day and a few cups of coffee is really not enough.

Water is of vital importance

We consist of around 70 percent water. That fluid is necessary for the functioning of our vital organs and keeps our blood flowing. Drinking too little water means that even our brains work less well. Too little moisture causes energy loss quickly, but there are even more risks. For example, impaired kidney function can be the result of dehydration, as can headache, dizziness and nausea. In more severe cases, a weak or rapid pulse may occur or a dry mouth, or cramps, confusion, and even unconsciousness may occur. Urine is dark in those cases and smells strong. Urine from someone who drinks enough is light in color. So you can read a lot about it yourself. Also: Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

But precisely that many puddles seems to be the reason for many people to drink less. Waste is removed with our puddle. It is therefore very important that they do not remain in our body. For older people with poor health, the risk of dehydration is even greater than for others. Bladder infections and thrombosis are lurking, with bedridden patients there is also a risk of sagging. You can filter your tank water or tap water with the Prestige Tap Water Cooler. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

Fixed moments

It helps a lot to drink small quantities of extra drinks during the day at set times. For example, drinking a glass of water is easy when brushing your teeth. The rule to drink a glass with every cup of coffee, just like when taking pills, with meals is actually very unobtrusive and easy.


I am not a big water drinker by the way, but I have taught myself a number of ways to drink enough. So I always have bottles of water in the car. That is at least half a liter if I drive somewhere and again if I drive back. Every morning I make a large jug of water in which I put either a few slices of ginger, a slice of lemon or a few sprigs of mint. So I always have a "different" flavor and I can also keep track of whether I drink enough. Topping up such a can is also no problem, the herbs or slices can simply stay in the same day. When boiling a glass of water on the counter and then a refilled with the meal also helps well and as said, the habit of taking a small glass of water with every cup of coffee is also getting along nicely. Especially if you are coffee addicted like me.

So enjoy the summer, drink a glass of water regularly and have a nice ice cream on very hot days. That is a nice change.

Some more water tips?

  •     A few slices of orange, lemon and lime
  •     A few strawberries, a few drops of vinegar and some basil leaves
  •     Cucumber and mint

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