Southport Water Coolers and Water Dispensers

If you are looking for a water cooler or water dispenser with filter bottle in Southport or Gold Coast please have a look at our filtered water cooler range!

Floor Standing Water Coolers Southport     Floor Standing Water Coolers Southport

WOW, this floor standing water cooler Southport at the Gold Coast can be yours. You do not have to buy bottled water anymore, simply refill this filter bottle with your own tap water. The filter cartridge will filter and purify the water for you. You can now enjoy unlimited very nice tasting water free from your own tap. If the water level is low, you can refill it again and again.

This are the dimensions:

Height: 135cm (including filter bottle)
Width: 32cm
Depth: 35cm

Filtration Bottle for the Southport Water Coolers

filter bottle water coolers southport     Filtration Bottle Water Coolers Southport

This is the filtration bottle that is located on top of the water dispenser Soutport. Only remove the lid from this bottle, fill jug with tap water and poor into the top chamber. All the water will gravity flow through the filter cartridge where it will be filtered and purified. You can refill this bottle as often as needed, so unlimited drinking water for the whole family of your staff. This filter bottle can be used for Offices and for Homes. The filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 - 9 months for an office and every 9 - 12 months for a average Home.

Benchtop Water Cooler SouthportBenchtop Water Coolers Southport

Have a closer look at the filter cartridge:

filter cartridge water coolers southport    Filter Cartridge for Water Coolers Southport

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Benchtop Water Cooler Southport
Floor Standing Water Cooler Southport
Exclusive Water Cooler Southport

Losing weight by drinking water with lemon. Drink water (from a Southport water cooler) with lemon

Lemon water healthy and delicious. If you really want to lose weight successfully, you just have to do three things: eat less, eat healthier and exercise more. Not everyone agrees. If you have to believe countless self-proclaimed health gurus on Instagram, the fight against the kilos is a matter of drinking a lot. The trick is to drop a slice of lemon into a glass of water, drink it and the kilos fly off. Fruit water.

The wellness experts on social media are firmly convinced of the efficacy. It would give the metabolism an unprecedented boost, remove toxins and you will lose more pounds than you ever thought possible. The truth is that it doesn't work as simply as people think. Drinking water and losing weight.

Losing weight with water and lemon: 

Experts who know how the body works, however, point out that what lemon water really does. Hot and cold water from a Southport water cooler from Prestige Water. It ensures that your water tastes like lemon. Nothing more and nothing less. "It's not going to burn a single gram of fat. According to experts, this is simply nonsense:

It makes sense if you use lemon water as a substitute for something else, for example a mocha coffee with whipped cream - good for 400 calories - you will indeed lose weight. There are no calories in water from a Southport water cooler dispenser. Logically, the weight loss is not the result of drinking lemon water. What is correct is that drinking relatively much water before meals helps to lose weight. In that case, too, water is not a panacea, it only ensures a full feeling that means you eat less. Lemon itself, however, has no function in losing weight.

Many vitamins

Actually I should drink more water. If a lemon has no added value if you want to limit your weight, what does it do? Well, lemons do contain a lot of vitamin C. But even squeezing half a lemon and mixing the moisture in a glass of water won't really change the amount of vitamins in your body. And lemon as a "detoxer"? Too bad, does not work, because the liver does already. The Southport water cooler will add some very important minerals back to the water. Great tasting water from a Southport water cooler.

Watch out for your tooth enamel

So if you like the taste of lemon water, go ahead. However, do not expect any miracles from lemon juice. In fact, the sour taste of lemon can perhaps be a nice addition to the taste of water or a glass of fresh. Great tasting water from the Southport water coolers. It is not more than that, it can even be detrimental to your teeth! "Lemon is very acidic and not great for tooth enamel," says Ansel. The citric acid can actually weaken the tooth enamel and only brushing properly within 30 minutes can partially remove the eroding effect.

Tools to make fruit water: fruit infuser

You can make excellent fruit water using a mason jar. But there are also special bottles and jugs for sale to make it even easier for you. These are bottles and jugs with a so-called fruit infuser. That is actually no more than a shielded piece in the bottle / jug where you put the fruit. This way you keep the fruit better separated from the water, while the fruit can give off all the taste and nutrients to the water. This way your water remains "cleaner". Great tasting water from the refrigerated water coolers Southport.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?