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According to research, we drink too little water: 9 tips to succeed. Rent 2 Buy Water Coolers from Prestige Water

It cannot be emphasized often enough how important it is to drink enough water. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. And although we all really know that we have to do it, it often fails. How do you ensure that it succeeds in a simple way?

Research shows that we all drink too little water. For example, the so-called water test among more than 10,000 Australian people has shown that we drink an average of five glasses of water a day, while most people know that it is good to pour in two more. The same study shows that only 15 percent of respondents do drink the recommended 1.5 to 2 liters of water. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the office. You can rent 2 buy a water cooler today from Prestige Water and enjoy great tasting water for your whole family or business. Actually I should drink more water.


What is the biggest pitfall in drinking water? Think you've had enough. No less than half of the participants say they are convinced that they are getting enough water, but when they keep asking, it appears that they drink two glasses too little a day. Prestige Water makes it affordable to have a water cooler, Rent 2 Buy option is available. Respondents simply forget to drink (35 percent) or do not do it because they are afraid of having to go to the toilet often (9 percent).

Useful tips

For all people who often forget to drink water and can use some tips, Below are some smart tips:
  •     There are several apps that remind you to drink enough water. A few examples: Reminder for drinking water, Water reminder and Hydro Coach.
  •     Drink a glass of water immediately after getting up. During the night you lose a lot of moisture through sweating and your breathing; it is good to supplement this immediately.
  •     Spread water during the day. Place 2 bottles of water in the morning on the counter and 2 in your workplace and ensure that they are empty in the evening. For example, drink the first bottle before 12:00, the second before 3:00, the third before 6:00, and the last before 9:00.
  •     Drink a large glass of water every time you have been to the toilet. This creates a vicious circle.
  •     Drink a cup of water with every cup of coffee and every glass of alcohol.
  •     Buy a nice water bottle to drink from. Not only better for the environment, but it also motivates you to fill it often.
  •     Do you find water boring? Then give it a taste. You can do this for example by adding fruit to it. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.
  •     Always have a bottle of water to hand. Make sure you always have a bottle of water from the rent 2 buy water cooler with you and keep it in your hands (even if you walk in the city for example) so that you actually drink from it.
  •     Pay attention to the color of your urine in the evening. This should be clear at the end of the day. Consider the color of white wine. If that is not the case, you have drunk too little and you know that you have to do it differently tomorrow.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?