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Lemon with warm water, Refrigerated Water Coolers

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Like I said before, drinking water is healthy for you. In the morning I drink half a squeezed lemon with warm water almost standard. I always do this half an hour before breakfast. So get up, squeeze lemon, add hot water, drink and then shower and prepare for the day. Just before I leave, I quickly eat a nutritious breakfast and then I am ready for a busy day. Many people now swear by a glass of warm water and lemon in the morning, but why is it so healthy? I'll tell you why everyone should drink lemon with warm water in the morning. Refrigerated tasty drinking water from the refrigerated Prestige Water Cooler. What kind of water to drink.

It gives energy!

Tips to drink more water. Many people start the morning with a cup of coffee for more energy. Coffee certainly gives you energy, but that is for a short time. Your energy arrow quickly drops to an even lower level, which means you need another cup of coffee. Warm water with lemon gives you long-lasting energy. If you make it a habit to drink a glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon every morning, you will soon notice that the need for coffee is decreasing.

It is detoxifying

Lemon and water ensure that you have to go to the toilet more often. This is good because it flushes your body and expels toxins from the body. Citric acid also ensures proper functioning of the liver, allowing it to get rid of toxins and waste.

It promotes digestion

Your body is "shocked" by the cold water and warm water ensures that your digestion can start slowly. The minerals and vitamins in the lemon juice also ensure that food residues are flushed from your stomach and intestines.

It boosts your immune system

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron in our body, this plays an important role in a good resistance and helps to prevent the flu and colds. Potassium stimulates brain function and helps keep blood sugar levels stable.

It alkalizes the body

Lemon alkalizes the body. Lemon itself is acidic, but in the body it becomes alkaline. An acidic body is susceptible to various diseases, while an alkaline body protects it against. When you drink hot water with lemon daily, you will make your blood more alkaline, so you have less chance of inflammation and pains.

It promotes weight loss

Lemon contains pectin. Pectin reduces hunger. In addition, it has been proven that people who eat an alkaline diet lose weight more easily.

It helps reduce stress

When you experience a lot of stress, it may well be that you have a vitamin C deficiency. Warm water with lemon juice is then a good way to maintain your vitamin C level. When you experience a lot of stress, you have a lower resistance and you get sick faster.

It improves the skin.

Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles and bumps. Water with lemon juice ensures that the blood is purified, making your skin look more radiant.

The recipe is very simple, namely:

  • a large glass of warm water (not boiling, just warm)
  • half squeezed lemon

After drinking, just like me, wait half an hour before you go for breakfast. This ensures that the lemon can do its job as much as possible. It is also wise to drink it with a straw. Lemon is very acidic and that can damage your enamel and since we are very proud of our natural teeth you can protect it with the straw. Try the refrigerated cold water tap from your water cooler.

It might take some getting used to, but give it a try!

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Fresh ginger lemon tea

Ginger tea with lemon, a well-known, healthy and popular drink for body and members! Thanks to the many health benefits of ginger, this tea is consumed for various (health) purposes. An additional advantage: it is also very tasty too!

Enjoy the classic ginger lemon tea, but also alternate with our surprising variations.

Pan or kettle

You make tea with a pan or with a kettle. Both ways are great for making ginger lemon tea.
If you would like to experience the strong taste of the ginger and any other ingredients, use a pan and let it cook for a few minutes.

Prefer a bit milder?

Then only boil the water and add the boiling water in a mug together with the ginger and lemon. You can also use the kettle perfectly. Is the tea still too strong? Then add some extra lemon or lime.

Sweeter with honey

To make your tea sweeter, you can add (organic) honey. You can also opt for an organic lemon. Always wash the skin well before use.

Peel the ginger before you cut it into thin slices.
Do you like the spicy taste of ginger?

Use more ginger
For example 2 or 3 cm instead of 1 cm of the ginger root.

Grate the ginger
An alternative to thinly sliced slices is to grate the ginger. This makes your tea a lot spicier.

Cooking the ginger
Boil the water in a pan and let the slices or grated ginger boil for a minute or 5 before pouring it into the cup.

    The longer the ginger is pulled or cooked, the spicier it becomes

Ready? To work!

Below you will find various recipes for a delicious cup of ginger lemon tea.
Enjoy healthy!
Fresh ginger lemon tea
make ginger lemon tea

What do you need for one cup of ginger tea with lemon?

  •     200 ml of boiling water
  •     1 - 2 cm thinly sliced slices of fresh ginger
  •     1 slice of lemon
  •     Optional: 1 teaspoon of honey


Put the ginger and lemon slices in a glass or mug. Pour the boiled water over it and let it steep for 5 minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey if necessary and you're done!
Green tea with ginger and lemon

Tasty and a healthy boost! Because both green tea and ginger have an enormous beneficial effect. Many positive effects and to be used in / against all kinds of ailments such as nausea, pain, stress and also in the fight against kilos.

What do you need for one cup of green tea with ginger and lemon?

  •     200 ml of boiling water
  •     1 bag of green tea
  •     1 - 2 cm thinly sliced slices of fresh ginger
  •     1 slice of lemon
  •     Optional: 1 teaspoon of honey

Put everything together and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Leave the bag of green tea shorter or longer to your own taste.

Ordering is also possible; order organic ginger tea >>
Fresh ginger lemon tea with turmeric and honey

Another fitness boost with this variant with turmeric and honey! Like ginger, turmeric is packed with health benefits.
The recipe below takes a little more time, which is why we make it equal for two cups.

What do you need to buy two ginger lemon tea with turmeric and honey?

  •     400 ml of boiling water
  •     4 thin slices of lemon
  •     2 to 3 cm fresh, thinly sliced ginger
  •     1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
  •     3 teaspoons of honey
Boil the water in a pan and then add all ingredients. Let it stand for 20 - 30 minutes to let everything retract well. Then heat briefly for a nice hot cup of tea!

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Fresh ginger lemon tea with chamomile

Healthy and relaxing! We already know that ginger is good for you (if not, just check ginger healthy). But chamomile also has its healthy properties. This herb is best known for its soothing and calming effect. Great combination after a long day seems to us!

What do you need for one cup of ginger tea with lemon and chamomile?

  •     200 ml of boiling water
  •     1 - 2 cm thinly sliced slices of fresh ginger
  •     1 bag of chamomile tea
  •     1 - 2 slice of lemon
  •     Optional: 1 teaspoon of honey

Put everything together and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Don't forget to wash the (peel of the) lemon well. Your skin and drinking water.
Instead of a bag of chamomile tea you can of course also use fresh dried chamomile in a tea egg.

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