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Never pay for your drinking water, Free unlimited drink water from the Prestige Water Office Water Cooler.

This is how it works:

All our office water coolers have a filtration bottle. Simply remove the lid from the bottle, fill the top compartment wit your own tap water and all the water will be filtered and purified with our 8-stage filter cartridge. You never run out of great tasting water, just keep refilling with tap water. Chemical such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediment, and more are removed from the water. Also some important minerals are added back to the water and the water will be slighty alkaline.

The water cooler has a cold water tap and some models dispense hot water as well for all your hot water drinks. If no hot water is required, you can switch it off at the back of the water cooler and the hot water tap will dispense room temperature water.

This is the Filter Bottle

Filter Bottle
Filter Bottle with Filter Cartridge

Drinking: how much water do people need? Office Water Cooler.

Water is vital for the body, because without water a person can only survive a few days. But it shouldn't be too much liquid either. Which amount is the right one?

It is the basis of all life and even our body consists of more than half of it: water is the most important food for humans. If we take in too little fluid, the metabolism is disturbed and our physical and mental performance decreases. As urine, water washes out pollutants; as sweat, it cools our body. According to health magazines, water is supposed to make us healthier, more beautiful and happier. So drinking a lot helps a lot? The calculation is not that simple.

The body loses two liters of water a day. Drinking enough is vital: at least one and a half liters of water is recommended.

Overall, we lose two liters of fluid per day, even without much exercise, which should be replenished by drinking enough. About half of the people drink too little. Our body cannot store water and needs constant supplies. Drink plenty of water from your benchtop or floor standing office water cooler. If we drink too little, we get thirsty, at some point we can no longer think clearly, kidneys and circulation fail. Typical signs of a lack of water are dry and chapped lips and a loss of skin elasticity. The body cannot survive for more than four days without water, therefore you must drink plenty of filtered alkaline water from your office water cooler with filter bottle.

Too much water overwhelms the metabolism

But can we drink too much? In fact, if we drink eight or nine liters in a very short period of time, there can be some kind of water poisoning. The body is completely overwhelmed with these large amounts of water: The urine production cannot metabolize the fluid, which results in dizziness and nausea. In extreme situations, too much water can even lead to unconsciousness and death. Inexperienced endurance athletes in particular often drink incorrectly.

Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. What is often forgotten is that food also provides the body with fluids. We take in almost a third of our daily needs through our food. Fruits and vegetables, and even French fries, are high in water. So we don't have to drink a lot anymore. The rule of thumb: one and a half liters per day is enough to supply the body with sufficient fluids. With physical exertion or heat, however, it should be more. Instead of measuring the exact amount of water from your office water cooler you have every day, it is advisable to listen to your body and then drink when you are thirsty.

Tap water or better mineral water?

Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Whether tap water or mineral water is a matter of taste. Depending on the region, tap water contains at least as many minerals, sometimes even more, than many still mineral waters - and it is significantly cheaper. In addition, tap water is the best controlled food and the water suppliers guarantee a constant quality up to the water meter. In the morning you should run tap water a little before drinking it. Or jump in the shower before something is filled for tea or coffee.

Water analysis for old lead pipes

In old houses, the tap water can be contaminated due to lead pipes. If you want to be on the safe side, you should ask the property manager or have the water checked. Many waterworks offer analyzes for around $30. If pregnant women or babies live in the house, the examination is often free of charge.

Do not drink ice cold water when it is hot

However, if you want to refresh yourself with a cold glass of water in hot or humid air, you should be careful: the drink should not be too cold. Because anyone who drinks ice cold with a heated body risks a sudden drop in temperature. What does water for your skin. The body then has to work hard to turn "ice cold" back into "body warm". This increases the blood pressure and only stimulates the formation of sweat.

Drinking water is healthy, but how much should (or should you) drink and should it be bottled water or tap water for your office water cooler? 

1 Why should we drink water and how much?

Water is indispensable for survival. A person can survive for several weeks without food. Without moisture, you can only last a few days. Drinking 1.5 liters every day is the message. Those who do sports or heavy physical work and lose more fluid through perspiration drink more. Water is the ideal thirst quencher: it contains no cholesterol and no calories. Drinking water regularly also suppresses the feeling of hunger. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

2 What types are there?

There is plenty of choices. There is water with or without bubbles, with  mineral formulations and special taste nuances ... Or you just tap water from the tap. Mineral and spring water are, as it were, immediately brought into the bottle from the underground and are drinkable in their natural state. Tap water is first treated to make it drinkable. There are many minerals in the water from an office water cooler.

3 What is the difference between mineral water and spring water?

Spring water may be marketed under different names, mineral water may only bear the name of the source. Also, mineral water must always have the same mineral composition, which means that it can claim health benefits. Spa Reine, for example, recommended for low-salt diets and for the feeding of infants. Spring water can vary slightly in terms of mineral composition, and thus in taste, depending on the seasons, for example. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

4 What is hard water?

Whether water is "hard" or "soft" is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium. Hard tap water is bad for household appliances, but not for your health. If you suffer a lot from it, you can opt for a descaler.

5 What determines the taste of mineral water?

The taste of mineral water largely depends on the location of the source and the composition of the soil, or the minerals and trace elements present. Minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, and the possible carbon dioxide content provide the flavor impression. There is light, medium and highly mineralized water, whether or not light or strongly carbonated. For example, the Belgian soil contains relatively few minerals, so our water types have a soft taste. In Italy, the soil is highly sulphurous, ferruginous and rich in carbonate. Italian waters are therefore highly mineralized, with a more pronounced character.

6 Does sparkling water come out of the ground sparkling?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The bubbles in sparkling water are small gas bubbles. Carbonated water can come from a source that naturally contains carbonic acid. The water can also be made carbonated by adding pure carbon dioxide: a colorless and odorless gas with a pungent taste.

7 Can I drink unlimited mineral water?

You can drink low and moderately mineralized waters at any time of the day. Some waters are real mineral bombs. Not that you are immediately at risk, but prefer to drink them in moderation. They are also not always suitable for babies and small children. Sometimes those extra minerals can be useful, for example:
sodium-rich water (such as Vichy Celestins and Apollinaris): after vomiting and diarrhea or in high heat sulphate-rich water (such as Contrex and Hépar): can have a laxative effect and help with constipation carbonated water (such as Apollinaris and Badoit): for a sensitive stomach
Because the amount of minerals can vary greatly, it is best to read the label. Especially if you have to avoid certain nutrients and - such as sodium - for health reasons.

8 Is tap water healthy?

Belgians drink bottled water en masse: out of habit, for taste or because they think tap water is unhealthy But why buy bottles when perfectly drinkable water comes from the tap? Tap water is not only 50 to 200 times cheaper than bottled water, but it is also safe and healthy. Our tap water supplied by a drinking water company is strictly controlled and perfectly healthy. The taste is possible
differ from region to region, depending on the minerals and trace elements present. You can request the quality of the drinking water in your area from your drinking water company.

9 Where does tap water come from?

Mains water comes from underground water basins and is supplied via the public water supply network. It has been extensively treated, analyzed and checked against dozens of European regulations. A small amount of chlorine can be added to the water to kill bacteria. This sometimes causes an unpleasant odor, but is not harmful to health. Tap water also contains minerals such as
magnesium and calcium, just like bottled water. Only demineralized or distilled water is completely "pure", but it is tasteless and not intended as drinking water. Great tasting water from an office water cooler.

Benchtop Office Water Cooler
Floor Standing Office Water Cooler
Exclusive Office Water Cooler

Great tasting drinking water for your office from the benchtop or floor standing office water cooler with filtration bottle for unlimited filtered alkaline water with minerals from Prestige Water

  • Water regulates body temperature
  • If our body threatens to overheat, the body forms a film of moisture on the skin via the sweat glands, which cools the organism down. Fluid lost through sweating must be replaced immediately with water to maintain fluid balance.
  • Water keeps the brain fit
  • Our brain is also dependent on sufficient fluid intake. Only well-hydrated brain cells are fully functional. Water gives us energy, drives away tiredness and strengthens memory and the ability to concentrate. Research shows that students who drank a lot of water during an exam got better results. The effects of dehydration on the brain are particularly evident in the elderly. Due to a lack of thirst, they often drink too little water - the result is confusion. As studies show, lack of water can also be responsible for headaches and migraines.
  • Water can reduce the risk of certain diseases
  • According to some studies, drinking plenty of water appears to reduce the risk of certain cancers (bladder, colon, breast) and heart disease.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?