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5 tips to drink more water from a new water cooler

Since we live in Turkey and it is pretty hot most of the year, it is important for us to drink a lot of water.
But even if you do not live in a warm country, it is important to drink enough. This way you get a better skin, it removes waste and it has many more benefits! Why filter tapwater.

Prestige Water therefore gives you 5 tips to drink more water from a new water cooler.

As stated above, it is extremely important to drink enough water. That is why we first start with a small explanation why drinking water is so important. Because how much water a day is enough to stay healthy? The advice is to drink around 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Your body consists of approximately 70% moisture. Every day you lose around 2 liters of fluid through sweating, breathing, urine and feces. To keep the moisture balance up, it is therefore important to replenish the 2 liters of moisture. Preferably with water, since soft drinks and fruit juices contain a lot of sugars.
Furthermore, water is very good for all kinds of body processes, such as breathing, heat regulation, blood pressure and bowel movements. Water also helps against headaches, you get nicer skin, it helps with weight loss and you get much more energy. I think these are enough reasons to quickly refill your bottle or glass with water from a new water cooler!

Do you drink too little and would you like to change that? Then quickly read the 5 tips below to drink more water.

1. Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you

This can help enormously, because you always have water with you. Because of this you do not forget to drink and it ensures that you drink all day long!

2. Make it a habit

You make a habit of it by drinking water at a fixed time. Agree with yourself at what times you drink a large glass of water. After a while it is so used to it, that you can easily get the 2 liters!

3. Add a taste to the water from your new water cooler

Add flavor to the water

Water can get bored over time, making it more difficult to drink 2 liters of water every day. To make it easier to maintain, you can add a flavor to the water. You can do this very easily by adding fruit or vegetables to your water. The advantage of this is that you can vary endlessly.

Did you know that you also have very handy water bottles with a vegetable / fruit filter? Order it here and taste will never be bored again!

4. Use an app

You have very handy apps where you can keep track of exactly how much water you drink per day. I use the My Water Balance app myself. For IOS you can download it here for free. For Android you can download it here for free.
This app keeps track of exactly how much you drink, and also tells you when to drink something. Super handy!

If you don't have a smart phone or if you don't like modern technology, you can of course keep it in a notebook. The only drawback is that a piece of paper unfortunately does not signal.

5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that contain water

Is water melon healthy? Water is not the only way to get moisture. There are also fruits and vegetables that largely consist of water. For example, it is extremely good to eat watermelon and cucumber. Iceberg lettuce, a zucchini and an orange also contain a lot of water. How do I get more energy? Here too you can vary endlessly.

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